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Shotgun Fortnite Chapter 3 {Feb} Find Location, Reviews

There are many shotguns in Shotgun Fortnite Chapter 3. Read to find where to get them and equip them.

With the latest update on 1st February, Fortnite’s big shotgun is ready to be equipped by the players. The return of Shotgun Fortnite Chapter 3 has excited the users WorldwideThe latest update, 1’sv19.20, is released on 1st February 2022. The shotgun first appeared in 2018 in the v3.3.1 update, where it was the most advanced weapon for long-range flights. It was sure to damage large structures, but after a few months, it became unavailable in Fortnite. 

Specifications of Fortnite Chapter 3 

Fortnite Chapter 3 has flipped certain islands from the previous chapter. The winter in Chapter 3 is significantly cool, and places like Logjam Lumberyard and Greasy Grove can be used for a short stoppage. Apart from the return of Shotgun Fortnite Chapter 3, Fortnite Chapter 3 will also see the bolded locations and certain grassland fields. 

The weapons in the chapter are very exciting. First, players can equip Sidearm Pistol with increased accuracy, and it can be used to hit the target at close range. Usually, players underestimate this weapon, but it can be used for a perfect headshot. Then you have an Auto Shotgun which has the fastest fire capability and loads two shells at a time before striking medium-range damage. Then you have the Striker Pump Shotgun, which does the maximum damage. 

Where to Get Shotgun Fortnite Chapter 3?

The shotguns can be found at random places like chests, grounds, supply drops etc. Looking at the official memo, the newest shotgun is better at long range but requires more accuracy. However, more than anything, the advent of the Striker Pump Shotgun has excited the fans. But after looking at the players’ reviews, one can say that they have not enjoyed the new shotgun as it is a bit slow. 

It has always been an issue with Fortnite that shotguns were slow, nerfed, and full of disappointments, and this continued with Shotgun Fortnite Chapter 3. This dissuades players from using these shotguns. Instead, the players went for Stinger SMG, which is used for close-range combat and has been a very specific and accurate weapon in chapter 3. The use of MK-Seven AR in Fortnite Chapter 3 is also appreciated for medium-range combat. 

Reviews of Players on Shotguns 

After looking at the reviews, it can be said that the shotguns are not much liked due to their less speed and other problems as depicted above. The designs are good, but long-range combat is not as systematic and specific as the close and medium-range combats are.


There are many shotguns in Shotgun Fortnite Chapter 3. They can be found randomly at places like grounds, chests etc. The players have equipped them, but their reviews were not appreciated as the speed, and other factors came into the way. To know more, see Fortnite Battle Royale v19.20 Update.

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