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{Today} Shaquilla Robinson Update: Who Is Behind The Making Of Friends Fight Video? Know The Actual Story!

The article provided all the important information about the Shaquilla Robinson Update. Stay tuned till the end to know all about the case.

Are you aware of the Shaquilla Robison case? As we previously informed you about the case, the case has more things to follow. Cops are investigating the case, and the public will not calm down until the culprit gets caught. People from Worldwide want to know the updated news about the murder case of Shaquilla.

To give you further information we have brought you this article. In this article, you will get the Shaquilla Robinson Update on her homicide case, so keep up with this article.

What are the updates on the Shaquilla Robinson case?

American authorities have issued a warrant against the alleged perpetrator for the murder. They have not given out the name in public, but according to Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, Prosecutor, Shaquilla’s friend Dejahnae Jackson, who was seen in the recorded video attacking her in the hotel room, will face the authorities. 

She mentioned that the incident was direct aggression and not a quarrel. She also stated that they are carrying the Interpol alert and have requested extradition to the USA.

Was Shaquilla dead in the Fight Video?

In the fighting video, Shaquilla seemed unconscious and was lying on the floor, but she was not Dead. As per the Mexican police reports, the group of friends asked for medical facilities, and Gutierrez, a local doctor, arrived at the hotel after an hour. Her friends reported the reason behind the situation as an excessive intake of alcohol.

Still, after the Doctor examined Shaquilla, he asked her friends to shift her to the hospital as she was in a very critical state and needed professional assistance. Shaquilla’s friend refused to take her to the hospital and asked the Doctor to continue the treatment in the hotel room only.

Shaquilla Robinson Update on the Medical professionals.

An hour later the Doctor arrived. She was dehydrated and could not communicate verbally, but her vital signs were stable. After more than 2 hours, Robinson suffered a seizure then someone called medical professionals. 

During the treatment, she lost her pulse, and professionals began to treat her with CPR. After fourteen rounds of CPR, 6 discharges, and 5 doses of adrenaline, Shaquilla was pronounced dead.

The first local Doctor arrived around 3:00 pm then a medical professional arrived at the vacation villa at 4:50 pm. But according to the autopsy reports, the medical Professional started treating her at 3:00 pm, and she died after 15 Minutes.

Who Is Shaquilla Robinson?

Shaquilla Robinson, 25 years old woman born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was a self-made businesswoman and had a Baby Care company. 

Her Mother’s name is Salamondra Robinson, and her father is Bernard Robinson. She was an only child and was unmarried.

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The Last Words

The prime suspect will soon suffer the consequences of Shaquilla’s murder. The fact that she was not dead, but her friends refused to take her to the hospital, made her other friends also to blame.

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Find Friends Video FAQs

1-How many friends were seen in the Fighting video?

A-T There were only Shaquilla and Dejahnae in the fighting video, but other friends’ voices were heard.

2-How did Shaquilla Robinson die?

A-She died due to an atlas luxation and spinal cord injury

3-Was there CCTV footage of the crime?

A-Unfortunately, police did not find a CCTV footage

4-Was the culprit’s name confirmed?

A-No, the culprit’s name has not been announced officially, but many think the culprit is Dejahnae Jackson.

5-What did the friends do after the Story of Shaquilla went viral?

All the friends deactivated their social media accounts and turned off their mobile phones

6-Who was Shaquilla Robinson’s best friend, and did she do anything?

A-Khalil Cooke was her best friend, but she only saw her get beaten up instead of doing anything

7-What do Shaquilla’s parents think about the arrest warrant?

They want justice for their daughter’s death and want the culprit to be behind bars.

8-Does Shaquilla fight back in the Fight Video against her friend?

A-No, she refused to fight back even though her friend was telling her to fight back

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