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Sivasangari Car Accident {June} Read The Facts Here!

Want to know about the Sivasangari Car AccidentRead ahead and get the details about it below.

Are you aware of the car accident of the squash star? Well, you can know about it, and the details through the information provided below. The news regarding the accident is popular in Malaysia, and it is noted that the player suffered many injuries and needed immediate surgery.

Sivasangari Car Accident helps in knowing that recently the squash player got injured in a car accident yesterday. The athlete is 23 years old and got hit by Lorry on the road.

What is the news about?

The news is regarding the athlete’s car accident and how it will affect her Commonwealth game. Moreover, she got hit by a car on the Maju Expressway and got severe injuries. Due to this, she will have to go immediate surgery. Also, the injuries will not let her play in the Commonwealth Games next month as she needs rest after the surgery and cannot take excess pressure. 

Sivasangari Squash Accident helps to know that the accident got her severe injuries, but she is now awake and stable. The Commonwealth event will be held from July 28 to August 8. 

As per the reports, the player was rescued from her car just before it caught fire. Unfortunately, she also got injuries on her head and was immediately rushed to the hospital after that. This highway has experienced the second accident of a popular athlete in a few years. In 2020, Kento Momota also experienced a car accident that nearly ended her career.

Important points regarding the Sivasangari Squash Accident:

  • The director Major of the Commonwealth Games confirmed that she got an accident.
  • Also, it is seen that the injuries are major; though she is stable now, she cannot be a part of the Commonwealth games directly after recovering from the major injuries.
  • Sivasangari was the medal contender for both the women’s singles and double events.
  • She was starting with her career and was at the start of backing some elite titles for herself when she got in an accident,
  • She was quite a dominant player, and people had a lot of hope for her, but now everything is on hold.

Views of people on the Sivasangari Car Accident:

Going through the news and the information on the internet, it is seen that the player got into an accident, which has her major injuries. Though she can survive these injuries, she could not be a part of the Commonwealth Games that will be held next month.

People had a lot of expectations from her as she was an excellent player, but now, she cannot be a part of it due to her injuries.

The bottom line:

Thus, it is seen that Sivasangari is stable after the accident. But due to major injuries, she cannot be part of the Commonwealth Games next month. This is very disheartening for her and the start of their career.

What are your views on the Sivasangari Car Accident? Do let us know in the comments.

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