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Shieldstars Masks Reviews [April] Are They Worth the Hype

Shieldstars Masks Reviews [April] Are They Worth the Hype? >> In this article, you will getthe knowledge of items like a headband, accessories for any age group.

Corona outbreak has changed the lives of many people. Due to this deadly spread, we are instructed to stay in our houses until the spread has been reduced. It is challenging to survive in this pandemic. But suppose you need to go out on an urgent basis then what you will do? You need to take precautions. 

So, keeping in mind the wellness of you all, we have launched these face masks for men, women, and kids. You can visit our site and check out the latest collection over there. Our website not only sells facemasks but also sells headband, accessories, and it is for men, women, and kids.

Shieldstars Masks Reviews is most popular in the United States, and the people who have bought our items are happy and have appreciated our brand. Moreover, they are recommending their colleagues, peers, or an acquaintance to purchase from this site. 

Due to this reason, our sale has been gradually increasing, and we are capturing more market segments by winning the hearts of people.

Still, the people who are new to our brands may think about the authenticity of our brand since they had not purchased before. To them, they might feel a little skeptical. To them, I must tell that don’t judge us based on our recent licensing. We assure you that you would like our items when you purchase them.

What is Shieldstars Masks?

The items dealt with Shieldstars Masks Reviews are masks, headbands, and accessories. They would be mainly beneficial for those people who are into sports, but also other people can also avail of the benefits of our items as we have come up with an extensive collection in the market for you.

 You can get the items in one click as our Wishman will deliver straight these items in your house. We want to build long term relationships with our consumers, and so we are transparent with them about our products. 

We also will try redressing all the problems which you might face about the products or its delivery. We also would like to say that you should go through all the specifications of the items before purchasing them.

Specifications of Shieldstars Masks:


Shipping time- 3 days and max to max four days, not more than that.

Delivery time- Within two weeks

Mode of payment- credit card, debit card, and apple pay.

Exchange- Available to few items only.

Refund- Within 12 days from the date of delivery.


Is Shieldstars Masks worth the money?

Shieldstars Masks Reviews is a brand new site that was recently launched, and we must say that it has become a sensation in the digital world.

You might think we are exaggerating things, but it is not so because we are hurled with positive responses from our consumers who are encouraged by using products from this brand.

Now at this point, you must be clear why this brand is a success, and you are a better judge to answer this question, which is-Is Shieldstars Masks Legit?

Pros of Shieldstars Masks:

  • We don’t charge a hefty amount for our items. It is quite affordable for all individuals. After using our item, you would feel that the prices are reasonable.
  • Regarding quality, we would like to say that it not just looks stylish from outside but also is quite durable, and you can use it for a more extended time.

Exchange, return, and refund are available easily.

Cons of Shieldstars Masks:

  • We don’t think of any cons regarding our items, but if you find any, do let us know. We are open to suggestions and criticisms, and we will try to redress all the issues which you are facing from this brand.

What are the consumers’ feedback about the quality of Shieldstars Masks?

 Consumers have provided us with positive feedback for our items. We are thankful that we are getting support from more consumers who are purchasing from our site and spreading positive word of mouth.

Finally, we would like to say that our brand is of utmost quality and we are not indulged in any fraud by any chance. Please purchase from our Shieldstars Masks Reviews.

127 thoughts on “Shieldstars Masks Reviews [April] Are They Worth the Hype

  1. I placed an order for two of your face shields a week ago and there is no update as to is it processed, is it shipped,etc. I sent an e mail 2 days ago inquiring as to the order and have not heard back from your company. Not pleased, to say the least

          1. This company is a scam. They took my money and never shipped the product with no way to contact them BS

        1. Ordered 3 gaiters.
          Got them 1 & ½ months later.
          Gaitor’s are pure junk!
          Cut tube of spandex with no hem on the ends…
          Just rough cut.
          Taking advantage of the pandemic to sell “way over priced crap”.
          You will not be happy!
          (I got them to ship because I got PayPal involved, threatening a refund) would have rather got my money back.

        2. This is the worst company ever! I placed an order over a month ago and have not yet to receive the products ordered. You can never reach anyone. Horrible experience

        3. I placed an order 5 weeks ago. 1st response was it’s in process. When I asked for a refund they said oh, we found your order and it will ship soon. I asked again for a refund and radio silence. 😬

      1. Same here. Ordered 37 days ago. No mask. No answers to emails. There is a special place in HELL for these people. I hope everyone of there family members dies a painful tragic death. Scumbags!

    1. After reading these reviews I guess I got ripped off as well. Just another scammer taking advantage of this pandemic situations and stealing people’s money. Please my order on April 17th and as of today April 28th I have nothing.

        1. Do not get these masks. I got a galaxy one and it finally got here 2 months after I ordered it. The quality is horrible. In the pictures it looks like thick material but what I got was sheer like pantyhose. I could see my face through it. No way this filters anything. And the ends looks like it came from a large piece and they just cut it with scissors. No stitching or elastic band to help keep it in place. In other words DON’T SHOP AT SHIELD STARS!!

      1. I luckily ordered with PayPal. 2 months later and haven’t received anything and the e-mail tracking or attempt to contact Shield Stars leads to broken links that do not exist. Currently working with paypal to get my money back.

    2. I’m beginning to think this is a scam. I ordered 4 masks and have the same issue, except I’ve contacted them multiple times throughout the last few weeks with no response. Glad I used a burner privacy card to order.

      1. I placed in order for for mask a couple of weeks ago. After five days I did not receive an update for delivery. I contacted them twice by email but I did not receive a response. I disputed the charge with my credit card company and they credited me my money back. I would not recommend this company.

      2. I’m starting to think the same thing. I got a response a couple days ago asking if I wanted To cancel my order, when I said yes I got no response. I’ve been emailing them since with no response. This is clearly a scam because there’s no way a real company could have this bad of customer service. Best of luck with this.

      3. I had ordered 4 of your face masks,on the 17th of April 2020.
        Just received a package on the 16th of May from the postal service, I opened the package,and found 1 face mask in the package, could I have a reasonable explanation,why I waited a month for 1mask, I ordered 4, I want what I paid for.or give me a complete refund, please respond back
        Thank You.

    3. I order a mask and its showing Rosedale New York for past 7 days has not moved once so if anyone is buy these masks go so where us the guarantee 14 days I order this 4/20/20 0 212 in morning I serious doubt it will be here in 14 days mostly I be getting a refund after 12 days on there website states. If not I be dispute the charges on my credit card


      I’d like to know if there is anyone working at this facility!!?? I placed an order on the 16th of April and haven’t received it as of yet ( May 4th, 2020 )!! That’s 2 1/2 weeks ago! I have sent 2 emails to them asking where my order is. The first email I sent was a week after the due date. I asked them nice if they would give me a reply to let me know if they were having issues because of our situation with Coronavirus or just backed up or whatever the reason and Nothing! Yesterday I sent the second request for an update and I’ve STILL not heard from them and STILL haven’t received my order!! I hope the word gets out about these CROOKS, I know I’ll be telling everyone I know to stay away from them!!

    5. Same here!!! I ordered on April 23rd and I’m not getting any updates. I keep getting error messages when I enter my order number for tracking information. Customer service is terrible!!!

      1. Placed order 4/19/20. Never received conformation of order. e-mail twice, no response! 5/23/20 still waiting for order. Over 5 weeks. Don’t order from this company.

    6. Same here. Disputed the charge with my bank and got my money back. For sure a scam company, it’s supposed to be a U.S. company but on the contact us page there’s foreign writing. The company that charged me has the name Wanchai. Just dispute the charges with your back. Hope this business burns to the ground

        1. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

          SCAMMERS!!! THEY HACK YOUR DATA, TAKE YOUR MONEY, …my dispute with bank went through but is contingent for 90 days.

          Change passwords for all your accounts. I filed a report with Federal Trade Commission.

          Sent too this Fabfashion distributer out of HK…why this site gives any credibility, idk…they are liars, sammers and hacks. Scampulse has well over a hundred complaints.

      1. After 10 days their website for my order says it is still processing. No replies to my emails even though they promise processing will be in 3-5 days and shipping within 10 days. After reading many websites, this company must be a scam. they make money on the product and the large shipping supply. BEWARE! Some of their products are available from Amazon with free shipping and free returns and guaranteed delivery.

    7. Same thing here. Ordered the products (4 of them) April 21, money taken from account. I have sent several emails with no response what so ever. It is now a month later. Tried tracking order through website and get 404 page. Scammed.

    8. I ordered weeks ago, after many emails asking for a refund , they said they mailed it. I don’t want them now. it is too late .

    9. Just refund my money. You have been playing this game for almost a month. And you are the third, no fourth different person to tell me to wait its almost ready to ship out. REFUND MY MONEY. 

      1. scott8716(scott8716@gmail.com)

        Time: 2020-05-20 02:38:40

        To: (service@shieldstars.com)

        Theme: Ordet #26523

        Asked for order to be canceled and money refunded. Have only received excuses as to why product was never sent. I want my money refunded.

    1. I paid for 2 masks on april 19th and still havent received my masks, you said it shipped on april 23rd. So where are my masks!!!!

  2. I ordered from Shield Stars two weeks ago – never got a confirmation, nothing ever got shipped, they don’t have a phone number and don’t respond to emails but they DID charge my card. Unable to contact them at all. AWFUL customer service and I’m pretty sure I got ripped off.

  3. Like the other people who have not received confirmation for their orders, I have had he same issue! I placed an order for two face shields two weeks ago… I have sent two emails but I’ve still not gotten a response. I am going to call PayPal and have them look into fraud with this order as I will not pay 40 bucks for something I haven’t and probably won’t see!! Also, I am not impressed with the bad grammar used in their description of business and product:( I am guessing this product is not made in America!

  4. I placed an order on April 19th. It said I would get an email and text when the product was shipped. So far today April 25th have gotten nothing. I did email and they responded that it takes 5-7 working days to get product ready. I get the sense this is an Asian company producing this. That is not the way that they advertise. I don’t hold out hope I will get what I paid for. I get the fact things are jacked up with COVID 19. Hope I am wrong here.

  5. I also placed a order on April 19 and have not received a text when it will ship. Not looking Good . I better get a response soon or Else ???

  6. STAY AWAY!! This site is a complete scam. The charge on your credit card doesn’t even match the company. Emails asking for status from customer service go unanswered. Products are not delivered.

  7. I have had the same issue. I received one response that asked why I wanted to cancel but no refund, no product and no shipping date. Do not order from this company.

  8. Wow !
    I’m so glad that I searched for reviews on this company before I made a purchase .
    I was about to purchase over $500 worth of products ( 30 face masks ) from this company . As others who commented on here , I also noticed the many misspelled words and bad grammar on their website and that they have No phone number ; made me very skeptical .
    Thanks to all who gave their bad review on this company !

  9. I order 1 mask 2 weeks ago. A week ago I made contact via e-mail & was told delivery was on schedule. It’s a load of BS.
    Whatever you do….spend your money elsewhere.

  10. Same here; I ordered (6) masks on 4/20/20 and have been stonewalled regarding the reasons for the delay. Emails say the order was processing and as of today, out of stock issues…

    I asked for a cancellation and have contacted my credit card to dispute and reverse any payment made.

    This website is a FRAUD!!! Stay away…Coronavirus is deadly; this fake company is a PARIAH!

  11. After reading these reviews I guess I got ripped off as well. Just another scammer taking advantage of this pandemic situations and stealing people’s money. Please my order on April 17th and as of today April 28th I have nothing.

  12. After checking their website, the company was just created in 2020. They have not been around long at all. I think that we are all beat out out of our money… So pissed right now!!!

    After reading these reviews I guess I got ripped off as well. Just another scammer taking advantage of this pandemic situations and stealing people’s money. Please my order on April 17th and as of today April 28th I have nothing.

    1. Never order from this place. After I ordered 6 items a month later 1 showed up. I told them to cancel the rest of my order then. Two months pass and I received another face shield. After I told them to cancel and refund but they refused

  13. Same as the majority…… no communication from the company about receiving my merchandise….. but they sure did withdraw the funds from my bank account……. terrible customer service……scam…….. rip off…….. f*** you!!!!

  14. So far no good! Spent $100 about 2 weeks ago for masks and haven’t received any shipping confirmation! Sent an email about concerns and was given a bogus tracking number. Grammar has been concerning. Lack of specific information has been concerning. I’m sure they’ve scammed thousands! These companies need to be investigated! Don’t think I’ll be getting my products! Sad that we can’t protect our people from this kind of scam in our country!

  15. I also ordered from shield star. Confirmation and billed no article received. I alerted my credit card and had card cancelled. I waited anothe5 week and going to call the bank to get my money back. Not sure if fraud. Tired of giving benefit of dougjt. Out of country.

  16. Placed an order on April 21st. I did get an order confirmation that landed in my junk mail. I sent an email to the customer service email listed on the order confirmation page because my order hadn’t shipped. The email was returned as undeliverable. Immediately tried to contact through PayPal and opened a case against this seller. I believe they are fraudulent.

  17. ordered mine apr.17 they responded “wait few more day ok” I replied again same message from “Connie ” replied twice since then and no reply. bastards. i got ripped off, don’t order from these scammers. lowlife people taking advantage at a time of need screwing people over trying to do business with them. worthless trash.

  18. It’s a TOTAL SCAM……. Ordered on 4/20/2020. Got nothing. PayPal shows company as OASNOVA
    I sent email on 4/25/2020 and this was the response

    Hi there,

    Your parcel is in processing now due to high demand.

    when everything has been done, we will ship your parcel to you soon. When the tracking number comes out, we will let you know.

    If any doubt, please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards



  19. 100% scam! I contested my purchase with PayPal and got my money refunded within two days. The customer service emails are not valid and get returned. Can’t believe the website is still up and running!

  20. Placed an order april 16 an still says unfilled, not pleased, go somewhere else customer service responds once and says orders are back up

    I’d like to know if there is anyone working at this facility!!?? I placed an order on the 16th of April and haven’t received it as of yet ( May 4th, 2020 )!! That’s 2 1/2 weeks ago! I have sent 2 emails to them asking where my order is. The first email I sent was a week after the due date. I asked them nice if they would give me a reply to let me know if they were having issues because of our situation with Coronavirus or just backed up or whatever the reason and Nothing! Yesterday I sent the second request for an update and I’ve STILL not heard from them and STILL haven’t received my order!! I hope the word gets out about these CROOKS, I know I’ll be telling everyone I know to stay away from them!!

  22. I ordered 2 masks and after a week nothing then decided to cancel my order and was asked why then never heard from them again. Definitely a scam. Wonder where we can turn this in at

    1. They got me too, charged my credit card 3 days after I placed my order, a month ago…heard back once from a Jacqueline, saying due to high demand they are behind….I don’t know who’s the bigger asshole, me for ordering from them or them for screwing me…..

      1. I ordered 3 masks the end of April. I received a confirmation email but then last week when I went to check the order it was deleted. They’ve already taken the money and will not respond to my emails. So frustrated

  23. This is scam. Sad thing if you look around there are 4-5 other sites affiliated with this one. Look at them, they are identical. All scams.

  24. I’ve contacted 3 on your side the news channel so they are looking into it ! and I reported it the official’s of the scam they will find them you all need to do the same !

    1. Good, me too. Placed order several weeks ago for one mask….omg $7.99 for shipping ONE MASK? Ive heard zero since they took my money.

  25. I placed an order on April 15 for a face mask and have yet to receive an order nor an email response. I was under the pretense this company was from the U.S. but apparently not. Unforunately, through further research this company is from China. I was given a USPS tracking # but still no record of a shipment was sent out. Since this is a company abroad all consumer complaints should be submitted online at: econsumer.gov. It’s an absolute atrocity that scammers such as this company is using the COVID19 pandemic to their monetary advantage with services that have not provided whatsoever.

  26. As others have said “Ordered 4/16/20” as of May 6th, No communications, No emails , no shipping, nothing. BEWARE, BEWARE, good thing I am not depending on these to keep me safe. Paypal stop taking orders from this company. Websites stop running this company’s ads. Please, help your viewers out so that we trust ads on your websites. This will make me stop clicking ANY pop up ad on a website. YOU need to police yourselves if you want our “business”.

  27. I made an order on the 18th of April and have not recieved my order. Email them and got a response a week later saying it is being process. Still not recieved my order and no answer to email after. This sucks.

  28. I’m order #1124 I ordered on April 13th. I’ve emailed them 3 times. I’ve had one response that called me “dear” to start. Nothing since, this has to be a scam. Today is 5-6-20

  29. Placed order and like the rest NOTHING, this is what I do for a living is bringing down scam fake companies I will not stop, there is nowhere they can hide from me so beware I’m coming, I bet there smiling right about now thinking there is no way see ya soon.

  30. Now I’m getting pissed, there is no way to contact these people whatsoever let alone be able to track our order. I’m contacting the BBB on this company because something is seriously off here. I read everyone’s comments and I’m totally on your side with the complaints.

    1. My order was placed on April 29th 2020 as of 5/18/2020 I have recieved nothing.
      I emailed company here is response.
      “Sorry about the waiting time. Your order is still in processing due to the item you ordered is in high demand. When everything has been done, we will ship your parcel to you soon. When the tracking number comes out, we will send you an email with that. Please don’t worry and wish you have a nice”

  31. I placed my order on April 16th and still have nothing. what the heck!!! Where is my product?

  32. Same here. I assume they took the money and ran. I will dispute charge and no longer do business with them. Their website looks nice, products would be awesome if they actually made them and shipped the product.

  33. I believe company is a scam I ordered 4/19,Nothing had arrived yet,They respond to email saying due to Corona it’s short staffed,order being process,Also when email was answer msg was text strange way,all I keep getting is being processed enough of it,I call credit card company to dispute charges THEIR COMPANY IS TOTALLY FRAUD TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE PANDEMIC

  34. I placed my order on April 18th. Two weeks later sent them an email asking about the status of my order. No response to this day.

    1. This company has provided the absolute worst customer service I’ve ever experienced… I requested they cancel the order multiple times because they did not meet their policy around shipping product… they then shipped the product multiple weeks later, even after I canceled it and Charged my card.. now they are stating I need to return the product if I want a refund and I am responsible for the cost of the return shipping because the product had shipped…. Beyond frustrating.. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

  35. I pray you track these scammers down!
    They need to be prosecuted!
    To take advantage of people, during a pandemic is atrocious and inhuman!

  36. Ordered two masks April 19, 2020. Received a confirmation email but never received a shipped email. Email company on April 26th requesting an update. Company replied order being process will be shipped ASAP. As of May 12th I have not received a shipped email. Filed business fraud complaint with NY Attorney General. Next step credit card company to dispute charge.

  37. send my sh!t you “f**king bat eating” basterds. You Wu Flu Kung Flooies start shipping the crap you Batsh!t Crazies.

  38. Same thing for it has been a month. The PayPal email I payed to is a Chinese email and does not send. Also they only answer emails with here is you tracking number and ” can you wait a few more days?”. I think are stuff is stuck in customs and they aren’t shipping with in the US like the website says.

  39. I’ve received nothing and it’s been 2 weeks…maybe shouldn’t have trusted a chris me company during a pandemic. Will only buy american now. Learned my lesson

  40. I also got screwed by these sorry ass individuals. I am thinking about contacting Attorney General office in my state. Any bastard who takes advantage of people during a time like this needs to be turned in. Let’s all get together.

  41. I ordered April 25 and haven’t received anything. I can’t even contact the company. I want to cancel the order but they say that cant find order. They took the money already. Total scam. I wish i had seen these reviews.

  42. I ordered nearly 2 months ago. Ordered 4 masks, they took my money, said they were shipped…..and then nothing I believe they are located in China.

    Sheildstars is a scam! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS RIPOFF SITE!

  43. I ordered 2 masks on April 17th. So far nothing. Sent 2 e-mails with no response. Now when I tried to e- mail again it says unable to submit your request. Try again later. Guess I’m with the rest of you getting ripped off.

  44. Ordered 3 weeks ago and still no word they even took my order. Site to check for the status says order placed however no mention they have even stated to fill the order. Then took no time in taking the money for payment. Agree now it is possibly a scam!

  45. Ordered 4/24. Payment taken 4/27. Emailed 4/29 (6:19 pm). Received a reply on 4/28 (10pm-ish)…haha. Yes, I verified they dates. Shipping label was supposedly created on 5/5, according to the Shop App. My shipment has now been waiting for usps to pick it up in Chino, CA. Sent another email today, 5/15. Awaiting response. If I don’t receive my items by the 2 week mark, I will be having a fraud review done for this company. Good luck to all others that have been scammed by them too.

  46. I filed a dispute with PayPal as I have not received my two masks in over a month with no communication from This company. they got right on it and contacted them. I am seeing now that my order has been shipped USPS and is on route to me but I am really wondering what I will be getting for $38!

  47. I placed my order of 6 mask on April 20th. Received 1 mask today May 18th. Emailed them but not confident on hearing from them. We’ve all been had.

  48. This company is a sham. They will give you some bogus USPS tracking # that is not legit. NOBODY should order anything from this bogus scam company.

  49. Scam. April 22 ordered 5 mask for $82.61. Today, May 17th , 1 of 5 pieces I ordered came. Quality of the one is so poor, not even cut straight. However, I will likely never see the other 4. Called CC and filed a false claim. Sad major websites are allowing them to advertise. Much like many of you reached out on several occasions with no response. Oh well. They will answer one day to the ultimate authority. I sleep well at night.

  50. I ordered 9 mask from Shieldstar and after 3 weeks of waiting I emailed them to find out where My order was. They apologized and promised to send my order in the next few days. I received 1 mask that I did not order. Further attempts to email them went unanswered. I filed a complaint with Paypal and Paypal decided in the favor of Shieldstar because they provided a USPS tracking number for the one mask they sent. THIS IS A SCAM….BEWARE THIS IS A SCAM

  51. I guess I was the lucky one, it took over a month to get but I received it.
    Only order 1 mask

  52. same here I order a mask two weeks ago and never got it. but they sure took my money right away.

  53. i got the same response, saying that my order is in route. thru USPS. the tracking number is no good! how did paypal contact them? its all the same people!! gotta put these jerk offs in jail!!

  54. I ordered two masks April 4 it’s now May 22 no Mask total scam emailed them several times each time asked me if I could wait a few more days probably get the mask when hell freezes over buyer beware

  55. So angry 😡. It’s a shame to see how many people got ripped off. I just disputed the charge. I ordered April 19, and nothing.

  56. I placed an order on April 17. Sent numerous emails. I did get one response to the last one. It stated my order was processing and will ship in a few days. They said be patient. It’s been 10 more days since their response. I’ve lost my patience and have filed a dispute with the credit card company. It is obvious they are not legit and do not care about the customer.

  57. Placed an order around April 20th and have *NOT* received anything yet. Impossible to get in touch with them to find out the order status or to cancel it and get a refund. Do NOT order anything from them.

  58. I spent close to $50 on 2 masks with shipping, over a month ago and nothing. I can’t even get a response. My socks tied around my face would have a more enjoyable experience 👍

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  60. Naturally after I posted this I received my order later that afternoon. It is what I ordered and it is very good.
    Posted yesterday:
    Placed an order around April 20th and have *NOT* received anything yet. Impossible to get in touch with them to find out the order status or to cancel it and get a refund. Do NOT order anything from them.

  61. Greatest Pandemic rip off ever! I ordered a mask 4/25 because it was” in stock”. Fast delivery. I received it 5/31 and it’s a piece of junk. Just a large thin sleeve. Not worth the effort to return. I immediately trashed it.

  62. This company is definitely a scam. Like everyone else weeks went by and did not receive any masks. I eventually filed a claim with PayPal and after escalating my claim did the company try and do something. What happened next is just down right shady. They shipped one mask even though I order multiple masks and sent PayPal just the USPS tracking number in their response to my claim to make it look like they shipped all the items. If you buy from this serial scammer you will not be happy. All the reviews have the same traits in common. A TOTAL SCAM! If you buy from this website after reading real buyer reviews, all I can say is you’ve been warned. Worst E-Com experience I’ve ever experienced.

  63. I actually got the one gaiter mask I ordered over about 2.5 months after I ordered it. I had written this off thinking I would not get what I ordered and was shocked when it showed up in my mailbox. So, while I thought this company was a sham, they apparently do produce some product but I would not ever order from them again..

  64. Ordered end of April did not receive anything. SCAM. PayPal to their credit refunded my money after I filed a complaint with them. THANK YOU PayPal. Not sure if they still have an account? Thieves like this feeding off a global pandemic, how sick can you be? Thanks again PayPal!!!

  65. SCAM! I ordered in April and still don’t have my masks. And the respond the same as everyone else says. Same words. And now that I’m demanding a refund they won’t answer. Hope everyone reads their “wonderful reviews” as they claim in this article. Don’t get scammed by this company as so many as us have.

  66. Eric
    TOTAL SCAM! RIP OFF! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS ILLEGITIMATE BUSINESS. It takes months to receive your product. When you do receive your shipment, you will undoubtedly be disappointed. Oh yeah, they won’t refund your money or allow you to return products.

  67. I ordered two masks on April 16 and for two months I tried to communicate with Shield Stars and their customer service was absolutely horrible. I would send an email and all I would get back was a reply saying that I would get an email with my tracking number once it shipped.
    I eventually got the masks but I will never ever again deal with Shield Stars and would advise anyone thinking about purchasing anything online through them to really reconsider, to say that they have POOR COMMUNICATION would be an understatement.

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