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Simulator Code X Steampunk {Oct} Know Full Game Update!

This article gives information on the recently released Steampunk codes and updates. Please read this article until the end of Simulator Code X Steampunk.

On 2nd October 2021, BIG Games released a Steampunk update in Simulator X. Would you like to know what Steampunk is? Also, did you know that BIG Games had released TWO Simulator Code X Steampunk on 2nd October 2021? Currently, ONLY these two new codes are working.

Would you like to know more about the Simulator X Steampunk Codes? The Simulator X fans in the Philippines can refer to this article with all the details of Codes and updates.

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk means a machine that works with the power of steam. Based on this concept, the BIG Game development team added a new area in the game, which looks like a factory site. It showcases industries with burning flames of coal and buildings with golden lights. In addition, Simulator Code X Steampunk area has black theme colour. The Steampunk area has a big chest that can be observed once you enter the Steampunk site. The Simulator X codes were released with additional updates delivered below:

  • INSANE HACKER rank, and THE BEST rank as TWO NEW RANKS. The Best Rank will give you 2x Ultra Lucky, 2x Super Lucky, 3x Triple Coins, 3x Triple Damage and 100,000 Diamonds. The rewards for Insane Hacker will be updated soon.
  • Punk eggs and Mechanical eggs are TWO NEW EGGS that are available at Tech Shop.
  • If you collect more than 650 pets in the Simulator Code X Steampunk area, you get an additional slot as TIRE 5 PET COLLECTOR.
  • For each of your friends on the server, you get a 20% per cent extra coin boost.
  • It consists of highly valued Mythical Blimp Dragon and FIFTEEN NEW PETS. 
  • More achievements are added.
  • 15 pet equipped are available in the tech shop as a permanent item.
  • Probability of Legendary pets getting hatched is increased.
  • The UX for cracking an egg is updated.
  • Scores of the players on the Global Scoreboard are rounded off.
  • Booster pack is not available for 999 Robux instead of 1099 Robux.

Simulator Code X Steampunk:

  • ‘steampunkpets’ for 3X triple coin boosts. This code was specifically released to attract gamers to explore the Steampunk area.
  • BIG Game celebrates 700K likes by announcing the ‘700kDiamonds’ code for getting 25K diamonds in reward. 
  • Both the codes were released on 02/Oct/2021.
  • Once big games receive 750K LIKES, it will release a new code.

The above two codes are functional and can be used one time per user account. To access the Steampunk area, it would cost you 75 million tech coins and another 625K tech coins to buy the path to reach Steampunk.


There are several rewards once you open the big chest found in the Simulator Code X Steampunk area. Users get NEW pets that need to be farmed. New pets can be upgraded to increase their values in millions. The more pets with the highest value you collect, the better you rank on the Global Score Board. 

Would you like to know about the official site releasing codes? Let us know your experience with new pets in Simulator X.

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