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Smileactives Reviews [June 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam?

Smileactives Reviews [June 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> This article comprises details on teeth-whitening products or solutions for you.

As everyone knows, one smile can bring positivity and win hearts. Are you afraid to smile because of accumulated yellowness? Well, we have brought a solution to help you boost self-esteem and bring back a happy smile! Smileactives Reviews will enormously help you to count upon teeth-whitening products. 

When you feel low about your smile, remember there are many people like you. Citizens from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada use clinically certified teeth brightening gels or creams. You can also try these out then recommend it to your family members or friends if you find them useful! What do you think? Please read our article thoroughly to be confident about this thought. 

What is Smileactives?

Smileactives is a dealer in teeth-whitening products that help you bring back the hidden personality of yours. In short, it helps you to take of your teeth just like you do for your skin. Is not it amazing? Biochemist Eric Montgomery started this company through decades of experience working as a dentist. The trays, pens, or gels for teeth whitening are affordable solutions that come at your home. 

The products have Polyclean technology to help derive ultra-fine texture and boosts stain removal. You only require using them with your regular toothpaste for straight 30 days to see the results. They are also mess-free and simple to use. 

Is Smileactives a scam? What is the surety of better results? We contemplate these questions before you ask them. Therefore, we have specific points in this article.

Specifications of Smileactives:

  • Product Type: Teeth Whitening
  • Refund: Applicable 
  • Return: Applicable
  • Auto-Subscription: Yes
  • Price: 19.95 dollars
  • Shipping charge: Free
  • Money-back guarantee: Applicable for 60 days
  • Contact Number: 888-575-5700
  • Return Address: 6 Commerce Way, Smileactives Returns, Arden, NC 28704

Pros of Smileactives:

  • A safe and effective solution
  • Simple to use
  • No harmful compounds
  • Visible results in some days
  • Easy return if not happy with the product
  • Valid money-back guarantee

Cons of Smileactives:

  • Expensive 
  • Not useful on every one
  • The return address is an imitation
  • Causes sensitivity 
  • Uninformed auto-subscription
  • Credit card information is accessible to third-party

Is Smileactives Legit

If we only consider the products, they seem legit because of countless reviews from existing users. 97% of people have given them 5-star ratings and are happy with the results. But when it is about the company, then it is a typical television advertising enterprise. The return address is an imitation of countless TLC advertisement companies that raises our eyebrows. 

Even if you want to try a product for once, you are automatically aligned to auto-subscription that is inconvenient to cancel. The company saves your credit card or bank details, and the payments are automatically credited. Besides, the results of teeth-whitening depend on person-to-person as per the Smileactives Reviews

We also think that you can purchase alternative and authentic teeth whitening solutions while spending the same amount. We highly not recommend you buy products from this company. 

Customer Reviews

You can find plenty of comments not only on the main website but also on others. Our analysis tells us that most users are happy with the results and will use the product in the future. However, some buyers disagree with the auto-subscription feature because it costs them much.

Besides, some claims that only one order comes with free-shipping and rest are levied with over 4 dollars shipping charges. Overall, we find mixed reviews for the products. 

Our Words

Smileactives has gained a reputation and goodwill in the Market. However, it has many loopholes that cannot be ignored. The website claims to send you products with zero shipping cost, but it is not valid. You are accountable for shipping charges right after your first order. 

The only address that we have is only for returns, which is again a snare. It is the same address that many other companies use to serve their customers. How can more than six enterprises use a single address for returns? Moreover, the stable and confident results that the products promise is also not true. 

The teeth whitening results greatly vary on people. It means the product can work on others, but it is not sure that it will work on you too. On this note, we do not recommend you shop the products from Smileactives.

Leave us your views if you ever used the above-said product. You can even suggest some points that may have been missed by us. 

7 thoughts on “Smileactives Reviews [June 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam?

  1. I am so happy i read your CONS comment I was about to purchase the item fill in all the information also my Credit Card number then i notice were they trick in auto order and Credit Card by third party I get scam before with Auto Order I change my mind will not buy this product ever.

    1. Yes indeed. Product does NOTHING and once they get your credit card number the charges keep coming but nor the worthless product. Contacting customer service results in a hangup and can never contact via chat line.

  2. I agree with many who wrote about SmileActive. The product they sell is false. Then this phony company tried to charge my credit card through PayPay without my permission. If it wasn’t for PayPay I would not have known until I saw my bill on my credit card. These people who run this scam are low-life crooks. To the readers checking out this product, don’t buy it . Warn others!

  3. Do not purchase this product. I haven’t even been able to assess the product as I have only used it for two weeks and I saw an email for another order. When I called I was informed that I was on a subscription. I told the customer service representative that I don’t authorize my card to be charged and I told her that I want to end my subscription because I wasn’t informed of a monthly charge. This is no way to do business and keep a customer. Needless to say the second shipment which is on the way will be returned as will the first since they have a money back guarantee. In the first two to three weeks, I can’t say that it is or isn’t working. I have one lower tooth that isn’t whiter, but my other teeth, may or may not be whiter.

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