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Sewhic Reviews (Dec 2020) Is It Legit?

Sewhic Reviews (Dec 2020) Is It Legit? >> Do you want to buy some Christmas presents online? Then, please read the post to figure out its legitimacy.  

Sewhic Reviews: Do you want to grab some Christmas surprises? If yes, then, you need to read this article till the end.The website that we will explore here is the Sewhic, and it is getting popularity all across the United States. Thus, we need to find out what exactly the site is and how does it work. The genuineness of the website is too significant to know as you can save money and also, stay away from such similar sites in the future.Let us dig into the details of the website to know how legit it is.

What is Sewhic.com?

The website is an e-commerce store that has a wide range of products available, and all of them are highly affordable. The product range includes Quilt blanket, bedding set, rug, fleece blanket, round carpet, animals, sport, dog, cat, and some other popular collections.The website belongs to Hong Kong, but the website gets operated from the United States according to some sources. Also, it is safe as it has equipped with HTTPS protocol as well as SSL integration.Step into the website and explore the Sewhic Reviews.

Details about the website

A few specs are as follows:

  • You can access this web-based store through URL link https://www.sewhic.com.
  • The website has all products available from blankets, rugs to that of sports, animals and Christmas items too.
  • The domain is only six months old.
  • The website is protected through HTTPS Protocol.
  • Some payment options are available such as Visa, American Express, PayPal, and Master Card.
  • The website’s office address is Unit 1411, 14/Floor, Cosco Tower, 183 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
  • The site has contact email available that is support@sewhic.com.
  • The website has all
  • Free Shipping is available on all orders.
  • The return policy of the website ranges for fourteen days till the day of purchase.
  • The Shipping will take approximately seven days to take out from the warehouse.
  • The website has updated on 2020-06-02.

Pros of the website

  • Easy to purchase.
  • The website has a variety of products to fulfil all demands.
  • Online payment options are available.
  • Free Shipping is available.
  • No need to go to the real market.
  • All refund, return and exchange policies are mentioned on the site.  

Cons of the website

  • The physical address is too misleading as it belongs to some other company.
  • There is no online presence.
  • No Sewhic Reviews.
  • The domain is approximately five months and twenty-seven days old.
  • No contact number is available to get in touch with the company.

Is It Legit? 

The website has some negative factors that are not too suspicious. The website has a lack of contact details, misleading address, and reviews are quite confusing. In addition to this, we found a Facebook page of the website that is not displayed on the official website.Also, it has mentioned the address of any other company on its website, and it is too misleading. All such activities are quite non-understandable.That is why the website is nor scam neither legit as some suspicions are present there, but it is recommended to explore it once before shopping.  

What are the Sewhic Reviews by the customers? 

While we are exploring the website, we found a lot of reviews on the site, but all of them hold five stars, and that seems too fake or paid. Moreover, we found some reviews on the social media channels and the shoppers wrote that it is a scam website. The customers opined that the site is not delivering products and no refund they receive yet.On the other side, people love the stuff as displayed on the site, but its legitimacy is not confirmed yet.  Therefore, mixed reviews are available, and some are favourable, but others are not favouring the website.    

Final note

After getting into the website, we found that the website is about six months old and provides a wide range of products. But it has a lot of issues that stop a buyer from buying from this website and going for any other store.Some of such issues include lack of contact details like phone number, misleading physical address, bad reviews, and not too old domain age. But we can’t say it is a scam, but you need to stay aware while shopping and it is better to explore the site first.Comment below about Sewhic Reviews and mention all your opinions.  

0 thoughts on “Sewhic Reviews (Dec 2020) Is It Legit?

  1. People don’t love the stuff, it’s crap and they send the wrong stuff. Totally a SCAM. Look at all of the bad reviews through the Better Business.

  2. I looked up the address and found a phone number for the address & they told me they were “an offshore bank account company” – after finding that out & digging deeper I believe Sewhic is definitely 100% a scam. unfortunately they got me for $125 but I paid through PayPal so hopefully they can resolve the situation because they shouldn’t be affiliated & allowing people to check out through them with such a company. Any customer reviews that weren’t fake reviews for customers that actually got a package at all (which most don’t) said the comforters are two pieces of horrible fabric that feels like an old potato sack burlap bag. I urge people no matter how pretty some of the things you see on there WILL NOT BE ANYTHING LIKE YOU WERE EXPECTING & THAT’S IF YOU RECEIVE ANYTHING AT ALL.

  3. These folks are some of the biggest shysters I’ve encountered in years. I ordered a $70 rug and got a $25 fleece blanket. They bug you daily with deals and tell you that most customers order at least two products. In my estimation, they have to get all they can from you before you ever receive a product. Because there is no damn way a reasonably intelligent individual would ever place a second order. But what do you do when the crooks are in China? All I can do is beat myself up for failing to check their reputation before ordering – but the products just looked so good. ☹
    Dr Gary E Moss

  4. I have been taken by this so called “company” too! Ordered 2 – 3×5′ rugs for my bedroom at 49.95 each plus 9.95 shipping, waited over 2 months for delivery because they emailed my rugs were held up in customs, and when the first one just arrived it was nothing more than a cheap quilt looking thing! Trying now to get a refund but upon emailing them they said they donot refund because of “quality” concerns, only if product is damaged. Also they require pictures! So I have emailed pics and waiting on their response. DON’T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

  5. What you do is file your dispute with PayPal and your credit card company, then file your complaint with the FTC, the U.S. Department of Justice, IC3, the US Secret Service, and the FBI.

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