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Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com Reviews {May 2021} Legit?

Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com Reviews {May 2021} Legit? >> This portal sells a massive range of lingerie and other female sleep-wears. But do check the above blog before buying some only to repent later.

We know you are having sleepless nights whether to buy lingerie from Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com or not? Moreover, the attractive prices on the site are wooing you, but at the same time, you are looking for Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com Reviews to clear all your doubts about the portal. 

This portal is currently making rounds in the shopping community in India. So, dear, let us inform you of all the details about it. 

What Is Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com?

Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com is an online e-commerce portal. The portal is known for selling specific female items such as lingerie, nightwear, and other female clothes. 

 But please don’t sign off from this blog right now; your doubt Is Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com Legit needs some more answers.

Specification of Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com

The website has not much specification given except for a few. Let us see what these are?

  • Type of Portal- An online e-commerce portal selling lingerie and other nightwear for females.
  • Address- physical Address has not been mentioned.
  • Website- https://silkysmooth99.myshopify.com/ Email Address– care.silkysmooth@gmail.com
  • Contact Detail- Not given on website—pkjhgfjhgfdsqwdfghjx8
  • Sort by Category– Not available 
  • Product Price– given in rupees denomination
  • Shipping- free shipping on selected orders only
  • Cash on Delivery– available for certain products
  • Change in Address after order- not such information available
  • Exchange Policy- while searching for Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com Reviews, we found no such policy mentioned on the website.
  • Return and Replacement Policy- no such policy mentioned 
  • Payment– one of the strange things is that it entertains only cash on Delivery
  • Customer Review- no such section given on the website, only a few customer reviews popping on the homepage
  • User-friendly– provides an easy sign-up and sign-in option.


To my despair, I didn’t find any advantage in shopping here except for the following-

  • Guaranteed discount on every product.
  • Free Delivery on orders 
  • Myriad of products in the lingerie section. This is something that we have already discussed earlier in this Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com Reviews.
  • All over India delivery. So, no need to order products from relatives living in your nearest town for Delivery. 


The cons outnumber the pros here. These are the disadvantages of buying from Silkysmoth99 Myshopify com –

  • Firstly, its authenticity– physical Address is not given on this portal. 
  • Secondly, clothes are of any brand of substantial value.
  • Thirdly, no return policy has been given. So, if you want to return your products, this would be a nightmare for you.
  • And finally, there is a trust issue with this website.

Is Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com Legit?

I know most of you must have made your mind about shopping from this website. But do continue to read this blog to know more. Based on the points given below, let us check its legitimacy.

  • Domain Age– The website has been created on 3 March 2006. It means the website is in operation for the last 15 years.
  • Trust Score of Website– The website trust score is 25 per cent which is of the category “Bad Trust Score”.
  • Absence of Physical Address-The portal has no physical address available. This is something that raises the issue of its legitimacy.
  • Issue of Data Security– The portal has been padlocked with https. It means that your data is in encrypted form and not for sale on the ‘Dark Net’.
  • Absence of Social Media Links– No such attachments available. Social media links have become a benchmark for legit websites. So, most of Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com Reviews have categorized it as a suspicious website.

After looking at the above, it is crystal clear that the website has trust and legitimacy issues. I know you are a rational buyer, and you should make the decision based on the above analysis. Do you want to know about paypal scam? Click here to know more. 

Customer Reviews

Due to the lack of social media attachments and the absence of the review section on the website, not much has been said about this shopping portal. Moreover if you have suffered any Credit Card related issue, tap here to read another article

Final Verdict

After going through the mentioned points, we, as sensible customers, should not be engaging with such a shopping portal when better alternatives are available. We have given you the tools to analyze this the site deserves your hard-earned money or not? But the final call should be yours.

What is your opinion regarding Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com Reviews? Let’s us know via comments. Further if you are looking for more details, watch this video


4 thoughts on “Silkysmooth99 Myshopify com Reviews {May 2021} Legit?

  1. You are just make fool of people.
    I ordered innerwear in cotton set of 6 and i received only bra liked used and totally different from ordered product.
    I not happy with this product

  2. You are just make fool of people.
    I ordered innerwear in cotton set of 6 and i received only bra liked used and totally different from ordered product.
    I am not happy with this product. I am very disappointed with this product entire my online shopping.

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