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Simulator X Plush Pet {Sep 2021} Grab Latest Features!

The Huge PLUSHIE CAT is available in the game now. So, let us look at the features and advantages of Simulator X Plush Pet in this article.

Cat Plushies was on sale from 5th September 2021 Worldwide. With Cat Plushies, players get a redeemable code for getting any Huge pet cat from the exclusive shop. Cat Plushies has a special enchantment known as – best friends, making it unique among your pets. Plushies can also be obtained from BigGames Official Shop by redeeming the Plushies code.

So, let us check what advantage you get from Simulator X Plush Pet.

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What is Simulator X:

Pet Simulator is a popular game of the Roblox platform. It was released in 2006. Later BigGames added features in the second version of the game known as Pet Simulator X (Pet Sim X), released on 29th July 2021.

It is a casual RP game where players need to buy eggs, raise the pets, feed them, etc. The pets you owe will be evaluated on their rarity. The more rare pets you have, the better you score on the global scoreboard. BigGames developed the game in the LUA language.

Simulator X Plush Pet:

The Plushie is big when compared to other cats. Due to its size, it will be easy to grab coins in the game. There are three variants of the Plushie that can be obtained. A regular Plush pet will be your best friend with entertaining enchantment. 

The rainbow variant is similar to the regular Plush pet but with a colour difference. Players can obtain it by redeeming the Plushie code. The third variant is Strength V Plushie, with more than 100 percent damage.

Advantage of Plushie: 

Suppose you owe a Simulator X Plush Pet with Strength V as it will double the pet’s stats. For instance, a Huge cat Plushie will reflect double the stats of your Rainbow Angelus of 150M. So, the stats of Plushie will be 300M (150M multiplied by 2). Otherwise, generally, if noticed, the stats of your other pets get affected by players best single pet. So, if you owe a Rainbow Angelus of 150M, then the stats of other pets you owe will also reflect 150M. 

Important note:

Plushie cannot be exchanged (or) traded with other players as it is an exclusive pet. Simulator X Plush Pet is the largest pet in size in Pet Sim X. There was a glitch in Pet Sim X if you only had Plushie as a pet. Plushie was able to inflict infinite damage and allowed the player to earn one trillion coins.

Please note that you can buy plushies from the official shop of BigGames. If you purchase Plushies from a third party online, Roblox may ban your account as it involves scamming, has no delivery guarantee, and is potentially unsafe.


The games had only created 5K by BigGames for Simulator X Plush Pet that got sold within two minutes. Players competed with each other to get Plushie to improve their ranking on the global scoreboard. TeraBrite Games and LcLc, YouTube users, own 33 and 23 Plushies, respectively. With Plushie becoming popular, a soft toy version of Plushie is also made available for sale online. 

Do you owe a Plushie? Let us know your views on pet Plushie.

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