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Scarfiv Reviews [April 2020] Are They Worth the Hype?

Scarfiv Reviews [April 2020] Are They Worth the Hype? -> This post shall give you clarity regarding questions you may have. Read this before making a purchase.

If you are searching for posts about Scarfiv Reviews, then you have reached the correct page. If you are searching for its reviews, they must be interested in purchasing gym equipment, poultry care, or just some budget furniture.  

This site has been raking in rave reviews amongst people of the countries Canada, United States, Australia, etc. To find out further details about this site, read this post till the very end. 

What is Scarfiv com? 

It is an online store that supplies its customers with some heavy-duty products. The products range from indoor products such as television sets and storage cabinets to outdoor products such as oval pools and chicken coops. 

The about us section of Scarfiv online store talks about providing its customers with a custom collection perfect for any hobby, passion, or sport. Just about anything that would enable the customer to enjoy activities on a budget. 

As we progress further in this review, you will be able to understand whether you should be purchasing from this site! The post shall also answer the most asked about the question, “is Scarfiv legit?”

What kind of products are available on Scarfiv online store? 

This online retailer is your one-stop-shop for purchasing equipment and furniture and other products that could fuel a new hobby. The products available are divided into the following categories- 

  • Furniture- the products available on Scarfiv online store in this section are: sofas, cabinets, bunk beds/ beds with shelves, Polyester gazebos, massage chairs, dining sets, tables, and even office chairs. All these products can be bought from anywhere between $59 to $ 300 and upwards. 
  • Sports and outdoors- this section consist of outdoor pools/bouncy castles, grills, treadmills, and other heavy-duty exercising machines as well as spa tubs and kids’ e-bikes and cars. The $119 foldable treadmill is sure to catch your eye. 
  • Poultry care- this is the last category that consists of cat and dog houses and chicken coops to make a lovely home to your chickens. These are priced from $29.99 to $99.99. 

All these products are available on Scarfiv com appeal to many people, especially the gym equipment. More and more people are becoming health conscious and wish to work out at times that suit them best! 

Is Scarfiv scam or legit? 

is Scarfiv scam is a question that people have been searching for a lot! The points below shall give you some clarity regarding this. 

  1. This site is SSL protected. A website must be SSL protected for it to ensure the customer’s information successfully. 
  2. The site generates low external links but shows no suspicious codes, which is not a red flag. 
  3. To communicate with the brand, an email id- ZenobiaArthurmTxBdR@yahoo.com has been provided.
  4. It has a clean and minimalistic layout. It ensures the user is not confused when visiting the website. 
  5. A purchase can be made using your card, visa, Mastercard, and American Express apart from PayPal, which is a good sign. 
  6. Each product contains multiple pictures as well as ample description. This ensures the customer has clarity before making a purchase. 
  7. It has a detailed privacy policy page. You give it a read before making a purchase. 

All these signs make the Scarfiv website sound nothing like a scam! The site is perfect to bring your hobbies and activities to life in the confines of your house.

Cons of purchasing from Scarfiv

These points are to tell you that you must be aware before finally making a purchase. 

  • It lacks any shipping details. When you click on the shipping details, you are re-directed to the Best- Sellers page. 
  • The contact details are incomplete. A phone number is mandatory, especially in case of returns and when the email is unresponsive. 
  • There are no customer reviews available on the site or online. 
  • It also Lacks a social media presence. 
  • The original domain name suggests the site was recently set up. 

The Scarfiv website was recently set up, and that could be the reason why you may face some typical troubles. However, that should not stop you from purchasing from this site.

Final Verdict- 

The post tries to give you a clarity of what Scarfiv has to offer and if it is secure to make a purchase off it. You may choose to make a purchase or not to. 

If you have made a purchase, then do share your experience with us in the comments below. 

0 thoughts on “Scarfiv Reviews [April 2020] Are They Worth the Hype?

  1. i tried ordering, after reading this, and chose to use my PROTECTED MASTER CARD and it would not accept my very trustworthy credit card. Had i tried using my DEBIT CARD, would the order have been processed? it did not try because of not enough store history. like an Amazon. i then sent an email after clicking on CONTACT US and have no reply and its been over 2 hours. it also does not appear again on my FB feed.

    1. Dont be fooled customer support email and phone number are a fake. Scarfiv site is a SCAM and so is this article.

  2. I used my Cash App card to purchase a pair of adjustable Bowflex Dumbbells & I cant find an emailed receipt to confirm my purchase & the phone # seemed to bounce around an stated for me to try again later…This appears fishy to me.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you are also going through all this azz hole. They also got me good.. could you please tell me a little on what I can do Bout it.

    2. I purchased a hot tub from them,I used my debit card. I have checked my order status and it said my order is being processed, I checked my account and the money has already been withdrawn. So I am worried about my decision to order . I will contact the better business bureau.

  3. I made a purchase and did not receive any e-mail confirmation. I did contact their company twice and have had no reply.
    Im a little worried.

  4. Would not accept my credit card either, but would accept my debit card. I ordered the hot tub and then tried to find out some shipping details and there was nothing. I, too, realized that the ad could not be found on Facebook once I placed the order. I called my credit union and within one day they had reversed the charges and the money went back into my account. I sent several emails and none of them were answered. STAY AWAY from this website. I found another website, different name, but same content. I would imagine they are working together in their neat little scam.

  5. Made an order, did not receive a email receipt but did get charged. No further communication received. Now disputing the credit card charge.

  6. Made an order also, did not receive a email receipt but did get charged. No further communication received. Now disputing the credit card charge.

  7. I did screenshot my order and what I bought and paid. This was months ago have not received anything. SCAM!!!

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