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Shanquella Robinson Ig: Check Friends Fight Full Video in Mexico Went Viral On Instagram, Twitter & Reddit!

For the latest updates and further details on Shanquella Robinson Ig news and to know the actual cause of death, read this blog until you are finished.

Who is Shanquella Robinson? What happened to Shanquella? Have you watched the viral video of her? How did she die at such a tender age? What is the actual reason for her death? After the mysterious death of Shanquella Robinson, people are flooding the internet platforms with the above questions. 

Here we will answer every above-related query and try to solve the queries on this Worldwide trending news. For the complete information, readers are requested to go through the Shanquella Robinson Ig news until the finish.

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What happened with Shanquella Robinson?

As per the latest information, Shanquella Robison, a 25-year-old businesswoman from North Carolina, died from a mysterious death. According to the sources, she went to Cabo on 28th October 2022. 

Her death news spread within 24 hours of her trip, and all her near and dear ones started expressing deep condolences for her Mysterious death.

Her friends informed her family that she died due to Alcohol poisoning. People discuss Shanquella Robinson’s death on Reddit and other social media platforms. 

How did she die?

After her death, Shanquella’s parents contacted the FBI to solve the Mysterious death case of their daughter. From the findings of the FBI, the authorities stated that she might have had any other cause for her death.

According to the statements released in an interview, Shanquella sustained some severe injuries like a broken neck, and her spine got crack injuries too. Also, people are searching for content related to the Full Video Viral Mexico On Instagram after Shanquella’s death.

Shanquella: Obituary 

The sources claim that Shanquella’s obituary or passing away news became trending after an assaulting video of her went viral online. 

However, some sources claim that the video has been taken down for now. On Thursday, her family carried Shanquella’s body back to Charlotte, and her funeral will take place the following Saturday.

Shanquella: Family details

  • Parents- Salamondra Robinson & Bernard Robinson.
  • Family- Not Available.
  • Kids- No kids.

Is Shanquella married?

According to the sources, Shanquella wasn’t married, but she was dating and had a boyfriend though the details of her boyfriend are presently unavailable.

Details: Friends, Boyfriends & more

  • Best friend- Khalil Cooke.
  • Boyfriend- Not known.

Details for her other five friends to whom she went on a trip to Cabo are also unavailable.

Shanquella Robison: Wiki details

Interested readers can find the personal life details of Shanquella Robinson in the below table:-

Real Name Shanquella Robinson.
Profession Business Women.
Date Of Birth 1997.
Birth Place Charlotte, North Caroline.
Partner’s Name Not Known.
Zodiac Not Known.
Age 25 Years.
Nationality American.
Marital Status Unmarried.

Detail on her Nationality

  • Ethnicity– African- American.
  • Nationality-American.
  • Religion– Not available.

Presently, only a few details have been found from her Twitter and other social media accounts on her personal life.

Her Career & More

  • Career- Shanquella was a Businesswoman; further details on her career are missing.
  • School– Details on her school and colleges also need to be included.
  • Educational qualification– Not available.
  • Early Life– Information about her early life is not known yet.

Internet user’s reactions

A Twitter user reacted to Shanquella’s death and mentioned in her post to cut off people with weird vibes and shadiness from your life. The users have also mentioned the #Justiceforshanquella.

Another Twitter user shared the link for Shanquella’s death news on the platform.

Also, the users are searching for Shanquella Robinson Ig assault video after her death, but thankfully the video has been put down.

One Reddit user even shared Shanquella’s Death news on the platform. Also, a user commented that the social media authorities took the video down from all the internet platforms.

Social Media- Links


The present status of Shanquella Robinson’s actual cause of death is still unavailable. The FBI is still investigating the matter. To know the details of Shanquella’s death news , watch this available video now.

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Shanquella Robinson Ig-FAQ

Q.1 Who was Shanquella Robinson?

A young Businesswomen.

Q.2 What was her age?

25 years.

Q.3 What was the actual cause of her death?

It is unknown; the FBI is investigating the matter.

Q.4 In which year was she born?

In 1997.

Q.5 What is her parent’s name?

Salamandra Robinson & Bernard Robinson.

Q.6 Where was her birthplace?

Charlotte, North Caroline.

Q.7 Why is she in the news?

A recent video got viral where she was being assaulted.

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