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Ship Canal Bridge Accident {May} Read Full Incident!

The article on Ship Canal Bridge Accident aims to inform you about the accident and keep you updated on the recent news.

What happened at the Ship Canal Bridge? A two-car rollover crash was witnessed in the United States. As per research, a man was standing infront of a disabled car, and suddenly a drunk driver rammed his vehicle into him, which threw him off the bridge into the canal. Stay tuned to know more about the Ship Canal Bridge Accident

This accident took place early in the morning, around 4:40 am. All the lanes towards the bridge were blocked for a few hours; the accident was under investigation. To know more about the accident, kindly read down below. 

What really happened at the Bridge?

The two-car rollover crash accident occurred early at 4:40 am on a Tuesday at Northeast 45th Street in Seattle’s University District. One of the drivers was a 22-year-old man named Jordan Shelley, who was missing after the accident. The accident happened at the Ship Canal Bridge Seattle

The bridge was 182 feet tall. After the investigation by Washington State Patrol, they say that the missing driver has probably fallen off a bridge into the water. According to the investigation, they say that a Toyota hit a Mazda, and Shelley was driving the Mazda, so Shelley was propelled off the bridge. The driver of the Toyota was soon arrested, who was also a 22-year-old. Later Water rescue teams were sent into the water to find the dead body of Shelley. Shelley’s body was found around 9 am. 

Details on Ship Canal Bridge Accident 

As we have read, the accident happened between a Mazda and Toyota. Where the driver of Mazda Shelley fell off the bridge due to the crash. Shelley’s mother, Teresa, talked about her son and said he was born in Ethiopia. He received his education from the University of Washington and aspired to be an anaesthesiologist. After the accident, all the roads were blocked towards the bridge, which led to massive traffic on the other lanes. The southbound lanes reopened at 8 am, and both the vehicles flipped on their roofs due to the force of the crash. 

Why is the news trending?

The Ship Canal Bridge Accident happened recently on a Tuesday in the United States. Everyone heard about the news worldwide. Jordan Shelley drowned to death in the accident. He was hit by a Toyota while standing in front of his Mazda. The police suspect that he pulled over due to some damage in the car. Due to the force of the crash, he fell off the bridge and drowned. The death of this news has been shown Worldwide. 


This accident took Jordan Shelley’s life which brought a lot of grief and sadness to his family. His mother spoke some words about him which were found on the internet related to Ship Canal Bridge Accident. To get further details about the incident, click on this link.

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