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Shoplauer.Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It?

Shoplauer.Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It? >> Read this review post to decide over this website. Get knowledge of Pros and Cons of using Shoplauer website!

Internet business is probably the ideal approach to arrive at shoppers; basically, it goes about as a compelling strategy during pandemics. From free home conveyance to the different limits and offers drove the customer to pick among a large number of choices. It is essential these days to clean ourselves. Be that as it may, the inquiry is from where you can purchase every one of these items? We need to present an internet business site named lauer shop and talk about the Shoplauer.com reviews.

There are a few online shops selling items in the United States, similar to hand wash sanitizers and everyday use items. Be that as it may, not many of them counterfeit items, client’s objections about the greater part of the sites they request from were fake. It is constantly an undertaking for the vast majority of the clients to get the genuine items. Now and then, it gets hard to state which an official site is.

You can likewise follow out whether a site is genuine or not by checking the official location of the site and different subtleties like telephone number and email-id. The majority of phoney sites shroud their character and contact data, even though there are loads of programming accessible to distinguish the authenticity of the website. 

The product can recognize the rankings, SSL encryption, and contribution in suspicious exercises. Loads of sites are additionally monitoring the site exercises.

What is shoplauer.com?

Shoplauer.com is an online store for women having hundreds of makeup products. The shop is dedicated to women; you can have various fancy items for women like star sticker USB cable, different varieties of a makeup bag, mobile phone back cover stylish hand mirror, grinder and designer tops, and lowers. It is the fancy online shop for women where you can get all the products at a low cost.

It is a Chinese website, the product you will receive will come from china so that it will take time for delivery as per the website policy. The company has mentioned its contact number, email-id, and official address. But the official address is not the full address, and it is not verified.

In the website, it is mention that they are available on all social media platforms, but when you click the social media icon, it will not connect to their page. Barely any clients are remarked that they enrolled themselves on the site and requested a couple of items. Be that as it may, they never got any items, they attempt to call the client care, and however, they never react. It is smarter to avoid such kinds of sites which is uncertain and disagreeable. 

Making a site is simple; there are bunches of free programming accessible. The greater part of the phoney sites put counterfeit pictures of the items or duplicates glue the photograph of the model. Along these lines, it is prescribed those purchase items from the genuine main store which had a client base and surveys.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of Shoplauer.com)

Pros of Shoplauer.com

  • The website is having a wide range of makeup products like Palette, skin frost, lipsticks, and eyelashes.
  • Shoplauer.com is likewise giving a discount alternative where anybody can turn into a retailer by requesting the item structure the site in a ton. 
  • Shoplauer.com is offering a level 30% rebate on items; they are additionally running a deal where the items are accessible at a low cost.

Cons of Shoplauer.com

  • The most significant thing for any site is to give a confirmed location and contact number, which Shoplauer.com don’t have. 
  • Shoplauer.com doesn’t have any page via social networking media with the goal that that client can put their views and give feedback
  • The transaction is safe because Shoplauer.com is utilizing SSL encryption 
  •      Shop lauer is concealing the subtleties of the proprietor

Exchange and Return policy

  • A product like lipstick once sold, it won’t be acknowledged as arrival in light of clean issues. 
  • You can restore the item just when the pack is free, harmed or seal is broken. 
  • You can restore the item inside 14 days; however, the item should be in its unique condition. All the labels and stickers must be legitimate and in exchange condition. 
  • You can request a discount; on the off chance that you don’t care for the thing, the organization will credit the sum inside 30 days.


We furnished all the data related to the Shoplauer.com reviews and gave our unprejudiced lauer reviews. Now it is up to you and your decision.

0 thoughts on “Shoplauer.Com Reviews [April] – Should You Buy From It?

  1. I ordered from them an item that was $94.99 which I never received. I received a 1″ plastic penguin…like you would get out of a gumball machine. I assume they shipped that so it would show a delivery was made. I file a complaint with PayPal. Do Not buy anything from these people. It shows it came from the U.S. but they are in China. They are a fraud and criminals. I have had no response from them to yet concerning this matter.

      1. Thank you so much!!!!! I was about to order- I knew it was too good to be true. I’m sorry they ripped you off…

        1. Thank you so much for your review. I’m sorry that happened to you. I looked up reviews before buying a patio set for 94 dollars after getting drug through the mud by couponins.com for pants that paypal will not refund me for.

        2. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. I ordered through PayPal and recieved a taking number that said it was delivered. I never got item. Called ups and the tracking number was to a totally different address. I then opened a PayPal dispute which they denied bc there was what looked to be legit taking and delivery. I then called PayPal and they are going to contact ups to confirm false tracking in order to appeal my case. If you purchased through PayPal and filed a denied dispute, please call. Call ups too. These people need to be shown they can’t get away with this.

        3. Thursday April 15th I ordered what seemed to be a trampoline for 94.99$ the item says it was delivered on the 16th the tracking number was a US amazon number and I never received anything from them. I didn’t even realize the trampoline was through a foreign county until after I ordered

          1. I had the EXACT same thing happen to me,, even down to the amount charged,, and i ordered an adult bicycle from them. Here’s what I ended up doing:
            If you haven’t already, call your bank and dispute the charge. Gather up all you’re evidence from shoplauer.com, showing what you ordered and the shipping address you gave them. Then call UPS and have them send you delivery confirmation, showing the address it was shipped to and the address it was delivered to. Also have your denied PayPal disputes handy. Your bank should take care of it for you.

        1. Hello All,

          Do not buy from this website!!! I ordered a kids bouncy house and I was informed that it was delivered on April 22nd at 10:37 am. I finally got in touch with UPS and the package was delivered to another address under a different recipient name. I’m going to call my bank tomorrow and figure out that I need to do.

      1. Thanks to all the reviews made up my mind I was iffy about buying something not going to give my money to this website

    1. Was it the kitchen set because I iust placed an order for it yesterday and haven’t gotten a confirmation email and I am about to call my bank cancel the charge and get it somewhere else .

    2. I did same thing recently, after paying by PayPal I got receipt and seen Chinese lettering on invoice I new something wrong about this site, I’m sure I probably got scammed, haven’t received a email of order, nothing, I better contact PayPal, definitely don’t buy from them,

    3. Thanks – I was considering buying the Dewalt 1/2 Drive impact wrench – you saved me so much trouble and money.


      1. I ordered a swing set, I tried to cancel with PayPal but was told it was already pending and we couldn’t stop it. I contacted my bank and hopefully they will be able to help me. The emails plus number that are website are no good. Don’t buy anything from these pple!!

    4. Thanks, I was just about to order the inflatable bounce house/water slide… I knew $$$ It was to good too be true! Sorry that you lost your money and thanks for looking out.

    5. i ordered the samson 10 tray food dehydrator and i got ripped off. no order confirmation, no email reply. hate these ppl, they jacked me for $100

      1. I ordered a Makita Blower on April 17,2020 and they Never got back with me!!! I sent messeges and Nothing!!! It was too good to be truth! $94.99, paypal sent me a recive and it has an email that says vindamall@hotmail.com but No answer! Please DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM, I AM HEART BROKEN IT WAS A GIFT.

        1. Same thing happened to me, I really wish I had found this before I jumped into this sale. I ordered on April 17th, 2020. I got all my receipts saved so reporting them at the least shows who is responsible. The investigator told me they have until June 1st to reply then other actions will be taken. I probably won’t see my money either, Yes, $94.99. It was a Portable Table Saw. I had no idea it was in another country until I was charged an international fee from my bank. You know how much I want to see Karma in action for these people. Best of luck y’all

    6. DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!! ITS A SCAM. Work with your bank, it’s the only recourse you have. Deny the charge, report it to them as a scam. There is absolutely no help on the website for through pay pal. Your bank is the only one that can help you once this is done.

    7. I order a weight bench for $94.94 on April 15th and never received an email about my order being processing nor anything on shipping . Their email and phone number are fake. I wish I had of investigated this website before I spent my money . I hope I can get my money back. Don’t order anything from them.

      1. I’ve had exactly the same experience (item and price) on April 13th. I wish I had done more research before ordering. I can’t even find the website I ordered from!

  2. Thanks for your comment Lee. I was just about to order a squat / bench rack. I already put in all my information, all I had to do was hit the checkout button. Decided to go online first though to find reviews.

    You helped me out tremendously and I appreciate it. I will not be buying anything from this site.

  3. All I want is for sites like yours to invest in some decent editing! It’s really hard to take an article seriously when the grammar is so horrific. It hurts my brain to try and comprehend what you’ve written. Your point is totally lost in bad wording and run on sentences . If you paid attention, these were the basics that they taught you in GRADE SCHOOL!!!!

      1. This is a shitty site, out to foul scam people. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR ANYTHING ON THIS SITE. Looks good, you get a receipt and you cannot retrieve any info. No return email back in when possibly on any delivery info. I regretted so much not checking the reviews before buying.

  4. Oh wow I purchased an item from them as well for $94.99 I emailed in even tried to call but haven’t gotten an response yet! I’m about to just file an dispute/complaint with PayPal in hopefully I get my money back!

    1. I had the EXACT same thing happen to me,, even down to the amount charged,, and i ordered an adult bicycle from them. Here’s what I ended up doing:
      If you haven’t already, call your bank and dispute the charge. Gather up all you’re evidence from shoplauer.com, showing what you ordered and the shipping address you gave them. Then call UPS and have them send you delivery confirmation, showing the address it was shipped to and the address it was delivered to. Also have your denied PayPal disputes handy. Your bank should take care of it for you.

  5. Oh wow! Sorry to hear that, smh. Just was about to place an order. Got that it’s to good to be true feeling. Thanks good to know!

    1. I’m ashamed to say I fell for this site even after doing some research to see if it was legit. It had a SSL and email address so I ordered and used Paypal. Never received confirmation. I emailed the site twice requesting confirmation of shipment and of course no response. My order wasn’t for make-up. I had did a google search for a food sealer nesco v12 and this site came up as one of the first. The site did show makeup but also had housewares in it so I figured it just carried a little bit of everything like wish does. Wish may take a while to receive but at least you receive your orders. This site is a total SCAM. Already filed with Paypal for my refund. Do not purchase from this site.

  6. Well, I have probably been scammed! I purchased a swing set for my in-home daycare from shoplauer.com. I paid through PayPal (hoping to secure my banking info). The product cost was $94.99, but worth over $300.00. I guess all I can do now is wait and see.

  7. I ordered a descaling kit from them. Never received, never got an email no tracking number nothing!! I have started the resolution process through paypal, so far, someone responded with a tracking number saying it was delivered yesterday. I called ups, they said that was someone els’s tracking number and not mine. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE

  8. I have ordered from this site. Through PayPal and tried to cancel. Right after I was about to make a payment. Then all of a sudden PayPal took the payment and told me that I could not cancel. So I tried making a dispute and they denied my complaint. I have written to do called emails and yet have I heard from anyone.

  9. I placed an order for $94.94 and they billed my Paypal account twice, under two different names. No email confirmation of my order. Now disputing both charges. One as unauthorized and one because the company will not respond to any inquiries about the order.

      1. We order the same bike last april 15th and was delivered yesterday to the wrong address. Now we’re tracking the package and the ow er of that address said they didn’t recieve any package yesterday. Hoping and praying we can get our money back

        1. I had the EXACT same thing happen to me,, even down to the amount charged,, and i ordered an adult bicycle from them. Here’s what I ended up doing:
          If you haven’t already, call your bank and dispute the charge. Gather up all you’re evidence from shoplauer.com, showing what you ordered and the shipping address you gave them. Then call UPS and have them send you delivery confirmation, showing the address it was shipped to and the address it was delivered to. Also have your denied PayPal disputes handy. Your bank should take care of it for you.

      2. Good Luck, I’ve been trying since the first night I realized I had made a mistake. They will send you a fake UPS tracking number and when you click on it has already been delivered and signed for. They are SCAMMERS, DAMN I am so pissed at myself. I’ve been emailing and with PAYPAL Good Luck with them. They SUCK too! Good Luck Jay, please let me know if you have any Luck!

  10. Yo morons asking what was bought. Does it really matter what was purchased? If for one minute you think that you’re going to get a swing set, Jacuzzi, motor bike, grill or anything of value from these people you are in for a surprise and snookered out of your cash. Remember the old adage, if it looks too good to be true it probably is. Hell, the damn shipping for any of their items is more than the asking price. Be smart, remember the adage and good luck with paypal, you’re gonna need it with them.

  11. So apparently all of the items they sell are for $94.99? There must be some reason (legally) that they keep the prices at that amount. I was considering placing an order but had never heard of the site so figured I’d better dig around. Thanks for the reviews and comments, they helped me avoid a huge mistake.

  12. I found a playard from “ Graco” with the“ Amari” Description for $49.00 when is $139.00at Amazon. So it’s posible that could be a scam, also.

  13. Same thing happened to me! I knew something was wrong as soon a checked out and was not given a tracking number. PayPal is zero help do to the pandemic, how low do you have to be to scam people during a pandemic.


    I was given a fake tracking number and NEVER received my item and they won’t answer complaint email or any email.

  16. I got ahead of myself and ordered a pair of hair clippers for $49.95 and now that I’m looking at other people’s reviews about it, I think I got scammed. I’ve got a receipt number and a confirmation email from PayPal saying the payment went through so all I can do now is wait and see.

  17. Thanks for posting the comments I want a trampoline but wondered why this one was under $100… I’ll save my money lol

  18. Purchased an air conditioner for $72.99 including shipping… Says a .20 lb package was delivered Wich I never received. An air conditioner weights more then .20 lbs. Anyways filed a claim with PayPal and my bank. I guess we will see how it goes.

  19. So funny how everyone that is posting in here, all of our items were 94.99! How do people want to take hard working citizen’s money??? SMH! Thank you for this because I myself just about lost 94.99 of my hard earned money.

  20. i wanted to buy the duna infant seat for$94.99 reg$500.00 i gave my info so i closed my account on paypal now

  21. Definitely a scam, I bought the trampoline and did not receive it. My shit was sent from Illinois and it says that it was 6 lbs instead of 330lbs.

  22. This is a scam ordered an item also 9499 received a tracking number said it was delivered and signed for I contacted UPS they say the tracking number came from Amazon and was signed for by buyer, UPS would not provide the address that it went to but informed me that the tracking number was not associated with my shipping address whatever you do do not buy from these scamming fucks!

  23. They got me too, on a coffee grinder. Was also a bit leery since the price was rather low – $100 for a $130 machine. Turns out I was way off, because the model they were quoting is actually $200.
    PayPal receipt has a different name than the seller, and the email address is one that’s been associated with scammers (@yeah.net).
    Email today claiming the package has been shipped via UPS and eventually delivered. PayPal transaction ID is bogus, UPS tracking number has different shipper and not even going to my ZIP code. UPS help line indicated the package wasn’t even to my ZIP code, and the shipper was Amazon. Obviously these crooks are faking the UPS tracking info too.
    I’ve filed disputes with PayPal and the vendor of the prepaid Visa gift card I used.

  24. i ordered a leaf blower for $99. Got a tracking number but no package.. when I tried to reach out by e-mail never got a response back. I called ups for tracking they said they do have that tracking information but it is not linked to me in any way. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!! SCAMM

  25. Yup I guess we were all FOOLS! I was scammed with these people, they Suck ass! I bought a Graco Stroller with the infant carrier for $99.94 on Friday, and I bought it thru PayPal thinking it was a safer way of doing this transaction, well bullshit. I placed the order and NEVER received a confirmation email, nothing! I tried to cancel the payment and it was to late all I received was a stupid receipt from PayPal with a weird email address and nothing else. Today I receive a freaking tracking number from PayPal and guess what, that tracking number was already delivered and signed for, plus the item for that tracking weighed 1.70 lbs, seriously a Stroller and Carrier does not weigh 1 freaking pound! We are going thru some shit for people like this to take advantage of the situation! IT SUCK! STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE AND SCAMMERS!

  26. Scammed by them for a $94.00 trampoline, I am so mad at myself. I am currently pestering PayPal until they settle my dispute. From my understanding shoplauer is also able to hack in UPS and manufacture and manipulate tracking numbers. If enough people dispute with PayPal they will figure out this is a fraudulent site.

  27. This site is a scam. Product was said to be shipped and delivered but I did not receive an item. There was a shipping package that weighed .5 pounds when clearly The item I bought was heavier. I bought it on the 16th and received it the 17th. Let’s be honest not even prime shipping from Amazon is that good.

  28. SCAM!!!!!! DO NOT BUY FROM ,I was able to get my money refunded thru pay pal , they will send you a used tracking number saying your item was delivered, this is a scam website

  29. Me paso lo mismo no compren en ese sitio wed son personas que solo estafan a la gente .compre un artículo de 99.94 y nunca llego paypal deberia hacer algo al respecto..

    1. The same thing happened to me do not buy on that website are people who only cheat people. I bought an article from 99.94 and I never got paypal I should do something about it ..

  30. I am a victim as well, same as all of you! I actually can’t believe that I didn’t look for reviews before I’ve ordered! I have just submitted and FTC complaint, I intend to stop this site no matter what it takes! Unbelievable!

  31. SCAM WEBSITE! Buyer beware, you will never receive an item. This is a scam website. Somehow they have figured out for their site to come up in “shopping” on google for any big ticket item. It’s a make up website selling bounce houses, Trampolines and bike trailers, no way. Total scam. Don’t fall for it. You’ll have to fight PayPal for a refund and UPS CUSTOMER SERVICE to provide you with proof that it wasn’t delivered to you !

  32. I purchased a bench top planer April 14th. I have emailed the seller to no avail, they have not returned my email. No phone number given so I cannot call them. I tried filing a complaint with Paypal to no avail either. I have my receipt of purchase, transaction number, etc. It should not take a month to ship something, even with a virus going around. Pretty sad so many people are being scammed!

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