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Smartsaker Reviews (Jan 2021) Is It an Authentic Website?

Smartsaker Reviews (Jan 2021) Is It an Authentic Website? >> The article is consists of the information, pros and cons, specification and exchange, and return policy of smartsaker.

The most common exercise by any online shop is the delay in delivery. As per the report, more than 70% of the customers never get their delivery on time or before time. It is the case of the branded online stores; the excuse of late delivery is a tool that all the fake and fraud online store uses. 

If the product is not delivered on time, it means the service is terrible. Apart from any emergencies like weather changes, the product must be delivered to the customer on time. In this article, we will discuss the Samartsaker reviews where we will cover the feedback from the customer and many more.

It is always advisable to the online buyers that to check before proceeding, that means from wherever a buyer is purchasing, they should identify the website legitimacy. You will find millions of fraud cases in the United State that the customer did not receive their delivery after payment. So, awareness is necessary so that one can identify spam websites and avoid such platforms.

Several online purchasers are having a habit of storing their personal information about swipe cards. If the website is genuine, then there is no need to worry, but if it spams, then get ready to get a stunner.

What is Smartsaker?

Smartsaker is an online shop where you can find multiple products like 

Cordless power tools: drills & drivers, cordless saws, and beauty products like boomer naturals face mask. The website is currently running spring sale where the customer will get free shipping opportunities if they purchase the product over $29.99.

If the customer applies the boomer naturals discount code, then they will get an exclusive discount on the particular product. The website is also dealing with construction materials like rods, gauges, welding rods, and many more. Other features like 100% money-back guarantee, secure checkout, and standard shipping option are providing by the company.

During our research on the website Smartsaker, we found nine out of ten customers who gave negative Smartsaker reviews. It leads our investigation towards the identity of the site, and we found the all the customers are having one common issue of the incorrect number and no response from the company’s side.

Consumers waited for 30 days to get the delivery, and in return, the company is not responding to their calls. You can imagine the number of customers who already paid for that product which was never delivered.


Email Id: customer@smartsaker.com

Pros of Smartsaker.com

  • The consumer will get free shipping on the delivery of the product over $29.99
  • Anyone can subscribe to the daily newsletter, where the person will get all the updates of new arrivals, flash sales, and discounts.
  • Customers will get a 100% money-back guarantee from the company’s side, and they can ask for a refund if they are unsatisfied with the product.
  • Multiple varieties of products are available on the website, from kitchen tools to construction tools.
  • The customer can get daily updates from the website regarding the new arrival of the products by subscribing newsletter.

Cons of Smartsaker.com

  • The website is not having a single satisfied customer, and all customers are waiting for their delivery of the product.
  • The website is not having any legit contact information where anyone can approach them for the delivery.
  • The buyers give negative smartsaker reviews.
  • The website is using several copied images of the product, which make the website low on the trust index.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • The website is providing ten days to return the product, and the consumer can return the product if they are unsatisfied with the product
  • Buyers can ask for a refund from the company if they don’t want any exchange or return from the company. 
  • The consumer should please provide the receipt of the product so that it will become easy to identify the purchase date of the product.
  • The product is check before packing by the company, so if the consumer receives any faulty product by mistake, then they can claim for an exchange or return.


During our study, we found that the website is not legit, and we do not recommend this website for any buyers. All the consumers who place their order never receive any product. So it is advised to all the buyers that they should avoid this website, but it is up to you.

21 thoughts on “Smartsaker Reviews (Jan 2021) Is It an Authentic Website?

  1. Every thing you have written about them is so true, I ordered from them May 14 th. , tracking number never any good , wrote them every way I can think of, every place on the site I could find., payment of 39.99 was taken out of my account said by another name, all together. So how do I get my money back?.
    Reporting them as fraud.
    Mary Epps
    ps, I read everything they had on the site.,

    1. Yes, I am having the same problem. I placed my order on 5-11-20 and still do not have my product.
      I have tried that “Contact Us” email several times but never received any response back from anyone.
      Also, I was told my track number is not correct.
      Payment was also taken out of my account. What I do not understand – who is placing the commercials
      on TV. Are these products for real? If so, who do we contact? I even think I saw my product on “Sharks” TV show.
      I found an address: 5322 NW 87th Ave C109,. Miami, FL 33178 (No phone #).
      Does anyone know what is going on?

      I never received the product I ordered, I emailed them several times, there is no customer service.
      BEWARE! They also post fake good reviews on their site.

  2. Same thing i orderd on 5/9/20 tracking number no good order number B.S took my money PLEASE REPORT AS A FRAUD AND SCAM

  3. Terrible, same bull%^& tracking number was sent to me by a rep, at least I hear back from them. I am still waiting on the package from mid May too. They will under an auspicious name for me too. I am with you on the fraud, getting really suspicious that I was duped. Buyer beware!!!!

  4. do not buy from them. everything disappeared from my computer. my receipt tracking #. Probably infected my computer too.

  5. ” I AGREE! ” with Everything Mary Epps has said. I think it’s time for All of us who have been Scammed, to ” GET TOGETHER ” a file a Class-Action ” suit!
    Preston Minter


    1. Thank you, Debbie. And, I was so close to submitting the final step, which was, paying. Thankfully, I read all I could find out; the product is extremely useful, so why scam people? There is no need to violate the law. Eric

  7. I ordered products on 6-12-20, as two separate orders. First one I wanted quickly, so paid $9.99 for. 3-7 day shipping. Did not pay extra for second order shipping, standard 10-25 days. On 6-14-20, got emails, your orders are on the way. Could not get info on tracking, “no information”. Finally sent email to customer@smartsaker.com on 6/19/20, got reply from “Connie”, asking for the order numbers. I had put these into my email and she wanted the serial numbers. Connie replied that both orders were combined into one order, shipment departed airport 2020-06-15, Shenzhen. I sent another email on 6/26/20 to Connie, stating still no tracking info. Connie replied on 6/27/20 that departed shipping partner facility Los Angelus, on 2020-06-25, awaiting USPS pick up. No info on tracking site. Items were received today, 7/2/20. No reply when I told her I wanted a refund of the $9.99 faster shipping fee. I shall never use this company again.

    1. Visit the genuine site for and see the refund policy to get it back in your account… thanks for being a part here…

    2. At least toy received your order. Be thankful. None of us can get anywhere with then. My order hasn’t showed up yet. It’s been a month. When I send them an email, they said they had shipped it out. No tracking available. I sent them another email and it bounced back. When I clicked the link to find out why, it led me to a foreign website that stated my email is spam! No other contact info for them.

    3. I placed an order on 06/08/2020 have not received my order either. Emailed them says because of the virus shipping is slow. Asked for a refund & they stated they couldn’t because it had been shipped

  8. I’m glad that I reviewed this before I ordered. If will review every company that I see on Facebook. Not from this company but I ordered a Shish Cabot grill and paid for it. That was the last of June And I don’t have it yet. It was for a birthday present and I don’t have it yet. I don’t remember the company but I am sure it was from overseas. Oh well, live and learn. I wii research from now on. I was also scammed on the paint roller kit. I paid $30.00 and all I got was the roller. They will get no more money from me.

  9. UGH, and I knew better too… I so should have checked before purchasing from this company. Ordered on 8/20/2020. Paid extra $5.99 for 3-5 day shipping, nothing as of today. Have sent two emails inquiring. They responded to one with,

    “Kaus (Support)
    Sep 3, 2020, 10:10 AM GMT+8
    Thanks for contacting us and sorry for keeping you waiting.
    We are taking several measures to make sure that our workers and products are safe. In this case, we can not ship orders within the day you purchased.
    Due to the influence of COVID-19, post office is under pressure and transportation time is getting longer. Shipping time will take 15 days or even longer.
    Please stay safe and healthy, and all the best!
    Thank you for your kind understanding.”

    Knew it was a scam as soon as they replied!!!

  10. Have not received it either just order in Nov but they won’t answer me wish i would have read this sooner
    out 35.00 scam.

  11. I wish that I had checked earlier – and not ordered at all. On November 15, 2020, I placed an order for the amount of $35.04.
    I’d planned on gifting the snowflake Multi-tool., but having read not one positive review, it seems that I’ve been scammed.
    I can find no connection for communication with the company!. DRAT!

  12. I ordered on Dec. 6 2020 and received nothing. Emailed them and nothing. No phone number to contact. Tracking number doesn’t work. Times are too rough to be stealing from people with families to feed and support. Such a shame. Merry flippin Christmas

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