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Selling Sunset Chelsea Accent {April} Explore Real Fact!

The article discusses the issue of judgemental behaviour about Selling Sunset Chelsea Accent. Follow our blog, and get the latest and most authentic facts.

Hello, readers; in this article, we are going to discuss the accent of the popular actress of Selling Sunset. Dear readers, Did you hear the Selling Sunset Chelsea Accent? The fans of this show are calling her accent fake because she sounds Australian while speaking. Let’s discuss the reason why her unique and different accent is trending. 

The people from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States are commenting that she has started her journey in the UK, and her accent should sound like them only. 

Who is Chelsea?

Chelsea Lazkani works for the luxury estate Oppenheim Group. She is a British-Nigerian woman who has appeared in the season five episode of Selling Sunset this year. 

The background of Chelsea Selling Sunset Fake Accent

Season 5 of Selling Sunset shows many personalities, including Ms. Lazkani. This show is about selling products or things to the buyers by elite estate agents. In this show, the relationship between Chelsea and Christine is like best friends. The twist is that Chelsea, who has worked in the UK and moved to America six years ago, doesn’t speak like a British person. That’s why some people are making fun of her accent. 

Some people say that she forgot the fact that she is not from America, While one person hashtagged Selling Sunset Chelsea Accent, and commented on Twitter that she is faking her accent. She is trying hard to speak like Americans. It seems that people are more interested in her accent rather than her meaningful lifestyle and skills. 

This got extreme when people started commenting sarcastically that there is a possibility she might have never joined the London College of Economics. However, some people tried to defend her by stating why she would lie about her achievements?

The fans and trolls are doing their work, but they need to understand that everyone has a different voice and sound. Our pronunciation skills depend on our culture. We should respect each other’s culture and question Selling Sunset Chelsea Accent if unable to understand what she utters. If you are understating everything, why create unnecessary drama?

Q.1 Why does Chelsea have that accent?

A.1 Everyone has different pitch variations. She is from Nigeria and has lived in Britain for a long time and then in America. All these differences have made her accent somewhat like a mix of British and Austrians. 

Q.2 Where can I watch ‘Selling Sunset’?

A.2 It’s available on Netflix with a paid subscription. 

The Final Verdict – 

The show is about showing agents’ skills, and not about lectures on pronunciation. So, Chelsea is perfect in her own way on Selling Sunset Chelsea Accent. To get more information on this topic, please, visit this link

Did you know her? Please, comment on your views with us.

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