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[Watch] Shaquella Robinson Mexico Video: Discover Details of Shanquella Robinson Viral Video On Reddit!

This article has all the information about Shaquella Robinson Mexico Video and much more about Shanquella.

Shanquella Robinson is a 24-year-old girl who dies mysteriously without any prior symptoms of any disease or so. The investigation is going on after the video leak all over.

Do you want to know more about Shanquella Robinson? who is she? How did she die? What are the steps taken by her family? Do you know people Worldwide are reading this news? If you want an answer to these questions and more, read about the Shaquella Robinson Mexico Video until the end.

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What is the Shanquella Robinson Mexico video?

A video was going viral on different social media platforms that have been removed from many of the famous platforms. In that circulated video, we can see that Shanquella was getting beaten by a girl many times on the head, neck, back, and face. In that video, we can see that Shanquella is not wearing any cloth and is getting beaten by one. 

At least two others were present at that scene. you can check out the link further in social media links section where you can see that Shanquella Robinson Video Reddit is removed. We can conclude from the video as one is recording the scene, someone was shouting at Shanquella and telling her to at least fight back for her. she was consequently laid on the floor by the girl, and Shanquella sat there holding her head out of pain. You can check out the link on Twitter further in the article where renowned people are asking for justice.


What is the Shanquella Robinson Mexico video

What happened to Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella’s mom said she called her mom and told her that she was enjoying herself there and told her much about the food she is enjoying in Villa Linda 32, the same villa where Shaquella Robinson Mexico Video shooted. Shanquella then hung up and said she would call the next day as she was enjoying herself with her friends.

Later she said that Shanquella’s friends started calling her and saying she was having liquor poisoning, while others said she had food poisoning. Salamondra Robinson then said that she didn’t believe anyone of them as they all were saying different things and later came to the U.S, leaving behind their daughter’s body.

Shanquella’s parents pay $6000 for the shipment of their daughter’s body back to their native place, Charlotte. The body reached the place on 10 November, along with the death certificate.

Shaquella Robinson Mexico Video -What is the reason for Shanquella’s death?

On the death certificate, the reason for death is an injury in the spinal cord and dislocation of the neck’s spine. There is no mention of food or liquor poisoning, meaning the friend must be lying. You can check the link further in the article on Twitter, where you can see the death certificate of Shanquella Robinson.

Shanquella was laid in her hotel room; all unconscious is told by a maid working there. However, one person there said that the friends called the doctor, who provided CPR to her, but she was dead by 3 pm, 15 minutes after the injury.

Shaquella Robinson Mexico VideoShanquella’s wiki: 

Real Name Shanquella Robinson
Nick Name Unknown 
Profession Business Women
Age 24
Birth Place North Carolina
Year Of Birth 1998
Mother Salamondra Robinson
Father Bernard Robinson
Siblings One sister

You can check Shanquella’s Instagram link further in the article in social media links section to know her more.

Social media links:

Reddit link

Twitter justice link

Twitter autopsy:  

Instagram link:


Shanquella Robinson leaves her home on 28 October to attend a friend’s birthday party that was scheduled in Mexico, but within 24 hours of leaving, Shanquella is found dead. Later, a viral video told us the untold facts. For more information about Shanquella Robinson, visit the link.

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Shaquella Robinson Mexico Video -FAQs :

Q1. When did Shanquella leave for Mexico with her friends?

Shanquella leaves on 28 October.

Q2. What is the reason behind Shanquella’s visit to Mexico?

She went there to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Q3. What does Shanquella do for a living?

Shanquella was a businesswoman in North Carolina.

Q4. What is the action taken by Shanquella’s family?

They reached up to the FBI for a case investigation.

Q5. Who circulated the video?

It is not confirmed, but the video is shooted by one of Shanquella’s friends. 

Q6. With how many friends did she visit Mexico?

There is a total of six friends.

Q7. What is the Shaquella Robinson Mexico Video all about?

In the viral video, we can see that Shanquella is beaten so impaired by her friend, and other members are just staring and recording.

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