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Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go {Jan} What More Can Be Fun?

The Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go post has information about the new shiny creature Magcargo making its debut in Mountain of Power Quest.

The mountain of power quest has started for Pokémon Go players, and there are many Pokémon to catch in the wild. This is a timely quest, and players need to catch their favorite creature before it ends. Pokémon is an augmented reality mobile game where players catch virtual creatures and earn a reward. 

This mobile game has a lot of fans in the United States, and many of them can earn rewards, bonuses, and features this coming week. Players can also catch Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go in the weekly quest.

About Mountain Power Quest:

The mountain of power event continued the heritage saga season and began on 7th January 2022 with some new creature debuts. Players can collect rock and steel type Pokémon during the quest, which can unlock the mysterious door second mechanism.

Some of the creatures appearing in mountain power wild encounter are mentioned below:

  • Nosepass
  • Slugma
  • Zubat
  • Machop
  • Onix
  • Ferroseed

Players can also encounter different types of Pokémon during one-star, three-star, five-star, and mega raids. Shiny Slugma and Magcargo are making their debut during this quest, and most of the gamers will try to collect them for various gains.

Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go:

Shiny Magcargo is one of the most sought-after creatures in the current quest, as there are chances of it leaving the game after 13 January 2022. This creature is an evolved form of shiny Slugma and requires 50 candies to form Magcargo.

Both Slugma and Magcargo have also appeared in earlier Pokémon games, but they are shiny in this edition. It is made up of rock and fire elements and is from the Johto region. It has a shell on its back made up of hardened skin and is brittle and fragile. 

Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go has a CP range of 19-1702.

Reward and Bonuses for Timed research event:

The mountain of power quest is the timed research event as it will end on 13th January 2022. There are rewards and bonuses for players to earn during the event, and some of them are listed below for gamers.

  • Players can catch five Pokémon during this event and get a chance to encounter the Slugma.
  • One can earn two candies while walking with their buddy and get a Ferroseed encounter.
  • Gamers can catch six creatures and get Chimecho encounters.
  • To get Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go, players will have to encounter shiny Slugma in wild encounters and Field research events.

Shiny Slugma will remain after the mountain of power quest ends, and players will get a chance to have it, but it may not remain available as a field research reward.

Final verdict:

Players should put all their effort during this weekly event to get shiny Slugma as it may require a lot of effort after the event ends. One can get 2000 stardust after completing a task during the event and use it to evolve creatures in the Pokémon Go.

Gamers can share their experience of the current event in the comment section of Shiny Magcargo Pokémon Go.

Moreover, to know more about Mountains of Power, click here.  

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