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Simple Cool Automatic Money Coin {April} A Crypto Token!

Simple Cool Automatic Money Coin {April} A Crypto Token!>> Do the people’s comments about the new token of crypto are raising doubts in your mind? Read the article and get the details of the token.

Are you looking for the new token of cryptocurrency? Well, our today’s article will throw light on the highlights of an automatic money coin. Countries like the United States are full of people who show a keen interest in digital currency. They always keep themselves updated with new tokens and coins entering the digital world.

Let’s get some details of Simple Cool Automatic Money Coin that is grabbing the attention of investors these days. Stay tuned with us till the article ends.

What is a Simple Cool Automatic Money Token?

It is another crypto token added to the world of cryptocurrency. BscScan is sharing the details of the token and warning the people to avoid using it. The suspicious value of the total supply of tokens available with the portal is arousing people’s curiosity.

Let’s have a look at some key points of the token – 

  • The supply available with the company is 9,999,999,999,999.99, which is a scam
  • Users are showing their interest in this new token and are putting comments on reddit.
  • Simple Cool Automatic Money Price available on the portal is $0.000
  • On Twitter, scam safe finance is posting tweets regarding the scam crypto token.

How are people reacting to the new crypto token?

We have explored contradictory comments from the users. Some are considering the coin to be legit that offers support and development in the digital world. People were waiting for such type of cryptocurrency.

While on the other hand, the previous supply before dumping was 75% and certainly got reduced to 50 %. The decrease in the amount has shown the sign of suspicion.


The new crypto token is not good to be purchased. Only a few users are satisfied with it. The Simple Cool Automatic Money Coin is well explained in the article. We advise you to look for some other crypto tokens available in the market and earn significant profits by exchanging them. 

Which crypto token you often use? Please share your thoughts about it in the comment section available below.

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