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Seder Wordle {July} Is This Answer Correct? Check Here!

This post about Seder Wordle will help our readers solve the 380th wordle quiz. You can check out this post to know the correct answer.

Were you able to solve yesterday’s Wordle? If not, then keep reading. We will disclose the answer in the following post. 

As the name suggests, Wordle is a web-based word game. Every day the players met with a fresh word puzzle which could be solved using the elimination method and can be played only once a time in a day. People around different countries like Australia, India etc. are obsessing over this game. But unfortunately, Seder Wordle is making players confused. 

Keep reading this post to know the correct answer and hints of the 380th Wordle.

Is ‘Seder’ the Correct answer?

Unfortunately, players, if you are guessing Seder as the correct answer, we would like to tell you that’s not the correct answer. Though the right word also ends with ‘ER’ and has 2 ‘E’ in it, leading to players’ confusion. But let us clarify it’s not SEDER, folks. Instead, ‘SEVER’ is the correct answer.  

Now that we have told you the correct answer, you can complete today’s Wordle quickly.

Is Seder a Word?

Many of you now will have a question, Is Seder an actual word? We would like to tell you Seder is an existing word which means a ritual feast held on the first night of Passover to celebrate the exodus of Jews from Egypt. but this word is nowhere connected to 380th Wordle as we have already told the correct answer in the 2nd paragraph and also told you the reason why people are confused with this word and the right word. 

Seder Definition

If translated into English, ‘Seder’ means order. Seder is a ceremonial Judaism meal ritual in addition to the reading of the book Haggadah, which lays the order of the proper meal and tells the story of the exodus of Jews from Egypt.

We request our readers not to confuse between SEDER and the correct word we mentioned in the 2nd paragraph and go for the right word. 

Tips and Tricks for Wordle

 Those who have not yet completed their Wordle, even after reading this post, Seder Wordle, and are looking for some tips and tricks and hints can check out this paragraph for valuable clues.

  • The correct word ends with R.
  • It has 2 vowels placed in the 2nd and 4th position.
  • The meaning of the correct word is to separate something by cutting it down. 

We hope these hints were enough to get you to the correct answer to today’s Wordle. But still, if you’re unable to guess, don’t worry, scroll up to the 2nd paragraph, and we have mentioned the right word there. 


Ending this post, we have informed our audience about the wordle game, Seder’s definition, the hints, and the correct answer for the 380th wordle quiz

to know more about Wordle, you may check out this link 

So, what do you think about this post-Seder WordlePlease share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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