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Schulenburg Breast Cancer {May 2022} Check Info Here!

Schulenburg Breast Cancer claimed the actress’s life in its fourth stage on 17th May 2022. Find more details about this talented actress.

Do you know about Marnie Schulenburg? Schulenburg portrayed Alison Stewart, a character on the CBS soap opera from 2007 to 2010. Mark Ravenhead, the right-wing journalist in HBO’s Succession, married actress Schulenburg. It was reported that Marnie died on Tuesday in a Bloomfield hospital of metastatic breast cancer in the United States. She was 37 years old at the time of death. Kyle Luker of Industry Entertainment announced her death.

Following her death from Schulenburg Breast Cancer, the actress leaves behind her loved ones.

The Death Notice for Marnie Schulenburg

After Marnie Schulenburg, who appeared in “As the World Turned,” succumbed to breast cancer, on 17th May 2022. Social media was inundated with condolences. While pregnant with her second child at the beginning of 2020, Schulenburg learned she had breast cancer that spread to other parts of her body.

Twenty-four hours before her birthday, she announced on Instagram that she had breast cancer stage four. She wrote about how difficult it was to enjoy her birthday while caring for a baby and being diagnosed with a terminal illness- Marnie Schulenburg Breast Cancer. Finally, she urged every mother to read her tale to educate others about the symptoms and indicators of this sickness.

Zack Robidas, Marnie’s husband

Marnie Schulenburg’s renowned husband, Zack Robidas, is a well-known actor. Schulenburg and Robidas had been together seven years before their 15th September 2013 wedding.

US-based performers Robidas and her fiance are acted together in some of the films. He has appeared in films such as Succession, Sorry for Your Loss, and Friends from College. Robidas makes a cameo in Adam Szymkowicz’s Pretty Theft as well.

Life Before Schulenburg Breast Cancer

Schulenburg married Zack Robidas on 15th September 2013. This was after dating him for eleven years, They welcomed their first child, a girl named Coda, into the world on 12th December 2019. Zack and Coda are the only ones still alive who were able to escape her clutches.

Net Worth of Marnie Schulenburg 

It is believed that Marnie has a net worth of $3 million. She had an appealing job, from which she earned lot of money. In 2013, Schulenberg reprised her role as Jo Williams in One Life to Live’s Prospect Park revival. Additionally, Marnie Schulenburg Breast Cancer has been in such shows as Elementary and Tainted Dreams, Royal Pains, and The Good Fight. Alison made a short cameo in this performance.

The Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama category nominated her in 2010 for her role on ATWT.


On Tuesday, actress Schulenburg passed away at the age of 37. Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer claimed her life. A cancer diagnosis was made public by the actress on 8th May. In addition to her role in As The World Turns, she has appeared in many other series. 

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