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[Today] Shaquella Robinson Update: Read Incident News of Charlotte NC, Who Was She, Who Were Her Friends, What Was Her Age, Is There Anyone Arrests In This Case!

This article about Shaquella Robinson Update will provide detailed information about Shanquella and what happened to her. Follow us for more articles.

Recently Shanquella Robinson has been all over the internet due to her mysterious death at 24. a video went viral where she can be seen beaten, and no one is helping her.

Do you know about this case? Are you wondering who killed her? What are her friends claiming? People Worldwide talk about the girl, and many attend her funeral. Read about Shaquella Robinson Update till the end.

What happened to her? How did she die?


What happened to her How did she die

Before the video went viral, Shanquella death was a mystery to all. The video is a shock to all family members and the people around the net as in the video, Shanquella can be seen beaten by women. People are claiming that the woman shown in the video is Daejhanae Jackson. 

After this incident, all friends present there have removed their social media profiles, and we are not able to find any.

Disclaimer: We are not blaming anyone of her Friends, the information provided in the article is from a good search from online sources. We are not claiming the completeness and truthiness of the information provided.

Further, in the article, some information on physical assault can be present, so viewers’ redirection is needed.

What happened to Shanquella Robinson?

This is stated by Shanquella’s mom, Salamondra Robinson, that before the day of Shanquella passing away, she and her daughter are talking, and Shanquella says that she will talk to her the next day, but the day never comes.

Salamondra says that her friends called her to inform her that the health of Shanquella Charlotte NC is not well and a doctor is arriving soon. On asking further, her friends say that she died due to liquor poisoning, and then later, some other friend told her that it was due to food poisoning; however, it is not confirmed, so she believes none.

Shanquella’s funeral:

Shanquella’s funeral took place on Sunday, 20 November 2022. As the news is trending, many people from around the area went to her funeral. About hundreds of people came to see her rest in peace. 

Many loved one’s wear pink in memory the 24 years of Age Shanquella. There, people talked about how nice she was as a person. Many call her daddy’s girl as she is more attached to her father and loves him to bits.

To learn more about her, you can check Shanquella’s social media links on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Shanquella’s wiki:

Real Name Shanquella Robinson
Nick Name Unknown 
Profession Business Women
Age 24
Birth Place North Carolina
Year Of Birth 1998
Mother Salamondra Robinson
Father Bernard Robinson
Siblings One sister

Shanquella’s autopsy:

On the Shanquella autopsy, it can be seen that the cause of her death is the injury in the spine and neck. Shanquella’s mother paid $6000 to bring the dead body from Mexico to charlotte. 

After the autopsy, it is clear that their Shanquella friends are lying and people are taking about their Arrests on social media. The friends’ names were Khalil Koke, Nazeer Wiggins, Winter, Donovan, Malik Dyer, Alyssa, and Daejhanae.

You can check the autopsy of Shanquella in the social media links section, further in the article.

Social media links:


Shanquella’s Twitter autopsy

Shanquella’s Instagram


Shanquella Robinson is beaten badly to death while on a trip to Mexico. she got beaten up by women in the villa, and the whole video is recorded. For more information about Shanquella Robinson, visit this link 

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Who Is She -FAQs:

Q.1 Who was Shanquella Robinson?

Shanquella was a 24-year-old businesswoman in charlotte.

Q.2 How old was Shanquella at the time of death?

Shanquella was 24 years old at the time of death.

Q.3 Who killed Shanquella Robinson?

Police have doubts about some persons who were her friend, but nothing is confirmed.

Q.4 When is Shanquella funeral?

Shanquella’s funeral took place on 20 November 2022.

Q.5 Why did Shanquella go to Mexico with her friends?

She went there to celebrate the birthday of one of her friends.

Q.6 What is the cause of Shanquella’s death- Shaquella Robinson Update?

According to the autopsy of Shanquella, she died due to breaking bones in her neck and spine.

Q.7 How many people attend Shanquella’s funeral?

Shanquella’s funeral has been attended by hundredths of people, and some wear pink to give her tribute.

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