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Showd Wordle {June} Explore All Hints, Answer To Quiz!

This article on Showd Wordle guides you with details about the Wordle 348 Solution and a brief about the gameplay of this game. To read more, check below.

Are you looking for details for an answer, tips and hints for Wordle 348? Are you finding difficulty in solving today’s puzzle? If yes, then we are helping you out. While the mystery seems easy and exciting to answer, you may require some clues.

Wordle is a famous game played by all players in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. This post will help you understand details about this popular game, Wordle 348 and Showd Wordle.

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Wordle 348 – How to Solve?

Every wordle player is excited about finding an answer to each day’s puzzle, and so for today’s Puzzle 348, most players thought and gave a wrong answer as ‘Showd.’ The exact solution to today’s Wordle is ‘Showy.’

Wordle 348 – Hints:

  • The answer has only 1 vowel
  • The vowel is positioned in the middle
  • The answer has a first 4 letter word which is commonly used

The exact solution to Wordle 348 can be guessed very commonly. Even keeping these clues in mind, people thought the actual answer was ‘Showd’, which is incorrect.

Explore List of All Clues to Showd Game Wordle:

Based on the above clues, we can list some words mentioned below: –

  • shown
  • showy
  • showd
  • shows

The exact answer is ‘SHOWY’ out of all the listed clues.

Wordle Game:

Josh Wardle is the developer of this game. It is a quiz game based on words played by every player worldwide. In this interesting game, users are provided with some clues, and they need to find a 5-letter-word based on the hints.

Similar to previous answers, each solution should have proper meaning. As people guessed the answer as ‘SHOWD’ and therefore, they searched Is Showd a Word. Yes, it is a word which has the meaning –  ‘to sway here and there. Now, we read below what exactly are the rules for this gameplay.

Wordle Gameplay:

  • Visit the official link of the game Wordle.
  • Observe all the hints and think of a 5-letter word covering those points.
  • Users will get six chances to solve the puzzle.
  • Once you put your hint, the colour change will depict if your guess is correct.
  • The green colour depicts a right guess. The yellow colour depicts the letter position as incorrect.
  • As found in the Showd Wordle hint, the grey colour depicts a wrong guess, when you put the ‘D’ letter at the last place for the today’s answer.
  • If players want to socialize their effort, they can share them within the friend circle.


The exact answer to today’s wordle 348 was common and easy, and the answer is ‘SHOWY’. This article has given the players all clues, hints, rules and correct answers to today’s Wordle, and still, if you want more details on the Wordle 348, click here on this link.

Is this article on Showd Wordle helpful for you? Please share your opinions below.

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