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Servedadvanced Scam [Feb] Reviews For Right Decision

Servedadvanced Scam [Feb] Reviews For Right Decision -> Please go through the below website review to know about the money scam.

Have you ever gotten into any scam? Do you know from where these scams come? People these days are falling into the trap of so many scams. These scams never look like they are a scam. They look like a regular daily activity, but they are scams. 

Such common scams are there and a very famous scam these days is Servedadvanced Scam. This Scam is getting famous in the United States. This article will let you know how this Scam is taking place these days on its website – servedadvance.com.

What is servedadvance.com?

In this site, a widespread scam is going on. In this, people are asking you to pay the money before getting into the world of stocks. Any individual entering is taking this money into the reserves or any business. This money is never spent back to the people. Before falling into the trap, do check out that you need to take care of the things. Servedadvance Scam is growing day by day.


  • Type of website – Online investing site
  • Product – You need to invest some money to win any game.
  • Mode of payment – Not mentioned
  • Company’s mail id – Not mentioned
  • Company’s phone number – +1 888 291 5811
  • Company’s physical address – Not mentioned but states that people from the United States and District of Columbia can participate in this contest.
  • Age of domain – 6 months nine days

Pros Of Servedadvance.com

  • The website has mentioned that people below 18 years old cannot spend money on this site.
  • According to the article Servedadvance Scam, we have found that the area has gained a little bit of popularity being just six months old.
  • The site is working for a short period but has a good appearance as compared to other sites.

Cons Of servedadvance.com

  • The site has no social media presence and is not visible to the people who use social media.
  • The site has a shallow trust index which means that the site has not gained good traffic and trust. The site seems to be a scam.
  • The site has a terrible Alexa ranking which shows that the site is not popular enough to gain good traffic.
  • Servedadvance Scam is real because all the factors are pointing straight to the fact that the site is a scam site.
  • No contact email id is available on the given site. The site has not mentioned the modes of payment which means that we cannot see where we need to pay the amount to participate in the contest.
  • The site claims to give some cashback which is false.
  • The site is just six months old, which is not enough to gain the customers’ trust.
  • Customer reviews are very negative, which shows that all the customers are very disappointed with the site.

Is Servedadvance Scam?

Yes, served advance is a scam. People are sharing their experience and have claimed that the site is a scam site. There is no particular point where we can say that the site and its working is legit enough. The Alexa ranking is terrible, which shows that the area has not gained any popularity at all ever. The trust index is inferior, showing that the site has no trust and not gained any confidence from the people.

Customer Reviews

Ther customers reviews are very harmful. Almost everyone is complaining about the working of the site. It is true Servedadvance Scam. One should not trust the site as its working is very harmful, and the way it fools the people is terrible. It charged money from the people in advance and never return them.

Final Verdict

Do you want to spend some money in stocks? Are you looking for some online sites to help you invest some money in good stocks? Are you also looking for some place where you can invest some money and win terrific contests? Do not invest in these things ever without taking full knowledge and exposure. 

The site servedadvance.com is not at all legit as per our in-depth research work. Servedadvance Scam is real. Which means that the site us a scam. Negative customer reviews about the site are ruling the internet. Almost everyone is sad about how the site has fooled them and how it has made them lose their money without getting a cashback. 

This site has not provided complete contact information which is also suspicious. How did you like our content? Do let us know in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “Servedadvanced Scam [Feb] Reviews For Right Decision

  1. I got scammed from these people. I got a message supposedly from ATT telling me that I would receive an item from ATT. I only had to pay shipping of $4.99. I agreed to the $4.99 charge and then it took me to another site and charged my card $39.99. I attempted to call, no answer. I messaged or tried to but it wouldn’t accept the message.
    No doubts that it is a SCAM!
    My bank shows the charge coming from signalmeals.com.

  2. I got scammed but with a vaccine survey in my email. At first I was to just pay S&H which was $19.95 but they took out $39.99. I never had a confirmation email just a bank statement. I called them at the same number above and twice they sent be back$9.99. I guess I’m fortunate to get that.

  3. The website ad I answered was actually a Geico Survey. I was told I was going to get a free gift, and I just had to pay for the shipping. The next morning, I looked at my bank balance. I called the telephone number on my bank statement. 39.99 was charged to my account.Someone actually answered quickly. This happened in January, and they told me I had to wait until February for a “drawing.”

  4. This morning I responded to a survey from Walgreens my pharmacy. Next I Knew, I had won a free i pod and all l had to do was pay $9.73 shipping. An hour or so later I checked my credit card account and found out that $39.99 has been taken out. I emailed servedadvanced.com for explanation. No response. Still waiting. No response from that phone too. It is unusual.
    A scam!

  5. I just got something from Server Dance saying I am on their site for a monthly sweepstakes, that I don’t recall ordering. I believe it is a scam.

  6. I received a notice that I had won an iPhone 12. I filled out everything with Fake information ie: Anytown St, Nowhere, USA…
    and a Fake credit card #… I didn’t lose any $money at all and I never received my iPhone 12???
    If an iPhone 12 shows up in Anytown USA…please forward it to me.
    Thanks in advance,

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