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Skillacademy.com E Meterai: Explore Details On Cara Beli E-Stamp, Features, Legitimacy

What is skillacademy.com E Meterai? Cara Beli E-stamps online; read all the information here. 

What is skillacademy.com E Meterai? What is Skill Academy? How to purchase E Meterai? How to buy E-stamps from Skill Academy? Are you from Indonesia? Do you want to buy E-stamps from Skill Academy? If yes, then please read this article carefully to understand the steps. We have tried to explain the authenticity of the website. And the details to buy E-stamps. 

Skillacademy.com E Meterai Details 

Skill Academy is a website that offers online courses. It is based in Indonesia. This skill academy website is by Ruangguru. They have various types of programs. For example, Microsoft Word and Excel courses, Work ethics courses, Writing courses, Digital marketing, etc.

An e-stamp is a type of electronic seal. This electronic seal would be used to stamp an online document systematically. This stamp will hold a value equivalent to the regular one, which is used offline widely.

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Is Skill Academy E Meterai Legit or Not?

Let us see some pointers below and understand the authenticity of Skill Academy. 

  • Trust Score: 61.9% is trust rating for this website
  • Website’s Popularity: Bad (Zero)
  • Creation Date of Website: 25th May 2010 on a Tuesday
  • Suspicious Website Proximity: 19 out of 100
  • Expiry Date of Website Domain: 25th May 2025
  • Last Updated: 4th August 2023
  • No denylisted status was detected, and the connection is also secure.
  • Reviews: Feedback on a few trusted portals is not available. On the E Meterai Skill Academy Com website, reviews are available. 

Characteristics of Skill Academy 

  • Social Media Presence: They have LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.
  • Policies: A few policies are available, but a few are still missing.
  • Prices: Prices for the courses are provided.
  • Variety of Courses: Yes, there are various courses available. 
  • Address: Jl. Dr. Saharjo No.161, South Manggarai – Tebet, South Jakarta City, 12860.
  • Email: info@skillacademy.com Contact Number: 021 40008000
  • Application: Their application is available on Google Play and Apple Store. 

Cara Beli E Meterai Di Skill Academy

Let us understand the steps to purchase E-Stamps from the Skill Academy website.

  • Visit the Skill Academy website.
  • Search for the option to buy ‘E-Seal.’
  • Click on the option ‘Buy an e-seal.’
  • Now, Register and select the type of seal you want to buy.
  • Enter the required details on the portal.
  • Read instructions and complete the documentation.
  • Now, activate the account with the link in your mailbox.
  • Login to Skill Academy E Meterai to purchase the E-seal.
  • Make payment and wait for the successful payment notification.
  • Now, add it to your dashboard. 
  • Now affix the seal on the document. 

Social Media Accounts 

They have more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram and uploaded 3675 posts.

They have more than 26 thousand followers and have 349 employees. 

The website appears legit. However, the lack of reviews and average trust score is concerning. However, E Meterai Skill Academy Com is announced as the official distributor for the E-seal. 


The article has discussed how to purchase an E-seal from the Skill Academy website and discussed the legitimacy of the website. The website has a few red flags, such as a lack of reviews and a few other points. Thus, we cannot say the website is legitimate; at the same time, we cannot call it a suspicious website as well. We urge our readers to wait for more information. To learn more about Skill Academy, click here.

Do you know Cara Beli E Meterai Di Skill Academy? Please comment below on your experience with the Skill Academy website. 

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