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Seniors Beware. com (Nov 2020) Some News About It!

Seniors Beware. com (Nov 2020) Some News About It! >> The write-up shares details about the recently launched campaign for the protection and safety of the seniors.        

As a part of Trump’s presidential election campaign, the Republican National Committee or RNC has launched a new website recently to highlight the health care plan issues of former Vice President, Joe Biden and it is called Seniors Beware. com. It is an effort by the present government to target all the elderly voters and protect them from scams. 

The program is part of the $60 million digital ad buy of RNC, and it comes as a part of Trump’s election campaign. It focuses on ramping up the marketing spending in the last 14 days of the federal presidential election 2020.

The website is accessible to all older people across the United States. It comprises comprehensive details about Biden’s health plan for the wellbeing and care of the elderly population in America. Along with the details, it also comprises sources and links on the backside. 

What is Seniors Beware.com?

Seniors Beware. com is the website launched by RNC as a part of Trump’s re-election campaign. It is part of the digital ad buy of RNC, and it comes as a part of Biden’s campaign for healthcare and wellbeing care for the elderly. 

The website is for the elderly population across the United States. It comprises a single page, mentioning six alleged issues in the healthcare plan of Biden. For each claim, the website mentions several sources and links at the bottom. 

Everything is listed in chronological order on the website. It is easy for the elderly population to read them using the sources and avoid the healthcare plan’s scams. 

What does the Webpage Comprise?

The website Seniors Beware. com comprises a single page, highlighting six alleged issues with Biden’s healthcare plan. Along with the issues, it also provides sources and links at the bottom to support its claims. Some of the topics listed on the website are:

  • The healthcare plan would cost up to $2.25 trillion
  • The plan is likely to raid the Medicare plan
  • The plan would increase the tax liability
  • The plans offer taxpayer-funded healthcare to the immigrants illegal in the USA 
  • The plan would eliminate private health insurance
  • It leads to the hospitals that are being closed.

The federal election 2020 campaign was based on the healthcare system, and all contenders are claiming to restore the healthcare system in America. It is the centerpiece issue in the campaign strategy of election 2020. The Trump government is expected to spend up to $14 million on the ad campaigns targeting the seniors and protecting their Medicare.

Final Thought 

Trump’s election campaign’s motivating factors are the seniors as he won the presidential election by 7 points in 2016. So, he is again focusing on the elderly population in the 2020 election. He launched the campaign Seniors Beware. com to protect the seniors. 

Biden believes that in the current election, he would be supported by seniors by 10 points. However, you have to wait for the true answer and date. 

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