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screedr.com Review [Sep] Is It a Fake Scam or Genuine?

screedr.com Review [Sep] Is It a Fake Scam or Genuine? -> This review post is about a website which is selling only one category of products that is diaper cover for babies.

Do you love shopping for your kids from different websites? If the answer is yes, you must give a look to screedr.com. This online store is selling baby diaper cover made up of cotton quality material. The website is not selling many products, and even the baby diaper covers are also not of a large variety. Only a few pictures are displayed on the website. Whether you should show from the site or not will only be known with the help screedr.com Review. 

We are reviewing this online store because people from the United States are showing interest in the site. The product available on the website seems to be interesting, and it comes with an affordable rate. However, it is important to find out whether this store is genuine or fake. For this, we are writing this article, and we hope it will help you get accurate information. 

Know about Screedr.com

Screedr.com is a newly built website which is a selling covers of baby diapers. This website is dealing with only a single kind of product. Some of the design of the product available on the website seems to be interesting, but the number of products is low. All the products available on the website are of the same price, which is quite awkward. All the details mentioned on the website about the product seems dubious. You will find many other well-recognized websites selling similar kind of product even at lower rates. We have presented all the details, including benefits, demerits of buying from this site. 

Read this article till the end to find out screedr.com Review and see if you can stop from here or not. 

Screedr.com Specifications:

  • Type of store: diaper covers for your little toddlers
  • URL: https://www.screedr.com/
  • Concerned person: Chad Penney
  • Shipping: Free of cost 
  • Email address: mail@screedr.com
  • Location of company: 201 Edgecomb Drive-Milford 
  • Return Policy: Available

Pros of shopping from Screedr.com:

  • Products that are sold on the website are useful for little infants
  • The website allows you to return the item within the given timeframe. 

Cons of shopping from Screedr.com:

  • The website is only one month old and so cannot be trusted. 
  • The about us page on the website is not functional
  • The content quality used on the website is poor
  • Not popular among online shoppers and so Screedr.com review is not available. 

Is Screedr.com a legit site? 

We have gone through the site and found a lot of information that we are sharing with our online users. This website is recently registered in August 2020. we never suggest any online shopper buy something from a website that is newly registered and is not six months old. Though this website has an SSL certificate, lack of customer reviews and social media presence again highlights a negative picture. 

Moreover, the website has an about us page, which is not working, and so nothing about the owner is known. All these Red flag states that this website is not a trusted one. 

What are people saying about Screedr.com?

While looking for Screedr.com reviewwe have gone through a lot of websites. Unfortunately, we did not found any customer reviews. As the website is new and it’s Alexa popularity is also low, not many people have shown interest on this website for purchase. 

The absence of reviews and the presence of so many red flags state that this website is a scam, and this is the reason why not much purchasing has been done. 

Final Verdict 

To conclude, we would recommend you to not show from this website as this is a scam one. This site has a lot of suspicious points, and so purchasing from here can be a risk. The only positive thing we found about a website was its SSL certification. 

All the content on the website is of inferior quality. Furthermore, the website is too new, and its overall popularity is low. But considering all these points and lack of Screedr.com review and social media presence, easily give a verdict that the site is not legit. If you have purchased anything from this website, share your feedback. 

0 thoughts on “screedr.com Review [Sep] Is It a Fake Scam or Genuine?

  1. SCREEDR.COM is definitely a scam. They take your money and mail you something that is not what you ordered. It gets worse!
    When SCREEDR.COM gets your address they send you a paper/brochure or letter (something of feather weight) via UPS- than they use that tracking number to deceive your financial institution into thinking that they sent you something. You can try to contact SCREEDR.COM but no one will respond. There is no legitimatie contact information for this merchant. I strongly advise for this merchant to be put on high alert and investigated by higher authorities.

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