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Sacrifice Astd {Sep} Gaming Is You Interest, Stay Tuned!

In the above article, we discussed a video game and its newly launched feature of Sacrifice. Please consider reading the article Sacrifice Astd.

Are you interested in playing games? Do you follow up with the new video game release in the market? Have you tried playing All-Star Tower Defence? What is that new feature added to ASTD? To satisfy your curiosity, we have come up with the facts about this topic. 

All-Star Tower Defence is a video game. The developers have added a new feature of sacrifice in this game. Players from the Philippines, United States, and worldwide are excited to try this feature Sacrifice Astd.

Details about All-Star Tower Defence game

All-star tower defence, popularly known as Astd, is a video game. Players have to defend the towers. This game has anime characters. There is a protagonist who needs to protect their tower from the villain. There are many characters in this video game.

 Astd game is a story-based game. The goal of the main player or the protagonist is to reach as far as possible. All these features make this game worth playing. Roblox is the developer of All-Star Tower Defence. The new feature keeps a game relevant and going. To know more, continue reading.

Sacrifice Astd

As we discussed, the developers introduce new features in the game. A new feature where a player can sacrifice their unit is added. This feature is introduced in September 2021. Players are excited to try and learn more about it.

 There will be a purple beam where players can sacrifice their units in exchange for rewards. The Player will make the offerings to the skies. They will then accept your unit for sacrifice. A higher level of sacrifice gives you bigger rewards. Upon the sacrifice of the units, they will be lost forever.

How to sacrifice units in the game?

Sacrifice Astd was not mentioned anywhere. So, if you are a new player or a beginner, we came up with a brief guide. 

  • When you reach the summoning area, you need to find a purple beam
  • Enter in that purple beam through the walkway
  • You will be teleported into a different place where you can sacrifice a unit
  • Then choose for the sacrifice option
  • Open the inventory and choose the unit to sacrifice
  • Finally, click on the red button that says “Sacrifice.” 

The player will offer the unit to the skies, and the Sacrifice will be completed. Afterwards, you will receive rewards. We hope that the Sacrifice Astd guide is helpful for our readers.

Details about the developer

Roblox is a game developing corporation. Roblox has created hundreds of games. Ratings of this company are very credible. They have a loyal player base all worldwide. Their graphics and anime are commendable. 


The game All-Star Tower Defence is also known as Astd. This game is famous worldwide. People enjoy playing it. Its new capability or feature of Sacrifice is very interesting. To learn more about this game, click on the link and visit their official Twitter account.

Do you like Sacrifice Astd? Please let us know in the comments below.

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