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Slapchrisrock com (March 2022) Get Relevant Facts!

Do you know what incident boosted the inauguration of Slapchrisrock com? Then, kindly read this post keenly to know more linked strings about the topic. 

Have you noticed a funny website getting fame nowadays? If you are clueless about the portal, we have formulated this write-up. Kindly read it correctly. 

Websites are created to provide valuable services to other individuals. But, many netizens from Italy, Canada, and the United States are discussing a site established after a recent Academy Awards function. Thus, in this write-up, we will review Slapchris.com and its popularity in the online world. Furthermore, our research noticed that the netizens are asking about the portal by Slapchrisrock com. Scroll down to get more authentic information. 

About The News 

After disclosing the links, we spotted that on Sunday, at the Academy Award ceremony, an incident occurred that caused the establishment of Slapchris.com. In addition, the portal is created for users to experience the same activity that occurred at the function. 

So, we will notify you of its details and developer name in the coming sections. Thus, if you desire to learn and enjoy the website, investigate this post religiously. 

What Is Slapchrisrock com?

The threads expressed that this game allows us to slap Chris Rock, an American comedian. Moreover, in the game, you will detect a hand and Chris emoji, where you have to shift the hand towards Chris’s emoji. In addition, the portal also displays the slap speed and allows the players to post and share it over social sites. 

But, you might be surprised why the website’s developer has chosen the comedian. So, we will get into it, but for now, let us study who discovered this portal in the passage beneath. 

Who Created The Portal?

According to the Slapchrisrock com hints, we discovered that Tyler Hamilton had discovered the portal. So, in the following passage, we will disclose the incident based on which Tyler has made this website. 

What Incident Turned The Website Popular? 

The sources highlighted that Chris funnily made a joke about Will Smith’s wife at the award show. Soon after the comment, the actor reached the stage and slapped the comedian. The action created a buzz over the Internet, which gave Tyler the idea to establish the website.

However, later on, Will apologized to Chris over Instagram. The links to the Slapchrisrock com indicated that he wrote that his action was inappropriate. Also, he expressed regret to the Academy Awards and other members. 

Now, it’s time to detect the public response to the website, so let us quickly move into the following passage. 

How Are The Netizens Reacting?

On Reddit, most people have appreciated the website and commented that it is entertaining to play on it. In addition, some have posted their score with lovely comments. However, a few users have related it with other games. 

The Concluding Thoughts

In this post, we have demonstrated the topic of Slapchrisrock com and revealed the website where the users can slap Chris Rock. So, if you wish to try it, kindly visit the site. However, on Reddit, the audiences have praised the portal. 

Have you played this game? Then, kindly put your thoughts in the comment box. 

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