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Shade Color club Reviews [July] Is it a Possible Scam?

Shade Color club Reviews [July] Is it a Possible Scam? -> In this article, you get to know about a website which deals with household products along with kids’ equipment.

Do you want to shop on a website where you will get all your required home product together? Well, Shade Color is one of them. From kids to adult, from home décor to garden furniture, you will get all type of reasonable product here. 

If you are the one who has heard the name of the website, this article is for you. You will get some of the valuable Shade Color club Reviews that is essential before you place an order. The numbers of web stores are enough to make you confused. As a result, people in the United States fall the prey of the dodgy sellers by choosing scam sites. Therefore, on this website, we are going to show you some of the signs that may help you chose an official website. So, keep reading.

What is Shade Color Club?

Shade Color Club Reviews say it is one of the online stores that are dealing with various home products, as well as garden furniture and products for kids as per the sellers they are selling high-quality, and quality tested products all the time. They claim that they have a reliable and robust logistic system and market goals on the digital platform. They seem to be very much passionate about making genuine buyers.

Specification of Shade Color:

  • Product detail: All-purpose home products
  • Website: https://www.shadecolor.club/
  • Email address: shadecolor@outlook.com
  • Office address: 1527fruitland dr, WA, Bellingham, 98226
  • Contact no.: 8456360200
  • Shipping time: 1 to 5 working days
  • Shipping charge: Not mentioned
  • Delivery time: 1 to 2 week 
  • Refund/ Return: not accepted
  • Cancellation: Accepted before shipping is done
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, PayPal.

What are the benefits of Shade Color?

  • You will get different types of home products here.
  • You will get products for all, from kids or adult.
  • Home decor, garden equipment, and some other home products are available.
  • You will get some of the customized products here.
  • The store has a vast collection that never goes out of stock.
  • From furniture to books, from gift products to home decor, all kind of items are here.
  • All are high quality, and quality tested products.
  • The sellers take reasonable time for shipping and delivery.
  • Most of the online transaction mode is available.

What are the disadvantages of Shade Color?

  • The site has no customer review section.
  • They are not available on social media sites.
  • There is not a robust tracking system for the buyers to monitor their ordered products.
  • They have no information protection system of their buyer’s detail, such as names, bank detail, address, etc.
  • Products cannot be returned once purchased.
  • The sellers do not provide cash on delivery.

Customer review on Shade Color:

The very first thing, you may notice that the site has no review section. It means you never come to know how the previous customers react on the website or the product. On the other hand, some review sites are there on the internet that shows genuine reviews. However, even they do not talk about this site.

So, we launched some of the analytical tools or engaged our referrals. As per the reports, a very few people order items from the site. On the other hand, the SEO friendly tools say that the website has a deficient rank on Google, Bing, or Alexa. Also, the website is not older than six months. And, the fact is, no scam site lasts more than six months.

Another report says that this is a cloning site. Endless numbers of websites are there on the internet that has the same design and information. This is not a sign of an official website. 

Coming to the internal part of the seller do not clear out the facts on shipping and delivery. They do not accept cash on delivery. Also, the contact numbers and the office address are copied from other websites.

The final verdict:

There is nothing like “too good to be trusted”. The sites that looked most authentic are not trusted all the time. So, do not be so quick, you may become the victim of the trap. No tracking system, not available review section, zero engagement on social sites are the main signs of as dodgy site.

From the analytical reports and the insider’s stories, we come to the point that there are so many loopholes on Shade Color Club. Therefore, we do not recommend our readers to buy anything from the website. Beware of it.

0 thoughts on “Shade Color club Reviews [July] Is it a Possible Scam?

    1. Hello everyone. I’m sorry to disappoint everyone, but I ordered an outdoor bbq smoker for my backyard. Everything seemed to be legitimate when I placed the order. Eight weeks later I received a 3 pack of face masks in the mail. This is a total scam. Save your money and time. Stick to the reputable websites and stores. I was trying to save a couple of bucks and now out of a couple of bucks. It’s embarrassing to admit, but egg on face.

    2. I ordered one in July 2020…after receiving 10 paper covid masks they agreed to resend the correct product. I asked for pictures before they sen it but they refused. The tracking number they gave was going well until a few notable “glitches”. The tracking showed that the Pitboss smoker shipped from China to US in 2 days…no way possible. By freighter its a minimum of a week and by air its 1 day… then when it got to my town..mysteriously it “got lost”.. It took 3 weeks with them to get them to agree to a full refund. But they never sent it. After that they refused to respond to emails. I involved PayPal and got my refund. They are a scam site. Do not order from them!!

      1. I ordered the same grill. You have to keep fighting!! I received a FULL refund from PayPal after 38 emails and proved they commit fraud when they send the masks!!
        They send a fake tracking number for the grill which never arrives, but send the face masks with a different tracking number, this is where the fraud takes place and I was fully refunded. You have to call PayPal directly to speak with someone. I called on a Sunday and talked with the nicest person!!
        Please don’t give up and don’t settle. They tried to offer me $25 refund and I kept refusing!! Stay on them, it is a SCAM website!! I WON!!

    1. I ordered a grill and nearly a month later, received 10 face mask in place of the grill. Had a receipt, tracking number and all. Unable to contact them. SCAM!!!

  1. I ordered from this site and received NO confirmation email nor does the phone number provided even work! I’m extremely disappointed in the company and myself.

  2. Thank you for the information, I also noticed their business address is a residential address versus an actual light commercial/business address.

  3. A COMPLETE SCAM!!! Do not give these thieves a dime! I will be reporting their IP address as well as filing a complaint with the BBB. Again this is a total scam! I emailed them about tracking my order and they had some idiot email me back stating that they’ll give me a tracking number as soon as they get one! COMPLETELY unprofessional!

  4. Well crap! I just ordered a bbq grill. Website says it has been shipped. And gave tracking info. I confirmed its a good password.

  5. I have tried to contact them via the phone number provided and it says that this is a non-working number. I also emailed them at so far, I have not received a response. Has anyone ordered and received their product? Can anyone give a legit recommendation on this company?

  6. I ordered a grill on 6-24 it was shipped on 6-27 and it arrived in net York today and is scheduled to be delivered on 7-9 so hopefully everything will go good

    1. Don’t hold your breath…I ordered a weber rotisserie for $69.00 and just received 5 cloth masks for covid.big scam and no way to contact

    2. Read the webpage before you shop or dial the customer care number for item shipping time…thank you…

  7. I got screwed by this site took my money and won’t return emails with a tracking number

  8. Jeremy did u receive your grill today 7-9-20? I just ordered A grill yesterday and am considering disputing the charge on my credit card.

  9. I am also highly dubious about this company. I ordered a large electric smoker from them in June. Cost was very reasonable but now I see why. When I emailed them for shipping information they did send me a tracking number. This turned out to be for an item being shipped from Fuzhou City, China. Continuing to track now shows that something was shipped via air on 6/29/20 and was processed in Chicago on 7/12/20. Now showing in transit via USPS. If true, something should be delivered to us (?) or someone else soon. I will be shocked if a smoker actually arrives in the next few days. Another cause for doubt- I checked on the internet for an address and found one in Bellingham, Washington. However, the credit card record shows an address in Texas. BTW, the name shown on the charge is EXOTICHEAD.FUN. This makes it even more questionable and I can only guess at what is actually in the shipment that I am tracking. My wife may be even more surprised.

    1. Similar story here. The item hit three cities in China In two weeks then sat in New York for 10 day and on to Connecticut for a few more days before landing in Nashville Tennessee. The USPS tracking says international first class-small packets? A 30 pound chili toaster seems to have been down sized. BTW, the card charge was in Indiana. Think we’ve been had!

  10. I ordered a grill on 7-2-20. my credit card was charged for the purchase. I received a confirmation receipt from the company, along with a tracking number. Item was shipped from Fuzhou City, China. After weeks of checking the tracking number, I received 20 face masks in the mail with the same tracking number. I tried calling the phone number for Shadecolor and it is not a working number. I will dispute the purchase of the grill with my credit card company. Don’t order from this company as it appears to be a total scam.

  11. I ordered a pellet grill got 10 face mask today paid $74 I called number not a working number

  12. I ordered a gazebo and got masks as well. I called the number on the site. and got a message that it is a non-working number. I have disputed the charge with my credit card company. Hopefully, I will get my money back.

    1. Same here and I have raised so much hell that the site is shut down and they have closed their email but paypal gave me my money back so the joke is on them LOL

  13. I’m like everyone, I ordered a smoker for $71.00 and got stupid cheap face masks. This site is totally a scam!

  14. SCAM ALERT! Everything about this company is a scam! They are not a USA based company and all of their items come from China. It took nearly 60 days and they sent 2 masks instead of the item I ordered. I had opened a case with paypal after 30 days and their response was a tracking number. On the package I received with such tracking number it states they knowingly sent masks and now they are pretending they have no clue what happened.

  15. On 06/16/2020, I ordered the Pitboss Grill Austin 1000. Paid in full with my credit card, received a confirmation number for my purchase plus a tracking number to follow my products location. Today is 08/10/2020 and guess what I received today thru USPS from Shadecolor: 4 face masks that cost me $80.00!!! Yes, Shadecolor list their address in Bellingham,WA but my masks came from Cheng du sichuan CHINA. Phone number is: 8613590275061 from a person by the bame of Robin L McCann on the shipping label. Instead of a package that was to weigh 187lbs mt little $80.00 package weighs .33kg!! The phone number listed on their website is a non existent number just like the one listed on the shipping label. I sent an email but no reply as yet and I have no doubt I will never receive any reply or refund!!! This is most definitely a SCAM!!!! BEWARE!!!! If you have ordered anything from this Shadecolor company get on the phone immediately and STOP PAYMENT/ CHANGE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ASAP!!!! SMH……… 💩💩💩💩

  16. I’m right there with you. We ordered a 4 burner Griddle Highland-Horizon Series $74.85. They sent me a tracking number two week later after I inquired about it. I have been tracking since 6-24-2020 and today received 5 white face mask. I thought something was odd when I saw the tracking info started in China.

  17. YES, TOTAL SCAM!!!!
    PAID FOR A PITBOSS GRILL IN JUNE 2020. Just like everyone else… same email with tracking from China.. I kept sending emails asking for status.. was told my package was lost… so,, I asked for a refund yesterday & today receive email stating they would give me 60% refund. These Folks are something.
    I already know that I will not be getting my money back.
    Good Luck to everyone.. just makes it hard for the honesty folks!

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