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Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City (Nov) Way To Enter City

Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City (Nov) Way To Enter City -> A scanning website got crashed a day before the implementation in the city.

Less than a week before the deadline Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City crashed due to heavy traffic volume. It comes as a surprise when residents of the city were trying to register their code digitally. The primary reason behind the failure is because of the mismatch in the website’s capacity to support the number of users coming to its website simultaneously.  The technical team of the government is working on to decongest the website.  

The report comes as a surprise that the government of the Philippines was not prepared to handle this situation. As per the reports by officials, no cyber-attack was detected. As a result, the city Mayor issued an order to use this website again from November 7, 2020.

What is Safe Davao QR Code?

As per the officials, the website aims to help expedite tracing and put a ban on non-important travel. The system can control the spread of Coronavirus as the hospital beds are already working at full capacity. With Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City, the government can trace the people who came into contact with positive patients in a specific region of the city.   

Moreover, it also serves as a pass for individuals coming to the city. When it comes to international passengers comings to the Philippines, they need to register for two codes, one to enter the city and the second for exiting the city. The government took such actions to protect its citizens from further spreading of COVID-19 disease.

After-effects of website crash

When the website got crashed, many people got stuck.  Now the city Mayor has issued an executive order stating the guideline, which everyone has to follow while entering or exiting the city. As per the order, after November 7, nobody would be allowed to travel or enter without the code.

If anyone gets caught traveling without Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City will be held, and the government will take necessary action against them. It is an electronic contact tracing and a pass that aims to be implemented for several purposes. It not only controls the travel but also provides access to various essential services.

Who can scan code?

Government officials including, the Task Force of the city, City Police, and barangay official are authorized to scan code. Besides, there a few more places such as hospitals, hotels, malls, restaurants, places of worship, educational institutions that are allowed to scan Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City upon entry.

The Task Force is required to create a system to check their codes traveling to the Philippines together can avoid long queues at checkpoints, whereas city police can do scanning at certain checkpoints.

However, when it comes to barangay officials, they have to be in uniform while doing random scanning on people found in streets within their assigned areas. All offices have compulsorily maintained the data online and offline for all entering or exiting the city.

Final Words

The government of the Philippines is taking several actions to protect the citizens, and Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City was one of them. However, a few days before implementing the code, the website got crashed, and people got stuck in between.  Let us wait and see what the government has to say about it. If you have any questions, do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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