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Sire Sirol Among Us (April) All About Sire Sirol Among Us!

Sire Sirol Among Us (April) All About Sire Sirol Among Us! >> This article tells you about a user on a popular game who’s rumored to be a hacker. Please check the information now.

Sire Sirol Among Us is a term that’s gaining popularity and can be spotted in Among Us and other related gaming forums. Users wonder if the user “Sire Sirol” is a hacker and if he’s tied to the notorious hacker, Eris Loris. 

If you’re looking to get all the information about this hacker and other related details, you’ve come to the right place. We will mention all the crucial information in this article, so please keep reading. It’s gaining popularity Worldwide.

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Who is Sire Sirol?

A user with the name in the game Among Us is being linked as a hacker. He’s sending messages and appearing in chats asking users to subscribe to his channel. Please keep reading to know more about the Sire Sirol Among Us.

What has this hacker done? 

  • A player with the username “Sire Sirol” recently popped up in chat rooms.
  • He asked users to buy hacks or get hacked themselves.
  • This threat has caused panic among users and has gained credibility after showing up in several places.
  • It gained further popularity after being linked with Eris Loris.

How is this user tied to Eris Loris?

  • A glance at the username “Sire Sirol” reveals that the name “Eris Loris” is spelled backward.
  • Users have been linking this alleged hacker Sire Sirol Among Us account to this YouTuber.
  • Eris Loris is a YouTuber who has gained popularity for his gaming content involving hacks, tricks, etc.
  • His username pops up in Among Us chat rooms and games and urges users to subscribe to his channel.
  • He also supports Donald Trump in his messages and also attaches a Discord link.
  • His channel doesn’t contain any videos or hacks about Among Us Worldwide. It’s not clear if he plays the game.
  • He further claims that issues will arise in the users’ devices if they fail to comply with his demands.
  • This threat gained credibility after several users reported experiencing such problems.
  • This viral message on Among Us has made his channel quite popular and boasts thousands of subscribers.

Sire Sirol Among Us: What are Among Us players saying about it?

We looked extensively across several gaming forums, blogs, and related websites to determine the user response to this user’s allegations of being a hacker. Users were quick to notice that this username is Eris Loris spelled backward. 

Some users tied this account to the hacker and called it his doing. Others claimed that it was either a glitch in the game or some other hack. Others called him a hacker but didn’t associate the user with Loris.

Final Verdict

Hackers find their way into most online games. Their presence poses a threat to the security and the privacy of users. It’s crucial to determine whether the user Sire Sirol Among Us is a hacker. All the other information is given above. We advise you to stay away from this user. 

Do you think that it’s Eris Loris or some impersonator? Let us know what you think of this below in the comments section.

48 thoughts on “Sire Sirol Among Us (April) All About Sire Sirol Among Us!

    1. don’t worry just run away from sire and if he teleport to you run!! but if he just stand here your sever is safe

      1. he has joined my games several times too and we always try to ban him but it won’t work. so I’m deleting the app before he spreads throughout my phone.

        1. I banned him on my server and a few games later he reappeared. I thought he was a stalker at first, but seeing other people have dealt with him, I now know he is a hacker.

    1. Hey, I’m in the game DSYura and I have play at this game a lot.
      And I meet sire sirol more than 4.
      So it is normal to meet him in many times?
      I’m a little bit anxious about this and thanks to answer me. Bye.

      1. In not a long time I have play in a party and I have want play again all are normal but sire sirol is come whit another player whit no name me and this two are red, I think this is not possible and I saw 1/10 and I dot understand in all we are 10
        I want chat but my pseudo name was changed in KSI and my skin color in dark green. Or in reality I’m DSYura this is not change whit my skin color (red) pls answer me.

  1. i think sire sirol is just a person that gave information about hacks and sells stuff,
    and I think he’s gonna hack all server to make himself to be known

  2. I have seen eris Lori’s, innersloth and sire sirol many times and banned them, but they keep rejoining and sending 2 messages. I have realized that they might be bots, but I am not sure.

  3. so i encountered sire sirol this morning and i’m terrified. he join all of my games and i wasn’t able to escape him. i think that i found a connection between him and YouTube. in the article it stated that sire and Eris are possibly the same person and that he has a YouTube channel. i have a channel and call myself by the same thing that i was called this morning in among us. sire found me then. i thin that he/they are only after YouTube-ers and can track you by your username/ what you call yourself on YouTube. please let me know if i may be on to something and also how do i know if he is after me?

    1. TINYurl links will take you to tinyurl,i did not click the link but could say by the name
      i am pretty sure that webpage has possible threats
      luckily link was taken down in dec 2020

  4. Just saying that I see him every time i join a game. He pops up and says Use hacks or gets hacked.. What do I do to stop it?

  5. I’ve meet Eris Loris in Among Us, and he said Sire Sirol sent him, I think they are linked or the same person because Sire Sirol is just Eris Loris spelled backward. Eris the YouTube never Among Us, maybe he’s keeping it a secret so he can keep hacking. When ever Sire Sirol or Eris Loris enters my room, I try and ban them as fast as possible, but Sire Sirol (or Eris Loris) is becoming a better hacker, they got back into my room the next round after I banned them. We need to try and find out as much as we can about this hacker and try to stop their illegal hacking.

    1. hmmm maybe we should kick him again and again until he gives up? or just ban him and the next time he comes up and just keep on doing it to him until he gives up? OR wee could just create a room and get Sire Sirol or Eris Loris will join and contact inner sloth and when sire sirol comes in the room or lobby inner sloth can come in and ban him permanantly… but like you said he is getting better at hacking I don’t know how long we can hold…. even if we did have inner sloth since Eris Loris is growing stronger we won’t be able to hold the fort. but we have to try or among us will be hacked forever.

  6. sire sirol once popped up 3 times in my game so obviously, it’s not Eris Loris. He is not a hacker because when you go to that web address (which I did) it takes you to the mub. me website and says the website is susssssssssss. So if it was him contact me with evidence at my Gmail. Ya, I won’t give you my email idiots *laughs *.

  7. i once had both sire sirol and eris loris in my game at the smae time but then they started arguing over who was gonna hack if i knew how to attach a screenshot i would.

  8. I have not seen sire sirol since the new airship came out I know it just cam out but he always went into my lobby

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