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Sccfreevax Com (Jan 2021) Get the Reviews Below

Sccfreevax Com (Jan 2021) Get the Reviews Below >> In this news article, we talk about the website that provides essential information on the COVID-19 vaccination drive in the County of Santa Clara.

Are you a resident of Santa Clara in the state of California? You must be aware that the state has given authorization to state-wide healthcare systems to offer COVID-19 vaccination. The state has also issued a stay-at-home order to slow the spread of the virus.

It is an excellent initiative by the United States to protect its residents against the pandemic.Do you want to know more about this vaccination drive in the County of Santa Clara?

According to the County of Santa Clara, the website that gives accurate information about this drive is www.sccgov.org, sccfreevax.com, or Sccfreevax com.  Let us find more about this welcome move that aims to offer protection against COVID-19.

What is Sccfreevax?

The State of California, in the United States, has authorized the healthcare system to vaccinate all people age 65 and older. This is in addition to the vaccinations going on for residents of long-term care facilities and healthcare workers.However, due to the shortage of vaccines currently, the Santa Clara healthcare system offers vaccination to people age 75 and older.This vaccination drive by the County is called Sccfreevax.

However, one should understand that the County does not have a say in determining the vaccine’s eligibility. Only the state’s healthcare system can decide the priority phases, tiers, and categories of patients who can get the vaccine.It is best to visit www.sccgov.org, sccfreevax.com, or Sccfreevax com to get comprehensive information about this vaccination drive.

Current vaccination drive in the County of Santa Clara:

  • Phase 1A- Under this phase, residents of long-term care facilities and healthcare personnel will get the vaccine.
  • Phase 1B- Under this Tier-1 partial phase, the county residents aged 75 and older will get the vaccine.

One should remember that the availability and eligibility of vaccines are changing rapidly. It is best to keep visiting the genuine website www.sccgov.org, sccfreevax.com, or Sccfreevax com to get regular updates.One has to schedule an appointment for vaccination by clicking on a link given on this website. But one cannot share this link.

Final Verdict:

The health officials from Santa Clara County announced that the residents of age 75 and older could sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine.However, the County also expressed concerns about the signup link shared with many people. Because of this link, people were asked to leave the vaccination site.

Therefore, to access the legitimate link to sign up for the vaccine, we recommend that you use the link on www.sccgov.org, sccfreevax.com, or Sccfreevax com.  This site has the latest updates from the healthcare systems of Santa Clara County. This leaves no room for any ambiguity.We welcome your views on this article. If you have any more information to add, feel free to post your comments.

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