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Serlyn Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It?

Serlyn Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It? >> Read review post to have a good understanding about this website and then think about buying any product from this ecommerce website. Get the expert point of view now!

Don’t want to shop from local markets? Want to buy a variety of products? Then, you have landed at the right place where you will get proper categories of products that are available at a reasonable price. These are very popular to provide all the products of premium quality. Shopping is the thing that is needed for every person and always a part of their genes.  

This site is called serlyn.com, which has all types of products and services to all customers who are very famous for fulfilling the needs of the person. Today, the shopping platform over the web is the only smart way that every person is following. The site provides all types of devices, clothing, and other related products that are required for the day to day life. They deliver all their products across all the corners of the world, including the United States

This site makes it easy to pay all your bills, buying all items and availability of all essentials products to the doorstep, which is the underlying point while making a purchase. To set the ball rolling, we have to take a look at the best online shopping platform that is an addition to the shopping sites. 

Let us dive into more details through Serlyn com reviews.

What is Serlyn.com? 

This is an online shopping store that offers a wide range of products at a very affordable price, and it includes all innovative items under the head “About us.” Further, the primary motive of this site is to provide a commitment to its customers. 

It has a wide array of items available such as Home and kitchens, toys, fashion, and many more things. Description, as well as images related to the products, has given that every person should know before purchase. 

It has specific categories to pick up the best one out of it.

What products does it include? 

A wide array of products is offering by this site that fulfills all the requirements of people, and it also strengthens the buyer’s choice. Here, we have given the list of products as provided by the site. Let us have a look at these below. 

  • Home & Kitchen: Cushiony touch TP, toilet paper, soft stand, mite killer, drain cleaner, dishwashing brush, and so on.  
  • Fashion: Shoes, belts, comfy sandals, socks, arch support boots, and so on. 
  • Toys: Golf game, 3D printing pen, music box, and others. 
  • Electronics: Safety watch, smartwatch, laptop stand, pup woofer, and others.  
  • Automotive and car care: LED taillights, snow chains, car charger, and others. 
  • Beauty: Leggings, support pads, Flat iron hair, hairbrush, and so on. 
  • Pet: indoor gliding squeaky dog toy, fur remover, pet massager, and others.

What benefits will you get by buying products from serlyn.com?

The site provides a massive number of advantages if the buyers purchase products, and it is advantageous for us. The highlighted thing is that it has all types of products along with the specifications that allow and assist the online customers in grabbing the desired items. 

Here, we have jotted down all the categories of products and mention all types of products under serlyn com reviews. Let us visit the benefits below. 

  • Varieties of products are available. 
  • Easy to access. 
  • Convenient, and easily accessible. 
  • No need to commute anywhere. 
  • Better price comparison. 
  • No crowds.
  • No pressure. 
  • More control over the buying of items. 

What are the negative aspects of serlyn.com? 

Although it has all sorts of products from the fashion to toys and expanding to home and garden still, it is necessary to get more into the site to know whether it is genuine or not. We delve into the online store and get to know that the domain is very new and created four months back. It is not a decent sign.

There are no external links available for this site as every business wants to grow and get popular among customers. This is a red alert. 

What do we conclude after serlyn com reviews? 

To encapsulate, it has all kinds of products available, which are required by people to meet all their needs at a reasonable price. Not only positive but negative aspects are also explored above, and it is vital to know about the site as well as products. 

Still, if you have any queries or questions associated with the site and products, then it is wholly free to contact us by asking some questions. We also appreciated your valuable feedback.    

0 thoughts on “Serlyn Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It?

  1. This was my first experience and very bad one. Ordered toilet paper. Decided not to have any more. Cancelled within a few hours way before receiving shipping email. Sent 3emails to cancel. Finally was told that it has shipped already. No shipping info though. Had to put in dispute with my credit card company. Two days later they sent me tracking no. Which was still not posted. I will never recommend this company.

    1. Are you supposed to be getting the toilet paper, since they sent you a tracking number? I ordered TP, too, about 2 weeks ago, and I can’t figure out where it is.
      I went to the serlyn.com website and it is not online. I paid via paypal, so I think I’ll start a claim to get my money back.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Where is my order. Quick to take my money. Just send a refund. Iallready reported you. Fraud during a pandemic. Shame on you.. Laura McCormack Refund now

  3. This was my first experience ordering from Serlyn and my last. Still waiting on my toilet paper I ordered 3 weeks ago. What a scam
    this company is, bet I won’t order anything from them again nor recommend this company to anyone..

  4. I strongly do NOT recommend, but their website is unavailable, so you probably can’t buy from them anyway. I ordered TP from them April 5. It was April 9 before they confirmed order and gave a tracking number (China Post). China Post claims it departed export customs on April 14 and is “enroute.” Serlyn touted how it was “in stock” and gave no clue they were shipping from China. My credit card was charged immediately, not when they shipped. No clue whether I will ever see my TP, but even if I ever do, would NEVER, under any circumstances, order from them again. China Post does not continue tracking after it lands in the US, so if it ever arrives in US, it will be hard to tell if it is making progress towards me.

    I STRONGLY suspect a scam, but since a tracking number says it is in route, there is a possibility it might not be.

  5. Ordered end of March, just received charge on card. Have NOT received product.
    Will not do this again and will not pay charge.

  6. I ordered to to have been texting and calling them to get my money back have not heard from them they don’t answer the phone text you back tracking number no good
    Deborah Hopkins

  7. Finally received our order of tp……I was SHOCKED at the size of it!!!!!! About the size of 2 triple rolls😳

  8. The lying, thieving scum. My toilet paper arrived today, 17 days after it was ordered. It was supposed to be 30 Megarolls of Charmin Ultrasoft for which they charged $68.99, roughly 3X what Costco would charge (except Costco was out-of stock). What arrived were 10 small rolls of some no-name, lousy quality Chinese toilet paper. The rolls are about 3″ in diameter instead of the 5.5″ diameter of a Charmin megaroll. Besides the lousy quality, I received about 10% of the amount of paper contracted for, considering 1/3 the number of rolls and the small roll size. The declared value (for Customs) of the crap they sent me was $7.00. The quality is so bad that I will likely throw it out

    Serlyn is pure 100% scam. If you receive ANYTHING from them, it won’t be what you are expecting, or thought you were buying. Needless to say, I will be protesting the charge to my credit card.

    1. I Placed the exact same order as you did for 30 family rolls. It arrived today, the same exact product you ordered. 10 tiny little rolls that I paid 70$ for. I am so mad about this and wonder what I can do about it since it’s a done deal already.

      1. Same here. File with PayPal or other credit card you used. We should get our money back and… next time I won’t be so desperate!

    1. I ordered toilet paper advertised as
      ” Soft and cushiony, deluxe, oversize rolls, etc.” with a photo of a well known American brand. It was EXTREMELY overpriced, but at that time it was impossible to find toilet paper in local stores.
      It took over 3 weeks to receive it – I tried to cancel once but was told it already shipped. The tracking system gave no help until the day before delivery.

      When my “deluxe” toilet paper arrived, it was 10 tiny rolls of very rough toilet paper with no brand or information anywhere!

      I e-mailed the company, and they claim they don’t give refunds “except for size and quality”. !!!!!!!!

      The charge turned up on my Master Card statement, which arrived the same day their shipment arrived!

    2. Sadly, same thing happened to me. I could not believe the tiny rolls of TP and cheap product after paying 40$. I guess I will file with PayPal. They should be put out of business, which I suspect has happened, since there seems to be no website now. VERY SAD.

  9. So, I’m obviously a bit angry (see above), and it is frustrating because their website has vanished.

    After I disputed charge with my credit card company, I decided to try their email (info@serlyn.com) to notify them I was extremely displeased and had opened a dispute. I have no answer, naturally, but the email did not “bounce,” so it is still a way to get a message TO them (unlikely you will hear back).

  10. Big time Scam artist in China ! Website vanished into mid air. I ordered TP 4 weeks ago and still haven’t received . They are essentially unreachable, they take your money and run ! Don’t order from them. Should we do something as a group ? First of all try to dispute the charge on your credit card before its too late . I will report them to Better business bureau .

  11. This is a scam, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They advertised Charmin rolls of TP and what came in the mail was very small unidentified TP. SCAM!!!

  12. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS SCAM COMPANY AGAIN! On 4-8-20 I foolishly ordered a “Family Pack” (30 rolls) of toilet paper represented as Charmin for $68.99. I was willing to pay the amount at that time due to local situation. I finally received 20 rolls of small inadequate toilet paper on 4-27-20.! Certainly not as represented! How dare this company rip people off in a pandemic. I am furious and determined to get my money back!
    They have responded to my email for return info, but now they want pictures and a screen shot of my order!!! info@serlyn.com
    I am going to file a grievance with Paypal and several other agencies.
    My payment went to HFJ technology co., ltd and I’ve been unable to find any info online about this company.

  13. This is a scam!!!!! Ordered TP. Try to cancel and they told me I could’nt because It was already shipped…. not true!!! Received eight small rolls of TP looks like somebody rooled them up manually!!! $68.00 in the garbage can!!!!

  14. This company is a total scam. Ordered regular size toilet paper received rolls of 1/3 the size. Paper was shipped from CHINA. Do not order anything from this company! Order at your own risk!!!

  15. I too was scammed on the toilet paper. Took weeks to get it. Got it today. It must be for midgets – smallest tp rolls I’ve ever seen! Don’t bother to order. Not worth the hassle.

  16. I was showing a picture of Charmin. I bought 10 rolls of Charmin. At least I thought I did. They sent me 10 tiny rolls of generic toilet paper. Do you not use this website to buy your products. They are not honest. They show you a picture of a product and they switch it for something that’s not the same.I am very disappointed and will never use this company again. You cannot trust them.

  17. Please file with PayPal or other credit company you used to buy. I believe serlyn was hacked and used as a front for these scammers. The website is gone now. File your claims, that is the best way for us to get our money back !!!

  18. This is the WORST experience I’ve had with ANY company so far. I ordered toilet paper on March 31st. It is now MAY 8th and IT HASN’T ARRIVED!

    Trying to track the package beyond China is impossible as they literally tell you that all tracking stops once it hits US customs.

    Working with customer service is NOT helpful. Aside from “sorry friend” emails, all I get are unknowns about when it will arrive. The last message they sent on April 23rd apologized, saying it would take “two more weeks”–it’s one day past that point, and there are no signs of my package arriving.

    I just sent them another message today and will see what they say. At this point, I’m hoping for a full refund and have serious doubts it will ever arrive.


  19. Same experience as so many above. My toilet paper order was placed April 6 for $68.00. As of May 9, I have received nothing.

  20. I ordered 30 rolls of Tp for $68 on April 3,2020. I have contacted the company by email several times asking why their web site said they ship from the USA with bs excused by email in return. I inquired Why it was taking so long to receive my order, They claimed it had to be split into 2 shipments because the order was so big. That because of the pandemic it was taking longer than normal to go thru customs. Needless to say I got my order today. 5/18/2020. 10 rolls of idk what this is. The website is no longer available the phone number doesn’t work and they are not responding to my emails. This Scammer has stolen my money and ran. I just want my money back.

    I had the exact same experience as many others.
    Obviously, they are preying on people during the COVID-19 crisis.
    I ordered TP on April 8th, and just received it today after many many emails back and forth trying to track the order.
    Same experience as everyone else – received 20 rolls that look like they are for Barbie dolls – 5 of their rolls look like they are 1 normal roll.
    $55.00 down the drain! I have disputed the charge through my bank. Let’s see.

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