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Simulator Anime Champions Codes: Check Information On Passives, And Dungeon Fighters Perks

Discover the hottest Anime game codes for exclusive perks—level up effortlessly with Souls Simulator X Passives, Dungeon Fighters, and Simulator Anime Champions Codes

Worldwide gamers are seeking easy-to-follow tips, latest codes, and insider strategies to unlock powerful perks, enhance gameplay, and stay ahead in the world of Anime games. Elevate your gaming journey with these must-know codes to become a champion in the virtual realm! Check Simulator Anime Champions Codes.

About Simulator Anime Champions Codes:

Anime Champions Simulator (ACS) is your gateway to an epic anime adventure! Dive into a vibrant world packed with cool skills, exciting controls, and challenging bosses. Master unique abilities, explore diverse maps, and interact with lively NPCs. Earn in-game items, currencies, and powerful weapons. Stay updated with regular game knacks, featuring melee and ranged combat, buffs, debuffs, and more.

Code Reward
FreeWilly New rewards
LagBeGone New rewards
MageWarrior New rewards
SafetyFirst New rewards

About Anime Souls Simulator X Passives:

Unlock your anime hero potential in Anime Souls Simulator X with a powerful passive spin for Reaper, Electric, and Strong with unique chances and boosts. From increased Souls and Energy to enhanced Damage and Swing Speed, collect rare passives to elevate your gameplay. Achieve godly status with the elusive Protagonist and God passives once you reach Sins Kingdom. 

About Anime Souls Simulator X Passives

Here are the 8 passives in Anime Souls Simulator X:

Reaper :

  • Level I: x1.1 Souls, Chance – 1 in 2.8
  • Level II: x1.25 Souls, Chance – 1 in 2.8
  • Level III: x1.5 Souls, Chance – 1 in 2.8

Electric in Anime Souls Simulator X Passives:

  • Level I: x1.1 Energy, Chance – 1 in 2.8
  • Level II: x1.25 Energy, Chance – 1 in 2.8
  • Level III: x1.5 Energy, Chance – 1 in 2.8


  • Level I: x1.1 Damage, Chance – 1 in 3.6
  • Level II: x1.25 Damage, Chance – 1 in 3.6
  • Level III: x1.5 Damage, Chance – 1 in 3.6


  • x1.3 Swing Speed, Chance – 1 in 40


  • x2 Energy, Chance – 1 in 133. 
  • Check about Anime Dungeon Fighters Codes in below section.


  • x1.75 Energy & Souls, Chance – 1 in 400


  • x3 Energy & Damage, Chance – 1 in 1000


  • x5 Energy, x4 Damage, x1.3 Swing Speed, Chance – NA


  • x8 Energy, x6 Damage, 40% Swing, Chance – 0.00025%

Latest Passives Anime Souls Simulator X codes:

Code Reward
5klikes 1x All Potions, 10x Avatar Spins, 10x Passive Tokens
3KLIKES 1x All Potions
RELEASE 1x All Potions
1KLIKES 1x All Potions

About Anime Dungeon Fighters:

Anime Dungeon Fighters is an exciting Roblox game that immerses players in a virtual anime universe. 

About Anime Dungeon Fighters

Here, you engage in epic battles against iconic characters like Goku, Luffy, and Naruto, whether they’re heroes or villains. The game’s mission? Conquer anime legends and formidable monsters, aiming to ascend as the ultimate anime fighter.

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Anime Dungeon Fighters Codes:

Code Reward
WEEKENDGIFT1 50 cos coins and 500 gems
NEWGAME2 50 cos coins
NEWGAME 1k gems

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To unleash bonuses in Simulator Anime Champions, Anime Souls Simulator X, and Anime Dungeon Fighters, follow these simple steps: Launch the respective game, find the “Codes” section, input the provided code, and click “Redeem” to bask in instant rewards. Please note that the game codes are case-sensitive. Henceforth, copy the codes instead of typing them.

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