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Shibget Com Scam (Nov 2021) Let Us Learn Truth Here!

Do you want to know if Shibget com Scam or legit? Can I get huge rewards from it? Keep reading the post below.

Digital fraud is the major problem that businesses or any industry have been facing for years. Internet and high technology made scammers trick innocents easily. The Crypto world is one of the prominent sitting targets of many phishers.

Recently, Shibget.com is going viral in the United States; many are confused about it. We found huge searchability on Shibget com Scam; if you are eager to know, read the post until the end.

What is Shibget.com?

Shibget.com is a giveaway website which is recently launched; it is out with huge giveaways of 1000000000 SHIB and 1000 BTC. As per the sources, this giveaway is a big way to enjoy the release of SHIB’s crypto wallet. 

Since it is a new site and the official website was not working when writing this post, we could not get more information. Now let us directly jump into the most asked query in the United States in the below segment.

Is Shibget com Scam?

Read the below pointers to learn whether it is a genuine website:

  • The domain age of the website Shibget.com is 2021/10/09, which makes it a less than a month-old site.
  • It has a short registration time that domain registration is going to expire on 2022/10/09.
  • The website was last updated on 2021/10/27.
  • The trust score of the site is very low, which is only1%.
  • The owner’s name is hidden.
  • The Trust rank of the site is only 0.7 out of 100.
  • There are negative comments available on Trustpilot.
  • Analyzing all the factors, the website falls under a high-risk category, so we recommend you stay away from phishing. We hope Shibget com Scam is helpful to you. 

People Views On Shibget com

People’s feedback plays a vital role in knowing the actual story behind the news, so when we researched the same, we found a huge conversation of people on a public community site. 

Where many are saying that it’s a big scam, and please don’t fall for it. One of the victims says I tried Shibget.com with some good amount, but now I have lost my money, so I request not to follow this site. 

Elaborating More

Are you still in a dilemma, is Shibget com Scam or legit then read this section? As per our research and from a genuine resource, Shib gets com is a complete scam website; you will never get any return from it, so we request you to stay away from the dupe and save your hard-earned money. 

You can also research more from your end also. Visit here for more details on it

The Final Verdict

Over the past few days, Shibget.com has been creating major hype in the crypto world people worldwide are anxious to learn the fact behind the viral news; we hope our researched article has answered all your doubts. We suggest you stay away from the big trap and research well.

What do you think of Shibget com Scam? Please comment your words in the below post. 

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