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{Update} Shanquella Robinson Full Video: Know Friends Fight Story Trending on Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit Via Cctv Footage Coverage Facts!

The article discusses the basic facts of Shanquella Robinson Full Video and describes the recent update on the case and inquiry briefly.

Do you know about Shanquella’s recent video? The video was uploaded on social media a few days back. And the video was viral on the internet worldwide. The video showed a 25 years girl named Shaquella who was attacked by an unknown person and later died for a mysterious reason.

After this incident happened in Mexico. The police are not investing the other evidence in finding out her death cause. In the meanwhile, we need to discuss Shanquella Robinson Full Video.

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What was the incident? 

The video is disturbing and shows Shanquella was undressed and unaware of the attack. The footage showed Shanquella was brutally beaten by the attacker. Even she couldn’t resist the attacker. 

The video showed an identified woman hitting, punching and slamming Shanquella severely. Robinson was lying down on the floor, absolutely helpless. The most interesting fact is a man also recorded the actual points on the camera and suggested Shanquella for the resistance. 

But the woman didn’t stop the hitting and punching, and after sometimes Robinson was UN-concuss. 

Cctv Footage

Later Shanquella’s parents got a call from her friend who told her she had died due to booze positioning. But after the video, Shanquella’s parents, Bernard and Salamandra, believed their daughter had been murdered. They also told police that it was not a natural death. 

In the meanwhile, the investigation authority has done the autopsy of Shanquella. As per the autopsy reports, Shanquella’s neck and spine were broken. Now the US Department of State is looking into this matter and checking the CCTV visuals. The US Department also starts the official investigation. 

Tiktok Video Search 

Meanwhile, the Cabo video was also uploaded on social media. The video is also uploaded on the social media site Tiktok. Many TikTok users have uploaded the video on this platform with the tag – “This is the girl in the video beating Shanquella Robinson.” 

The video has already been checked by 1.2 million users. But due to technical reasons, we can’t upload the video. 

Check the other platforms.

In the meanwhile, the news is also posted on Instagram. A social media newspaper, “Punch”, has published a report on Robinson’s death. On this platform, the online newspaper posted the headline with the image of Robinson.

The headline is – “American Shanquella Robinson, Found Dead in Mexico Assaulted.” Punch has posted all the incident reports in detail on the right-hand side of the internet page. 

In another report, famous basketball player Kyrie Irving donated 65000 USD to Robinson’s family after noticing this incident. 

The death news is also circulating on Twitter. Many users have shared the information on Shanqualla. Meanwhile, a “Shanquella Robinson’s Go Fund Me” community is also created. On this social media account, we find the news that a 128,000 USD fund is already donated to this account. Some people also created a group demanding justice for Shaquella on this platform. 

Another video is uploaded on this platform that shows the video was plotted before they did the beating video. 

The Reddit News 

Many people also find that Shanquella news is uploaded on many other social media. The news is posted like- “What happened to Shanquella Robinson?” But for technical reasons, we can’t find any news or video link on this account. 


The Reddit News

We need help finding this reason. May the video or news report be removed due to some unknown reason. Meanwhile, the FBI is trying to discover the six Friends. The FBI found that at least two persons were filming the video. We find some social media posts exploring the name and image. One is Khalil Cooke, and one post also revealed their images. 

The Data of Shanquella 

  • Real Name/Full Name- Shanquella Robinson
  • Age- 25 
  • Birthplace- Charlotte 
  • Profession- Self Employed 
  • Marital Status- Single
  • Zodiac Sign- No Data
  • Nickname- Qualla
  • Date of Birth- Born in 1997. 
  • Nationality- American
  • Wife Name- The question doesn’t arise.
  • Partner Name- No data

Social Media of Robinson


The case is under investigation, and no facts are concluded yet. As soon as any update will be disclosed we will update for you at the earliest.

What are your thoughts on this incident? Please comment. 

Shanquella Robinson Story– FAQs 

1) What are the names of Robinson’s Parents?

Bernard and Salamondra. 

2) Where did Shanquella die?

In Cabo, Mexico.

3) Was Shanquella on Vacation?


4) What is Robinson’s age?

25 Years.

5) Was she married? 


6) How many friends were there?


7) Which organization is investing in the case?


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