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Silver Dragon Pet Sim X (Dec 2021) Detailed Categories!

This topic below has complete details of Silver Dragon Pet Sim X to help you learn more about this mythical pet, the all-new update in the Roblox games.

Do you have a craze for Roblox games and their new updates? New gameplay has been introduced in the Roblox game, Pet Sim X.

This new update from Roblox officials has made Roblox players across the Philippines, United States, and other world areas crazier and thrilled than ever before.

If you are also interested in the Roblox games and waiting for updates or the latest additives, you must read about Silver Dragon Pet Sim X in the article below.

What is Silver Dragon?

A Mythical Pet, Silver Dragon, is a new Pet Simulator X addition to the online Roblox games. You can obtain it through the Egg of Many Gifts with a few chances.

It is of three types, which are as follows:

  • Regular
  • Golden, and 
  • Dark Matter

The specs or stats of Silver Dragon are as follows:

  • Rainbow Level – 106 b
  • Golden Level – 46 b
  • Level – 15 b
  • Rarity- Mythical
  • Hatched From – Christmas Tree Egg and Egg os Many Gifts

You may continue reading about Silver Dragon’s features and what makes it distinctive in the Roblox games.

Is there a chance to hatch Silver Dragon Pet Sim X?

Roblox’s staff or its team is yet to know the chances to hatch the eggs. However, the strong assumptions associated with Pet Database openings are as follows:

  • The chances to hatch eggs in the Christmas tree is about 0.00963 per cent.
  • The chances to hatch eggs in the Egg of Many Gifts is around 0.000484 per cent.

What are the details of Silver Dragon in Trivia?

You can’t obtain this recently launched pet after the 2021 Christmas Event. It is among the four mythical that you may hatch from two distinctive Silver Dragon Pet Sim X eggs, which a few others are Ghoul Horse, Silver Stag, and Santa Paws. 

What are the categories of Silver Dragon?

The categories that make the Silver Dragon most liked among the Roblox users and most distinctive are as follows:

  • Pet
  • Pet Simulator X
  • Mythical, and Stub

Besides, there are Dragon, Limited, and pet Simulator X or Christmas Event 2021.

How to buy Silver Dragon?

Several platforms currently deal with Silver Dragon, such as ebay, zeusx, and many more shopping sites. It is a virtual item that you may not get immediately.

When you plan to buy Silver Dragon Pet Sim X, you must mention your Roblox username to get fast delivery. Besides, it will be delivered to you only if you have parental permission or are more than eighteen years.

However, the team will record your message as proof of delivery when you receive them, as these are virtual items. You can click here to find Do All The Robux Generators Unsafe before you start playing. 

Final Verdict:

Recent gameplay, Silver Dragon, has been introduced by the Roblox team and is available for purchase.

It is a virtual item, and various factors depend on the hatching of eggs. Besides, you cannot obtain Silver Dragon Pet Sim X after 2021 Christmas.

Moreover, many additional facts are here to read about Silver Dragon . Please leave comments.

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