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Shite Wordle (June 2022) Read The Updated Answer Here!

Through our article Shite Wordle, you can get today’s right answer to Wordle, tips, tricks to play smartly, and many hints.

Are you one of those who share their Wordle scores on social media? Wordle, which has become a new obsession of 2022, can make someone go all insane.

Rapidly becoming a new routine for people of the United Kingdom, India ,Australia, New Zealand, etc., Wordle has surely stolen many hearts. With its easy-to-play features and the, it’s a game for all.

Keep scrolling through our Shite Wordle and get your answers.

What is the answer?

A hint for the Wordle 370 of 24th June 2022 is that the word starts with a consonant. It has two vowels. Do you want more? The word starts with ‘S.’

Keep guessing. The word is associated with a powerful entity. It is also the name of a video game. No worries if you still can’t guess, as we are here to help you. The answer for Wordle 370, 24th June is,


Many people mistook it for SHITE. Many people might have been unfamiliar with that word and ended up guessing something else.

Is Shite a Word?

Seems like a word called ‘Shite’ does exist. In British English, it is considered vulgar and derogatory. In simpler words, SHITE is another term for Shit, rubbish, trash, and nonsense. For example, ‘That’s a load of shite.’

But what does the actual answer ‘SMITE’ mean? Smite is a strike with a firm blow, defeat or conquer, affect or attack severely. But what does God will smite you signify? First, it means to strike with a heavy blow. 

There is a possibility of getting crazy while guessing an answer and calling Wordle a Shite Game. But, nothing to worry. We have some tricks and tips to let you play smartly.

Tips and tricks to play Wordle

Before proceeding to play a Wordle, we suggest you get a hand on experience of at least one puzzle. Why? That will make you wonder where you possibly went wrong. Even if you didn’t, it’s always good to be extra prepared.

So what tips can help you out with troubling puzzles? Firstly, eliminate using the least common words like Z, X, etc. Next, enter the vowels early. For example, e is the most common vowel found in Wordle, followed by A, O, I, and finally you.

The recent Shite Wordle would have probably made you learn one thing or two. Elimination works! Shortlist the words you can use, remember the yellow block letters and carefully take your next step.

Is Wordle available for free?

Wordle is a web-based game. If you go to Google Play Store or iOS App Store and enter the word ‘Wordle,’ you’ll probably find many replicated versions of the same game. The actual Wordle, created by Josh Wordle, is only available as a browser now owned by The New York Times. Wordle can be played by anyone, anywhere, and free of cost. You have to play smartly, or you’ll end up confusing words like Shite Wordle.

Final Verdict 

We can conclude that the chances of getting stuck while guessing an answer 

is not entirely impossible. You will stumble upon some words and sometimes lose as well. However, do not lose hope and play well next time.

Did you get all your answers through our article Shite Wordle? Please let us know in the comments section.

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