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Smart Pamela Photos: Explore Complete Information On Pamela Smart Cecelia Pierce

This article on Smart Pamela Photos was written to give you brief information about Pamela’s murder case.

Have you heard about Smart Pamela Photos? Who is Smart Pamela? Why is everyone willing to know more about her? The news about her is viral all over the United States, Australia, and Canada. People from there are searching for more information on this topic.  Are you one of them? If yes, you have ended up at the right place as all the detailed information about Smart Pamela Photos will be given in this article ahead so kindly read the article with your utmost attention. 

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Who is Smart Pamela? 

Smart Pamela is a former high school communications coordinator. She was married to Greggory Smart. She was born on August 16, 1967. She was a media service consultant. Her parents’ names were John and Linda Wojas. Pamela was born and brought up in Derry, New Hampshire in the United States. In her early life, she was a cheerleader and she graduated from Florida State University with a degree in communications. Also, at her college, she had been the host of a college radio program. Let us read about her below.  

Pamela Smart Cecelia Pierce and more 

Pamela completed her education in Florida, and later she worked in a school named Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, New Hampshire. She met Greggory Smart during Christmas while she went to visit Hampshire. They both fell in love and formed a relationship in February 1987. The couple got married and after two years her husband moved in with Pamela. Later she met Billy and Cecelia Pierce in the school where she worked at. Billy Flynn and she got close to each other and they were accused of being in a relationship.  

The murder of Gregg Smart 

Gregg Smart who was Pamela’s husband got murdered. This news shocked and scared everyone. The murder took place on May 1, 1990. As per sources, Pamela had an illegal relationship with a 15- year old boy from her school. As per sources, she forced and threatened him to kill her husband. The poor guy murdered her husband with the help of his friends Pete, Randall, Vance, and Lattime. Latttime’s father found a gun in his house, which he believed was used to murder her husband by the children. This case had threatened and awakened people from all over the world.  

Details about Smart Pamela Photos 

Smart Pamela’s got viral all over the world on the internet after this case took place. Her photos were posted everywhere on the internet.  She was arrested then and there under the case of first-degree murder after the police found out about the murder. Her trial was watched by people all over the world for the first time in the US it was allowed to watch on TV so that people could be more aware of their surroundings. In 1992, Bill Fylnn was also sentenced to life in prison for second-degree murder. Smart Pamela Photos are still available everywhere on the internet. 


This incident created a lot of controversies after the murder of Gregg Smart. Pamela Smart is currently serving a life sentence for persuading her illegal boyfriend and murdering her husband. To know more about the case click on this link 

What are your thoughts about this case? Kindly share your views below. 

Smart Pamela Photos FAQs 

Q1. Who was Smart Pamela? 

Smart Pamela was a woman who lived in the US. 

Q2. Did she have an illegal relationship with a boy? 

Yes, she had an underage boyfriend at the school where she worked at. 

Q3. Did she murder her husband? 


Q4. Why did she murder him? 

Reasons not found. 

Q5. Is she in prison? 


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