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Sciencemart.Co Reviews – Unique Jewellery Or Another Scam!

As you are looking for posts around sciencemart.co reviews, you must have a good interest in Science. This online store is nowadays gaining notable popularity among science lovers. In the United States, there are lots of customers.

What is this sciencemart online store? 

This science mart is one of its kind online store which sales several unique jewellery products designed over some scientific concept. Its website sciencemart.co, is gaining a good number of visitors every day.

Here, you can order a Dino Bracelet, Hemoglobin Necklace, and also, DNA Adjustable Ring. Like these, there are several unique names in its best-selling jewellery products.

However, we noticed that several customers have written in their science mart reviews about a lesser number of products. It might be a new online store. And, the team behind it should have been trying to increase product count.

Well, one can order Bracelet, Ring, Necklace, Earrings, and Belt from its website. And, everything will be attached to some science term or concept.

Is there anything like sciencemart scam?

Sciencemart is all about a unique idea. Thus, its possible consumers will be less in numbers. As a result of it, we have not found much of sciencemart reviews to read. Customers have shared about this online store in social media. Lots of them were quite positive and excited about this new initiative. Few have appreciated it as a tool to raise people’s interest in science.

However, few customers were not that pleasant about its product delivery service and also about the quality of products.

We have also found that its website is not well documented. Pretty less information has been given over the About Us page and Contact Us page. Such an act is not suitable for trust-building. Hence, the doubt of a scam is obvious. Well, it does have an SSL certificate and safe payment method associated with its product order mechanism.

Thus, we can’t count it as a scam. But, we can’t even deny the possibility of risk and bad experience.

Final Verdict Over Sciencemart

With the help of this post, we have tried to give you a brief idea about this store and a sum-up of all available sciencemart.com reviews. Indeed, it has an excellent idea. But, the execution of that idea is raising doubts.

We can’t recommend it as an excellent online store. First, the quality of its website is not that much good. Second, few customers were negative about its service. Thus, we would recommend going to some reputed store like Amazon. There also, you can get some unique jewellery items.

Well, we attempted to share a review of this sciencemart online store.

If you have ever ordered from this store, share your experience in comments. Tell us about your side of the story and also, mention a few words about our post. We love to understand your point of view and appreciate two way to communicate over this website.

0 thoughts on “Sciencemart.Co Reviews – Unique Jewellery Or Another Scam!

  1. I placed an order with them on March 9th and still have not received my order as of March 27th. Getting worried I got scammed. I emailed customer support today and am waiting to hear back from them.

    1. Placed an order on March 10, it’s April 26. I’ve emailed and facebooked- no communication or product. 100% a scam.

    2. Have you heard back??? I have not. Even comments on their facebook page and sent a private message asking them WtF??

  2. I ordered on the 5th and emailed their support over a week ago… nothing. Time to dispute payment!

    1. Ordered before March 11th, waited two weeks before emailing support, when they replied, they promised to get me my tracking info and it never came. Do not trust this website!

    2. I had similar experience as others and thought it was a scam and that I had basically given away my money. However, though I had to reach out to them, they did respond and I eventually received my order about a month or so after I placed it. I’m very satisfied with what I received. I’d read a negative review about the quality, but the quality is reall good, stainless steel as stated, and the artistry is nice. Maybe I got lucky.

    3. After almost two months I finally recieved my order.. though I recieved the dinosaur necklace, I didn’t get the fibonacci necklace. Instead they sent a I think earth necklace! Very disappointed and think this site is a scam.

  3. Thank you DODBUZZ for digging into this company (archaeology pun). Much like the others who have commented, I placed an order on 3/09 and received a confirmation email the same day. I sent a follow-up inquiry on 3/12 and received a scripted reply with a statement describing my order arriving in 1-3 weeks, along with a link to my order which had NO helpful information. On 3/24 I sent a follow up email, insisting on specific information regarding the status of my order. I received a reply that let me know that “several large shipments will be leaving their warehouse in Denver in the coming weeks.” That vague statement was all I needed. I’ve decided to dispute the charge tomorrow (April fools day) if my order doesn’t come in the mail today. I don’t like being made the fool.

  4. I placed my order on March 7th, 2020 and was charged the following business day, but was not given a tracking number or any proof that my order had been shipped. I emailed Support@sciencemart.co on March 10th, and three days later was told that my items would be shipped out in one to three weeks. I emailed them again on April 2nd and still no response. I will have to dispute the charges later today. This company IS A SCAM.

  5. It is a scam. If you threaten to dispute the charge, before they respond to you, the generate a shipping label and order shipped email. A day or 2 later you get an email that says they shipped it before they saw my email. There are only 2 people and they get thousands of emails a day. Well that label sat unchanged for 9 days. I called the carrier and they never received the package that went with the label. It is a scam. I have disputed my payment. I lost 6 weeks fighting over this.

    Run away!

  6. I ordered 2 bracelets on March 5, 2020. I was notified twice of a delay in shipping, due to difficulties resulting from COVID-19, with an apology. I contacted the company on March 29th, as I had not yet received shipping information. in that email I asked if the item would be shipping, or if I should request a refund. On April 2, 2020, the company responded, apologized and sent me a tracking number for the item which had now been shipped. thanking for my purchase and patience. i did receive the items ordered, exactly as pictured and I love them.

    Although I also questioned their legitimacy, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Especially in these trying times. They were professional, kept me informed and ultimately delivered.

    Although, I also questioned their legitimatcy, The company did send updates, was responsive when questioned, and I did receive my items, exactly as pictured. I love them. It’s your choice, but I prefer to cut them a little slack in these trying times.

    1. Thanks for your review. I’m going to give them the same break for a little while longer as I am looking forward to what I ordered for my wife. They have communicated thanking me for my patience. Cautiously optimistic.

      1. Update: They are nothing but scammers. I received an email stating it shipped and should arrive in 2-3 days. I then received another email 3 days after that email stating they are backed up and have a large shipment going out in a few days and I will receive tracking information. Nothing happened I’ve sent 2 emails since only to be ignored. My order was placed on March. What does it take to throw a couple items in a box, label the box, and send it on its way? Initiating credit from my card tomorrow.

  7. STILL waiting for an order I placed on March 9th. Worried I got scammed. Should have done more research. So disappointed in myself and them. Shame on sciencemart.com

  8. I placed an order a month ago and still have not received any shipping information. After 10 days I received an email saying it would be shipped in 1-2 weeks. It has been two weeks since I received the email and still have nothing. This sucks because I paid for it to be shipped within a certain amount of time and it’s weeks past when I should have received it.

  9. Same; ordered March 8th 2020, was notified of a delay by them, then another notification of delay. I sent an e-mail cancelling my order and asking for a full refund. Three days later they ignored my cancellation and sent me e-mail with a DHL tracking number that only said DHL was waiting to receive the package from them.
    One week later, still nothing so I called DHL; they never got anything from ScienceMart. So I e-mailed them again stating that DHL never got the package and demanding a refund. Nothing. No reply, no package. I am initiating a refund via my credit card. Scam company! It has been over a month now and they never responded to my last 3 e-mails and DHL still shows no change.

  10. Like everyone else posting here , I placed a small order back in March, then got a couple of emails apologizing for delays, then one saying my order had shipped. Two weeks later, nothing! They have not replied to my emails, and tracking doesn’t seem to work. This may indeed be a scam😡.

  11. I placed an order March 20th. Received a confirmation email, no tracking or order number info. Sent emails on March 31, April 1, and they sent me an email with a tracking number on April 3, also saying there were only two people answering g emails. Received another email April 11 that it shipped. Tracking info has not been updated since APRIL 7TH! I sent emails April 17, and again today, April 21. In the April 3rd email they said they would credit my shipping costs within 7-10 days. Still have not been refunded. So angry. They also took money from my bank account already. It seems as though I am not the only one with this problem. I am not surprised they are going out of business. What place doesn’t list a telephone number?! I can’t find one anywhere!

  12. Same as the above. Wish I read this first. ordered March 3rd, money debited March 8th, Here it is April 22nd , no merchandise, not even delivered to at the shipping place or post office. SO disappointed. Why do people do things like this!

  13. This was my email to this this morning:
    To Whom It May Concern at Science Mart,

    Good morning! I’d first like to say thank you for the prompt reply to my query from Renee in customer support on March 29, 2020. It stated some shipments were slightly delayed as you all were taking extra precautions due to covid-19, which I’m sure I can speak for all of your patron’s in saying we appreciate that. Also, I absolutely understand that transit for every company is a tad bit slower with the state of the world right now.
    Boy was I excited though when on March 31, 2020, just 3 days after getting Renee’s message, I received another email stating my order had been sent and there was a tracking number attached so I could follow it! Sadly now it is April 23 and not only am I still product-less, I’m having a difficult time remaining excited or “kindly patient.” I truly have done my best at being “kindly patient” as Renee recommended though, for the past 54 days.
    I’m not quite sure where your establishment is located, but for fun, let’s pretend it’s on what’s considered the most remote island in the world, Tristan da Cunha, which is approximately 6,332 miles from where I reside in Florida. If I was a betting woman, I would feel confident in saying that during the eons it has taken you to process and deliver my order, I could’ve already doggy paddled ALL THE WAY to your business there in the South Atlantic, whittled the pieces I purchased out of a Phylica arborea tree native to the island, packaged them ever so carefully as to avoid any possible virus contamination of course and caught a ride returning to my humble abode upon the back of a gracious sea turtle with only 1 flipper and a bad sense of direction.
    The tracking number you provided goes to a DHL page and says the number can not be located. Side note for a fun fact: DHL has many humorous initialisms it’s been given due to its horrid service and a popular one is, “Delivered Here Late” which would totally apply in my situation if this were their fault, but here in our home we prefer to call them “Drug Hauling Laughingstock” since that’s the other thing they are quite popular for transporting apparently. Anywho, I am attaching screenshots of the email you sent with the tracking number and what I get when I click the link, plus the sweet reply from Renee in customer support. If you could please kindly respond in a timely manner with some sort of accurate dates as to the arrival of my shipment, I would greatly appreciate it! Oh, and by the way… since we are in the digital age, even taking the panic filled pandemic into consideration… in my opinion “timely” is considered faster than a sloth on valium, but doesn’t have to be quite as fast as a hummingbird on methamphetamines.
    Make sure to stay safe and happy. Make each day count!
    Kind regards,

    Valerie Stewart
    Customer Unsupported

  14. I ordered 2 necklaces on March 20th and got an email confirmation of the order. On March 31st, the emailed saying it should be shipped in the next 1 to 2 weeks. I waited until April 24th with no email from them and emailed their support. From my experience so far, this is Not a reputable company to deal with. I’ll wait a little longer, hoping it is just a problem with this Covid-19 stuff.

  15. I ordered the jewelry before looking them up, 7 items for $44. After seeing to update in the order page I pinged support and like others they responded it’ll take 1-3 weeks. After 2 weeks of no update I pinged them again saying I’ll cancel it if not responded promptly and they said it’ll take another week, not speaking about cancelations. After a week I got a shipping order and tracking number (DHL and local delivery via USPS), it took around 2 weeks to arrive but the tracking was very partial compared to other deliveries.

    The items arrived in a small shipping bag, dropped in the mailbox. Quality was fine, good enough for the price, while the items are original and generate curiosity from scientific minded people.

    I was really upset and worried during the time as I’ve read here and elsewhere good reasons to doubt them, but it seems legit.

  16. Ordered on March 9th. Received a few emails letting me know that shipment would be somewhat delayed. Understandable under the current circumstances. However, it is now April 30 and NOTHING. I did finally get an email response that was obviously just a standard form email. Going to just go forward with disputing and trying to get my $ back. Lesson learned!!!

  17. It took a couple of months but I got my earrings today. Tracking order was perfect. I think the virus messed them up. I ordered just before the stay at home order came out. Love the science stuff. The quality is good.

  18. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. As all of the other people have written, there is poor communication once they’ve taken payment. I have yet to receive anything (ordered over 9 weeks ago). I did start a complaint with my credit card issuer and they also have not heard back from them. If enough people complain to their credit card issuers maybe the CC companies will stop letting them use their CC as payment

  19. I ordered an item in early March and have not yet received it. I did receive an apology sometime after that explaining that there might be a wait due to complications related to the virus. I understood and was grateful for the response. But since then I’ve received several notices with info that item was in the mail along with a tracking number…..the tracking number informed me that “No Results. Unfortunately, the tracking number you provided cannot be located.” The item I ordered was inexpensive, but I am livid to think that I was scammed!

  20. I placed an order for $55 worry of products on March 22. I kept getting emails stating that due to COVID-19, shipping was extremely delayed. I finally received all of items today (May 14). I am hoping this is truly a COVID issue and not how they normally operate. Having said that, I really REALLY like my items! They are sturdy, detailed, and so original! I will definitely order from them again if I have time to wait for shipping.

  21. I ordered March 10th and waited patiently. The order was for my grand daughter’s birthday. I inquired after it on May 6th and got a reply reasonably quickly that said it was shipped and gave me a tracking number. It took several days before it started moving, but It was delivered today 5/15/’20 in time for her birthday!

  22. Their communication could’ve been better early on, but I eventually received my order. I originally placed the order March 22. I emailed them April 19 to tell them I never received it or a tracking number, and they replied on April 23 that they were running behind due to COVID-19. I received another email announcement on May 1st (probably sent to all outstanding orders) explaining delays due to COVID-19 and stating, “We’re expecting every single order to be out in the next 10-17 business days.” I got my shipping number May 6 and received my order on May 14.

  23. Finally received my items! I ordered in March and was getting pretty nervous, like many of us here. I think I was letting my imagination run away from me. While I would have appreciated a little more communication along the way, the company was responsive and sincerely apologetic when I emailed to check the status. I think they really were just hit very hard by the recent circumstances, like many small companies! I was happy to receive my items, and they are good quality and beautiful as pictured. I know it’s frustrating when we’re all used to receiving online orders within days, but I do think they deserve a break.

  24. Ordered twice from them. My first order took exactly a month to get to me but I liked it so much that I ordered again. Now, it has been 6 weeks and about 2 weeks ago I inquired about when my second order would be mailed. I was given a tracking number that is not valid. I’m hoping that there really is a temporary delay on this company because their items are original and fun. I guess time will tell.

  25. Still waiting on my order placed March 23rd. I received an update just like everyone stating delivery was delayed. I emailed them on May 9th inquiring about my order and got no response. A supposed tracking number exists through DHL, but there is an error if I click on in. I just emailed them again (6/3) stating I’ve had zero communication, the tracking number doesn’t work, and I request either an update or a refund. At this point I’m so over the order and just want the refund.

    Long shipping times, missing items and ignored refund request.

    I waited to post this negative review…. I will take it down when the issue is resolved.
    If my comment is still here it is because the issue was NOT resolved.

    1) I placed my order March 20th.
    Order “arrived” May 26th.
    However, the entire order did not arrive. I am missing the magnetic ‘levitating moon lamp’ I wanted to gift to a friend ($199.99). I waited a few days to see if the order was maybe sent as two packages?? But then a second package did not come. When I look at the shopping weight, I can see the package that was shipped only weighed 0.228 lbs. From the picture of the moon lamp, it has to be at least a pound…..I am unsure if sciencemart even shipped the lamp in the first place.

    2) Contacted customer service on May 29th, June 2nd and June 4th for a refund. Did not receive a reply back…

    3) Previously, I inquired sciencemart regarding the delay on April 10th.

    I got a reply back on April 16th stating:
    ” Thank you for reaching out and purchasing with us. Please accept our apologies for the delay in getting to your message. We do expect your order to ship in the next 1 to 2 weeks. We are so sorry that there has been such a delay thus far, due to COVID-19 our warehouse is short-staffed so we are moving as quickly as we can to make sure you receive your order. You have not been forgotten nor will you be. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know. We hope that you stay safe and well. Once your order has been shipped you should receive a shipment notification email with the tracking number. We hope that you stay safe and well!
    Kind Regards, Renee Customer Support ”

    Which was a respectable response. Except the order did not ship in ‘1 to 2 weeks.’
    It shipped on May 18th… It took OVER FOUR WEEKS since they expected to ship the order.
    This could be understandable due to COVID, but I still did not receive the full order.

    Hope you found all this information helpful.
    I am sorry if this happened to you too.

  27. Total scam. It took months to get a partial order, the quality is crap, and then they said they couldn’t fill the rest of the order and they would give me a refund. I never got it. I’ve learned my lesson. Never order from any store that appears unbid on your Facebook or your news feed. Don’t order from them!!!

  28. I ordered in February or March. About $100 worth of jewelry for presents. I got emails saying it’s delayed. It’s now June 16. No jewelry, no explanation.

  29. It has been two months and still have not received order. Tracking number is invalid. One email was sent saying that orders were delayed but they are no longer replying to my questions. Have requested refund but have not gotten that either.

  30. I ordered some things on March 22 and still have not received them. They did respond once when I inquired but not the other times. I just checked again and it looks like it got to “ARRIVAL DESTINATION DHL ECOMMERCE FACILITY” on May 20 and TENDERED TO DELIVERY SERVICE PROVIDER. That was over a month ago, so now I have to track it down between DHL and USPS. Very disappointing (and I was very patient considering all the issues with COVID).

  31. I ordered on April the 20th. Paid the same day. I have received nothing and no response to my emails. I notice that they conveniently leave no phone number to call.

  32. I received a message my 3 necklaces were shipped April 27. As of today no necklaces and now my package isn’t even allowing the tracking. I have emailed at least 8 times and not one response.

  33. I ordered in March and still haven’t received.. they emailed me due to Covid it would arrive late… now of course too late to dispute a claim. … disappointed.

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