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Shopgoodone Reviews [August] Is This A Legitimate site?

Shopgoodone Reviews [August] Is This A Legitimate site? -> The main intention behind having this article is to make the people aware of such an online web store and whether or not one should buy from one such.

Selecting the right option from a variety of clothing products available can be quite tricky. But are you hunting for the right spot to offer you different categories of products in one single store? If yes, then you have a halt at the very right page. It is the page where your search would come to an end.

There are no such specific Shopgoodone Reviews that talk about this website. However, the website seems to be a new website with shallow engagement in the social media pages. It comes with a friendly user interface that can help the readers to scroll down quickly.

This website is like any other United States website and comes with all the features standard across different websites.

Is Shopgoodone website Legit?

There are certain features and traits identified at this level that questions the genuineness of the website. Some of them include incorrect information about the company and its owner, no concrete online mode of payment, no external links, etc. However, as you go down the page, you will get more information about whether one should buy from this website or not.

What is the Shopgoodone website?

As per the information collected from Shopgoodone Reviews, the company claims to be one of the fastest and leading e-commerce online stores providing a wide range of clothing options to its customers. It ensures that the customer gets the products from the one-liner manufacturers at a reasonable and low price

Talking about the shipping option, the website claims to provide free shipping up to a specific amount, after which shipping charges are imposed on the customers to buy one. The company ensures that the products are shipped all around the world.

The Specifications of the Shopgoodone website:

  • Product Type: Women cloth collection
  • URL of the website: https://shopgoodone.com/ 
  • Address: Not available
  • Email ID: karahziziul@gmail.comPhone Number: 1-877-2534927
  • Shipping cost: Provides Worldwide Free Shipping Services over ₹3,674.16
  • Payment mode: Online payment mode
  • Refund: Option provided
  • Return: Option provided

The Pros of Buying from Shopgoodone website:

  • The website comes with a secured link which makes it secure for the customers or viewers to visit the webpage and view
  • It comes with a range of clothing option for its customers along with different size, length, and different currency options
  • The look of the website is pretty decent and is easy to use for any customer or consumer who walks through this page
  • The website offers services across the United States and other parts of the world as well which is an added point

The Cons of Buying from Shopgoodone website:

  • The website fails to have correct information i.e., the contact details are incorrect, and the physical address is not present on the website.
  • There is only one online mode of payment available, which is the PayPal option.
  • There is no correct email id, information about the owner or physical address about the inventory, or the store information.
  • The images and the information used on the website seem to be plagiarized and picked from other web pages. 

What are people saying about the Shopgoodone website?

There are no such Shopgoodone Reviews or engagement of the customers on the social media platform or any other source on the Internet. Moreover, there is no dedicated page for the customers to add their reviews on the web page. Hence, there is nothing much that could be retrieved from the information available online.

Final Verdict

There were no such standard Shopgoodone Reviews on the website or any other channel regarding this webstore. However, there was a specific glitch. To start with, this online apparel shopping store didn’t have any external links, neither it had any links to the social media page. On further research, there were social media pages found on the Internet with hardly any engagement.

Moreover, the website comes with only one mode of online payment i.e., PayPal. Apart from this, the website comes with information that questions whether the site is genuine or not. The contact details seem to be fake, and on the other hand, there is no information about the inventory or the physical address of the website. Summing the above information, it is clear that this, not the website that we would recommend for our buyers.

0 thoughts on “Shopgoodone Reviews [August] Is This A Legitimate site?

  1. I receive one of your sweaters & it was awful. It wasn’t at all what was pictured in your ad. Plus, a 10th grader could have made it on a
    knitting machine. The size wasn’t a 3x, either. I know this because I have 2 machine made sweaters for 40 yrs. I expect some thing to be
    done if you are what you say you are. I want the bulky sweater you show in your ad.

  2. saya usa but fear its a shop in China web page looks identical to one I purchased clothing from,bad decision,took total screwing and clothes are much smaller than usa made. went to send items back and shipping was 54.00,,i took a total loss,,just sayin!!

  3. I ordered two dolls as pictured on their website… they were adorable. They came today and they are NOTHING like what I ordered. I am so disappointed as they were to be Christmas gifts for small children. I want to return them and get a refund. Is this at all possible? This was a $70.00 purchase!!!

  4. I purchased some dolls on this site and was sent absolute garbage – not even close to the product shown! This site is a scam. You cannot contact any numbers listed on their site. This is disgraceful and they should be shut down. Buyer beware! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!

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