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Frequently Asked Questions On Sexting Law

Sexting Law: As mobile phones become popular, so do the activities that happen in them. Sexting is a common thing between many married and unmarried couples these days. If both the people engaged in the activity are of legal age, then there are no issues in the matter. However, if not, it could pose problems for one or both of them. 

The law does not prohibit sexual texting between two consenting adults. However, sending or receiving sexual content from someone under 18 years old is a sex crime that can put you in jail. If you have been charged with sexual exploitation or similar charges, you are in serious trouble. Consult with an attorney in Lento Law Firm as soon as possible to understand your legal options. 

Frequently asked questions on sexting law

  • When does sexting become a crime?

Sexting becomes a crime when one or both the people involved in the activity are minors, that is, less than the legal age of sexting. Even if the two individuals were not aware of their crime and the laws, it would be a crime. If one person is an adult and the other a minor, the former may be charged with child pornography or pedophilia. They can even gain the status of a sex offender. 

  • Which activities are prohibited under sexting law?

Under sexting law, you are prohibited from sending, receiving, and keeping sexual content that involves minors. While you cannot prevent someone from sending such content, you should delete it as soon as you get them. When you delete explicit content after receiving them, it is not breaking the law. Additionally, if the teen tries to delete the content but is unable to for some reason, he might be able to avoid a conviction by showing appropriate proof. 

  • Who can be charged with a sex crime?

The charges and punishment for adults exchanging explicit content with a minor are always more severe than the consequences faced by the minor. A sex offense can result in a lifetime of jail and impact a person’s entire life. On the other hand, sexting between two minors does not immediately lead to criminal charges. 

  • What is the child pornography law?

Under the child pornography law, if a person creates, possesses, and distributes explicit images of a minor, they will face charges. However, this law does not apply to adults. Teenagers who engage in the same activity with pictures of other minor people can face the same charges. 

Sexting charges are quite harsh, and that is only to protect minor children. If you have been caught or charged with unlawful sexting, you need to seek strong legal help immediately. 

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