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Shoespinks Reviews {April} – Should You Buy From It?

Shoespinks Reviews {April} – Should You Buy From It? >> You can go without reading our post. However, reading it will save you ample amount of money! Be informed and Be a Smart Shopper!

Several websites claim to be legit, but if you search and rectify its technical specification, you can get an idea, which is the legit site. More than billions of e-commerce websites are available over the internet, and sometimes it is hard to find about the legitimacy of the website. But what if the product you’re ordering in the United States is from China?

We are going to discuss in this post about the shoespink.com. There are several websites which sell thousands of varieties of product from toilet paper to a toothbrush, from apparels to footwear, etc. But the image they show about the product is different, and the product you receive is different.

Most of the times, the e-commerce company copy-paste the product image from another website, which is the most common cheating done by the sites. So it is necessary that without knowing about the legitimacy of the website, you should avoid purchasing any products from that website. Several confusing shoespink reviews are available over the internet about the shoes pink website, whether it is a scam or a legit site.

What Is Shoes Pink?

Shoespink.com is an online e-commerce store that has varieties of shoes for men and women, apparel for women. This online store is a United State company which provides products for, especially women footwears. From this website, you can have a wide range of shoes like sneakers, long boots, high ankle, high heels, and sandals.

The website is also offering many discounts on products; you can a discount upto 60%. The discount depends on the product you are purchasing. The company is also providing free shipping facilities if you buy the commodity above $70. If your overall bill is more than $70, the company will deliver the product without costing any additional charges for shipping.

You can also take part in the affiliated program of the website name earn and redeem. This program is based on referring and earn if you share the link to your buddies and friends or any other person, and any product is purchased using that shared link. Then you will get points that you can use it to redeem on your net purchase.

In this way, you can contribute to the company and for yourself. Several websites run this kind of tricks and programs to advertise about the company and to reach more people. But you should not forget that without knowing the site, you should not indulge in any program or share link types of trick.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of shoepink)

The features and benefits of the website shoepink.com are:

Pros of the shoe pink

The company is providing designer shoes and high heels at a very cheap price.

  • The apparels for women are also very cheap as compare to the market price.
  • You can get a discount of up to 60% if you buy any four-piece of the product, then the 5th product you will get is free.
  • You can return the product if you received any faulty product.
  • You can take part in the affiliated program refer and earn to gain extra benefits from shopping.
  • Website is available from the past eight years, which is slightly a good sign.

Cons of the shoespink

  • The main thing is that the website is not running correctly and Shoespinks Reviews is bad.
  • The site is not having any external link, which is a bad sign for any e-commerce company.
  • The company has no presence over any social media platform, which is a bad sign. Because presence in social media gives you a way to gain trust among customers, and communicating with them helps to gain popularity.
  • The Website has no domain server.

Refund and Exchange policy

  • We will possibly acknowledge the request if the shortcoming is from our side.
  • If you request any item from the outside fringe, at that point, you need to pay extra charges and import obligations rely on the destination country.
  • If your request is dropped then you will get the discount inside 20 days
  • If you have not gotten a refund on the due date, at that point, please get in touch with you bank for the procedure.
  • The company won’t admit the reversal of the product if the request is sent after shipment.

Final Verdict

This article is related to the information about the shoespinkwebsite and a summarised version of available shoespinks.com reviews posted by customers across internet. Henceforth, you can count our post as the collection of facts based upon public opinion and feedback. We do not endorse or defaming any website; it is up to you and your discretion.

58 thoughts on “Shoespinks Reviews {April} – Should You Buy From It?

  1. I purchased toilet paper from Shoespink, received a tracking number. When I clicked on the tracking number the number did not exist. Then when I went back to the website it now no longer exists. So I forwarded my order confirmation to the email address in the email and that no longer exists! This website is obviously a scam!!!

      1. I bought toilet paper and some other cleaning products from them too and got my confirmation email but when i clicked on the link it said shop unavailable i spent over $50 with them and paid extra for expedited shipping and so far have received absolutely nothing! I did however pay with PayPal and the account did not say ShoesPink it had a Chinese on it and the money went to somewhere in China??? So at least I will get my money back but DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY ITS A SCAM!!!

      2. We just received our order, much to our surprise! They did deliver. So NOT a scam despite all the indicators to the contrary.

    1. Same exact thing happened to me. Ugh… It disgusts me how people take advantage of people in these situations. How do they sleep at night knowing they have scammed so many of us out of money during a time like this??

    2. I also purchased toilet paper from this bogus site, over 3 weeks ago. Tracking goes to a page that says there’s no shipment with that tracking number. Haven’t received communication regarding the order, only the fake shipping info. The site isn’t even a site anymore. Super pissed off about losing > $70 to these people, especially because they took advantage of a PANDEMIC and fleeced buyers.

    3. I ordered toilet paper from this website and one called Carolikes. When the shit came in which is exactly what it was it actually cane from China. And it was from the same Chinese company just listed under 2 different names. I’ve been trying for 2 weeks to get my money back with PayPal. This is impossible. The seller agreed to refund my money but I had to return the packages. Of course I’m sent a label in Chinese. UPS informed me it would cost me a minimum of $200.00 for just one of the packages!! One package was originally $94.80 and the other was $28.46. So that wouldn’t be worth sending the shit back. Buyers beware and do NOT use these websites! Crooks and Scammers!!

  2. Stay way!! After your order you can’t access the site…. tracking information doesn’t work and they won’t return emails. Complete ripoff.

    1. I ordered toilet paper and it just arrived today. Was supposed to be Charmin Mega Roll and instead it was SMALL almost used up rolls of toilet paper.
      I emailed them back using the confirmation, but wow-what a shady company during a tough time right now.

      1. Same thing happened to me I’m going report this to my credit card company and try to get a refund

  3. Just great! I guess I’m going to my bank on Monday! I ordered toilet paper they got my $$ my debit number. I kept trying the tracking number and their response is nothing! SCAM!!

  4. stay far away. i bought lysol wipes. checked the tracking number and it doesnt work. its a total scam. $30 down the drain 🙁

  5. The same thing happened to me! I ordered toilet paper and they provided a tracking number. However, when I click on “ Visit the Store” it seems to no longer exist! A total scam and once again, the ugly side of human nature rears it’s head during a crisis! What are the options?

    1. I got scammed from that pink shoes and Carolikes. All for Charmin toilet paper!! Trying to get this resolved with PayPal. Not working! Got to ship the crap back! The label the crooks sent me when I took to UPS was told it would be a minimum of $200.00 EACH to send back! Both packages that were listed with 2 different websites cane from the same company in China!

  6. I am having the same experience. Paid 40.00 for sanitizing wipes. The tracking number is bogus and the website no longer exists. Shame on these people for taking advantage of people during this time. Scumbags!

  7. Crap, I also bought toilet paper from this website and now can’t find website. Will call my cc company tomorrow and get credit for my items and maybe new cc numbers.

  8. No they are a scam…i ordered toilet paper from them, and when i paid i received a email from PayPal that i sent money to some Chinese company. When i sent them a email they said that they were legit and that i would receive my product. The next day they’re website was taken down, and they were no longer responding to any emails. They also sent me a tracking number which was a fake.

  9. No they are a scam…i ordered toilet paper from them, and when i paid i received a email from PayPal stating that i sent money to some Chinese company. When i sent them a email they said that they were legit and that i would receive my product. The next day their website was taken down, and they were no longer responding to any emails. They also sent me a tracking number which was a fake.

  10. I’ve been trying for days to see where my order is and he even wrote to the email address that they gave us and I haven’t heard anything from them and I know we’re going through a crisis right now but latest Stihl dealer email thing also on top of that the website wouldn’t even come back up I tried tracking it nothing I want to head and already talked to my thanks because it always seems to be me I didn’t even know it was overseas company until after the fact my life is like it’s hard to trust any site and I can’t believe that people would actually Jesus shame on them but the Lord will take care of them one way or the other

  11. The same thing happened to me either. I purchased last week a toilet papers Charmin of 24 , cost me $26 , until now I didn’t get anything. What’s going on?

    1. I purchased Lysol wipes over 2 weeks ago. They said 6-10 days. No show. Being scammed. Watch out consumers. Fake ads site out of ?? China.

  12. Ordered to and got a tracking number but it doesn’t work. Also replied to email but no response. Contacting my bank for fraud charges.

  13. I order shoes from here over a month ago. After not getting it within 2 weeks I emailed them to ask where it was and was given a “it’s coming, sorry for the delay” response in a broken English email. I emailed a couple more times each week it didn’t come and each time was given the run around. Until 3 days ago when they stopped responding and their website now doesn’t work.

    I’ve been scammed. Definitely stay away!

  14. I order Toilet Paper 3/18/2020 I can’t get any one to talk to about my order No phone number or E mail information . I am out of $60.00. It is a sad day that this site is a Scam

  15. I order Toilet Paper 3/18/2020 I can’t get any one to talk to about my order No phone number or E mail information . I am out of $60.00. It is a sad day that this site is a Scam

  16. SCAM!!!!
    Stay away!!!!

    Thank you, Michelle & Brian. I also fell for it and experienced exactly the same thing.

  17. I ordered Toilet Paper, Kleenex and Lysol wipes on the 3/19.
    1. I did NOT receive a tracking number
    2. I checked their website after 2 days and the website was down
    3. I emailed them and received a response in broken English that stated “our goods are on it’s way to you….thank you for your understanding”
    4. I emailed and asked for a status and a tracking number but didn’t receive a reply

    As of March 25th I have not received the goods yet.

    I wouldn’t trust this website and suggest that one order from reputable retail chains only.

    Be well and stay safe

  18. OMG! I ordered toilet paper for my 78 year old mom with her debit card! I got a tracking number that also didn’t seem to exist, & going back to the store site was not possible – it was gone! I am beyond upset.

  19. This REALLY pisses me off!,I ordered toilet paper as well, just like everyone else. Big scam. I’m really upset with PayPal being associated with this, because I figured if they were, then this company had to be legit. $77 down the drain. 🤬

  20. I tried ordering two packages of toilet paper with the same problem. Email doesn’t work. Tracking no. doesn’t work. Store page states oops! Something went wrong-the store is closed. I feel really stupid to have lost out money when things are so tight.

  21. Karma will get these ass holes, the evil in the world never ends but they will have their time…

  22. SCAM! Stay away! I ordered toilet paper and the tracking number is invalid, the website no longer exists! But my money was taken

  23. Same story with me! However, I have what might be some helpful info for everyone here: First of all, if you paid via PayPal, you at least have their Buyer Protection Policy that allows you to file a claim if you don’t receive the goods (I already have that case in process), or if you do and the item/s aren’t as described. Second, yes, the tracking number doesn’t seem to work, even with the site/app they claim does their tracking, called “Arrive.” I did a little detective work, and discovered that the tracking number I got, beginning with the letter “L,” is associated with China’s ePacket shipping service. So when I googled epacket tracking, it directed me to a site that showed tracking info (who knows if it’s real) for my package, showing it originated in China as an epacket shipment then got transferred to USPS once it got stateside. No USPS tracking number though. Remains to be seen…But I’ll report back my results! This is the second time I’ve gotten in a bad situation with a Chinese shipper pretending to be close by, and now have two cases in PayPal against them.

    1. What did PayPal end up doing? I ordered TP, Lysol wipes, and wet wipes. I received a bag with 10 super small rolls, size of a pack of gum , that were supposed to be toilet paper. Unsanitary and unrolling. They are offering to give me a full refund if I return the items! Seriously? Obviously a scam can’t believe PayPal allows them to win this way. So much for PayPal protection.

  24. My comment is the same as others especially Michelle she told my story I order toilet paper nothing still haven’t received it received the email like a month ago saying sorry fir the delay your order on the way I responded back nothing no response to my email no product order and pay pal took there sweet time they don’t answer there lines due to Coronavirus so that wasn’t helpful
    Scam completely

  25. I did get my order but it was a waste of money..i wish i could post a photo on here..there are 24 rolls in here but you may use each roll probably a total of maybe 5x or less it depends on how much you use each time…it is not the normal size that we have here in the states. I am guessing and i might be wrong but the rolls that i have if you combined all of them together would make probably one or 2 rolls of toilet paper that we have in the states.

  26. Got my order but the jumbo rolls were not jumbo and looked like their ways only less that a forth of the roll left. On all 24 rolls.
    Looked like half of China used it up

  27. My tp is supposed to be here Saturday but I figured out they were a scam company the same damn night I ordered from them.

    Really kicked myself on this one…I can usually spot fake sites right away but everything seemed legit, until I received the PayPal confirmation with an Asian name. That’s when the lightbulb went off and I started digging.

    I immediately contacted them and said I wanted to cancel and that if they didn’t they’d be out of product and my money.
    They responded saying that it might be too late…in the SAME night! LOL

    I told them they can act like it’s too late or like they don’t understand but again, they’re going to be out of my money and their product. They didn’t respond back so I took care of business on my end.

    That same night I called my C.U. to report the scam and started a dispute which got my money back in 3 days. PayPal was on some BS talking about filing a claim and blah, blah, blah then I could get my money back after X-amount of days. SCREW that! It didn’t take X-amount of days for this person to scam me.

    Why is it, when it comes to doing right by the consumer, it’s always a hurry up and wait situation…but let one of us owe something, those bastards are coming with arms blazing.

    Well, that’s what I did too!

    We will see soon what this tp looks like IF it comes but from what I’ve read above, I’m glad I was proactive and got my money back right away instead of waiting.

  28. SCAM ALERT! Watch what and who you buy from. In my panic i ordered 2 24 packs of mega charmin rolls.
    I ordered on 3/18..3/19 my daughter called me and said mom you got scammed. The website hosted from Shopify
    This company claimed to be in the US.
    24 1/4 size rolls with 8 pieces of toliet paper.
    Inside the doll house rolls, imprinted in chinese. HA..i looked in my toilet papers that were store bough..no imprint.
    By the way, not boxed..but in a 11 by 11 envelope. I dont think 3 charmin mega rolls would fit in the envelope.
    Maybe my grand daughter can play with her American girl dolls and toilet paper.
    My oldest daughter laughed so hard when she saw them She post it on Facebook.
    SHE SAID: Mom really???
    You bought toilet paper from a store called shoespinks.com..lol
    I would have bought pink shoes.
    See what panic does to the normal mind?
    When you find something online thats hard to get:
    1-Check the year the site went up.
    2- Check their inventory..i didnt do this. If i would have thought to, i would have never bought from them.
    My daughter said when she bought her’s there were only around 20 items in the store—-LIGHT-BULB
    The packages i received were from China and at what i am seeing is they only did it for a week.
    Best to all and stay safe

  29. Ordered t.p. on 3/20 it arrived today 4/20 , i ordered 24 rolls..got 23 barbie size rolls and my bank statement says I paid $131.68..outside of chinese ems packaging sais 4 rolls of shoes! I laughed at seeing the t.p. until I opened my bank statement.I’m beyond pissed.

  30. This site was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Many thanks!

  31. I ordered toilet paper from this website and one called Carolikes. I spent $94.80 on one and almost $29.00 on the other. What I got in looked like rolls of the old adding machines paper!! Was supposed to be Charmin Mega rolls. Have been trying to get my money back with PayPal. I’ve got to ship the crap back to the seller, who I’ve since learned is the same crook in China. I received a label to have UPS use to ship back. UPS informs me it would be a MINIMUM of $200.00 each to do this! Plus I’m having a hard time trying to get this resolved with PayPal because I can’t talk to anyone and I send messages but apparently I can’t or don’t know the correct way!

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