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Shoppica Reviews [June] First Know if it is It Legit!

Shoppica Reviews [June] First Know if it is It Legit! -> This article talks about a web store to build a website with unique themes.

Are you stuck while creating your website? The Shoppica Reviews will guide you through your trouble, to begin with, your online business.

During this lockdown and quarantine, many people gave a thought to their start-ups. People who decided to begin with their plans included setting up a website but couldn’t and got stuck. There are a lot many websites in the United States that help in developing a web store. Shoppica.net is one of those. However, it differs in several ways.

Shoppica.net is an Open Cart theme provider for your website. Go ahead and try it. But before that, know about it more. 

What is Shoppica?

Shoppica.net allows you to use modern and clean themes for any website. The colours of all the elements can change with Shoppica.net, making your website a unique e-commerce site that would stand out in the crowd. 

The headings and sub-headings can have a colour of its own because there are a variety of colours. And in that case, anything on your website can have any colour. They have a new markup that is SEO friendly and semantic and is based on the 960 grid system. They offer fixed width and full-width styles and configurable left and right column positions. 

They give two different options to choose from for the display of products in each row- 

  1. Listings: 3, Home Page: 2
  2. Listings: 4, Home Page: 6

Moving forward towards intro slideshow, they provide an option for you to show the selected items from the catalogue or the uploaded images. They also offer the option to use a different slideshow for subcategories and categories.

Shoppica reviews reveal that there is also an option of horizontal navigation with unlimited levels of subcategory. Many people in the United States like this website because they have a custom cart menu dropdown option available for the users. 

Similarly, they have numerous options available on their site to develop a website. Along with that, they also have different categories containing products for sale, like shoes, bags, etc.

Specifications of Shoppica

  • Website link: http://shoppica.net/
  • Website type: A web store to build a website with unique themes
  • Shipping time: Not defined on the website
  • Delivery time: Not particularized on the website
  • Cancellation: Not stipulated on the website
  • Exchange/ Return: Not conditioned on the website
  • Refund: Not stated on the website
  • Shipping cost: Not affirmed on the website
  • Company location: Not declared on the website
  • Email id: sales@mydomain.com, info@mydomain.com
  • Contact: 321321321, 123123123  
  • Mode of payment: Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express

Who is Shoppica for

This website is best for those who are willing to create a new website or purchase some items online. They have a variety of options in terms of website creation.

Let us dig deep into what the pros and cons of using this website are.

Pros of Shoppica

  • They have a variety of options for creating a website.
  • They also have various products on sale.
  • They are linked to another known name called ThemeBrun.

Cons of Shoppica

  • They are not SSL certified and hence are not secured.
  • They use ‘.net.’ and not ‘.com.’ which is quite risky.
  • They do not have social media links in the name of Shoppica.

Reviews about Shoppica

Looking towards the reviews of the customers, we can see that there are ratings mentioned on the products that are on sale on the website. However, the reviews and names of the customers cannot be read. 

Moreover, the website is not secured as the IP link mentions HTTP and not HTTPS, which is not secured. Also, they say that they are a site that helps in customizing your website, but they are showcasing products on sale on their website. They have not provided correct contact information as well. The website shows no signs of reliability.


The website seems to have copied its content from another site as the Home Page is written in the Latin language. Also, the reviews for this website are nowhere to be seen. Furthermore, the social networking link they provide connects to a different company’s page named ThemeBurn.

We do not recommend this website to our customers after observing the information provided above. Nonetheless, we have declared enough information for our readers to make a wise choice in relying on this website. 

Have you purchased any item or created your website using Shoppica.net lately? Kindly share your views or if you know anything more about them in the comments section below. 

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  1. I ordered a dog kennel and the travmcking number is f as ke,the email to contact them is invalid! I have sent them several messages with no reply! Do not order anything from Shoppica!

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