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Sdn Bhd UC Travel {July 2022} Explore The Scam Now!

The post describes the details of Sdn Bhd UC Travel and the scam that it recently did with travelers.

Have you ever been scammed by travel agencies? Are you aware of the recent news of the scam of a travel agency in Malaysia? We will tell you the details of the scam that stranded over 380 people at the Kuala Lumpur airport due to the travel agency. They were the haj pilgrims who the travel agency reportedly cheated. They were falsely given tickets for the pilgrimage through private haj visas without going through the actual way. This post mentions Sdn Bhd UC Travel details for reference. 

What is the news?

The news of the scam by the travel agency in Kuala Lumpur has shocked people all over, and they are finding it difficult to believe the latest scam that took place and made people stand at the airport. The group said they had been issued private haj visas for their pilgrimage without passing Lembaga Tabung Haji. The visas are the private visas issued by Saudi Arabia without the quota allocation. The travel agency had asked the group to be KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) the previous day as the flight was at 4:30 p.m.

Essential points on UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam

  • The timing was mentioned as 4.30 p.m, on reaching there, the passengers were informed that the time got postponed to 7 p.m.
  • On checking, they found that the last flight to Jeddah was at 6 p.m, and they had not received any information from their travel agency representative, which made them doubt the situation.
  • They said they were supposed to fly on Tuesday itself, but on the grounds of document verification, they were not allowed to travel and said their documents were incomplete.
  • The travel agency did not show them their tickets or visas for tourism to haj.

Details on Sdn Bhd UC Travel

The travel agency, in clear terms, looted the travelers, and that has kept their passports of the with them. The agency has not returned their passports yet. One of the group members said that the travel agency agent had met the group, but they had no explanation for the incident and were still confused. She also said that the group trusted the travel agency and when they did not show them their visas or the tickets, they did not raise any concern, but unfortunately, they got duped of their money and were unknown to the UC Travel Sdn Bhd ScamThe travelers are still stranded, and the KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) police are investigating the matter and promised to conclude very soon.

People who want to know the news details can read here and get knowledge of the entire incident.


From the above report, we can say that it is of utmost importance to maintain safety and keep track of all the activities going on. The travel agency scam is nothing new, and people must be active enough to get the entire agency’s documents before traveling. People must be concerned about their travel documents and keep themselves away from these kinds of agencies. Have you heard of Sdn Bhd UC Travel? Comment below your views on this incident.

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