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Shalm Definition {March 2022} Complete Understanding!

This article entails information about Shalm Definition to help readers know about the word used for an instrument originated in the medieval period.

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Recently, many viewers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and other global areas have looked for the definition of Shalm. Is the definition of Shalm; your most recent search? This article will help you know about Shalm Definition and its uses.

What exactly is Shalm?

Shalm is another name for Shawn and is a British English phrase or Shawn’s variant spelling. It is a woodwind instrument well-known during the renaissance and medieval periods.The origin of Shalm or Shawn was after Old French Chalemie, C14 shalmye, from reed, a Greek Kalamos’ Latin calamus. 

So, you must not take Shawn and shalm as different words, as both are the same and has the same meanings. Are you looking for the definition of Shalm? Then, scroll down and find what exactly defines Shalm.

Shalm Definition:

A medieval type of oboe, Shawn or Shalm, is a flaring bell and a conical bore blown by two reeds.

What is the history of Shalm or Shawn?

A woodwind instrument, Shawn or Shalm, was made in the 12th century in Europe, and after its prevalence, it eventually surpassed classical music descendent instruments’ oboe family.

It was most likely brought from the Eastern Mediterranean to Western Europe during the Crusades. Byzantine was dual-reed instruments besides the ancient Greek, the American duduk, the Persian sorna, and the sulos. (Also, explore Shalm Definition to know more about the instrument)

These were identical to Shalm or Shawn for a more extended period in East and Southern Europe.

When was the name Shawn or Sham first appeared?

Shawn name (also called Shalm) initially appeared in the English language in the 14th century, and its corresponding variants are as follows:

  • Schalmesse or Sc(h)almuse 
  • Schallemele (shamble or shamulle)
  • S(c)halmys (chalemyes or shalemeyes

These variants were derived from identical variants in Old French, such as chalemeaus (chamel’s plural), chalemie, and chalemel.

Every variant was derived from calamellus, the diminutive form of Vulgar Latin or reed, the Latin calamus (Shalm Definition).

What is Shawn called in different languages?

Shawn is known as Schalmei in German, and various folk Shawns were utilized as conventional instruments in several European countries with identical names, including chirima, Leonese dulzaina, Aragonese, and Castilian.

Besides, claramella, cennamella, or cialamello are the Italian Shawns, and charamela is a Portuguese instrument. 

But, it is conceivable that the phrase derived from Egypt’s traditional oboe, Arabic salami because the Shawn from Europe appears to have evolved from comparable instruments.


Shawn or Shalm, an instrument solely used for outside performances, and several other instruments were for indoors.

What is Shalm Definition? The double-reed woodwind instrument comes with a capsule that encases the reed, softening the tone; but yet preventing any dynamic change. You can check here if you want additional information about the definition of Shalm.

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