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Smilefu Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! – Read!

Smilefu Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! – Read! -> In this article, you get to know about an online shopping site for various lifestyle and household items.

Smilefu Reviews: Are you tired of looking for premium quality and stylish products at a reasonable price? Online shopping is a fun way to shop the items you need or desire for yourself or your families. The lifestyle-related things like fashion & beauty, footwear, etc. is usually costly as compared to their quality.

Finding a place where you can get stylish top-notch quality items at a justifiable price is a tough job. But there is one online shopping platform where you can buy stylish items at the cheap price named as the Smilefu com. But if this site is too good to be true, the query is raised in the mind that is Smilefu com legit? To know that, keep on reading.

What is Smilefu com?

It is an online shopping site which sells various lifestyle and household need items with proper pricing. The website has different categories to choose things from like shoes, household items, fashion & beauty, outdoors & sports. The site also sells designer clothing items. Outdoor & sports things like shovel, fountain, etc. are here.

The site is the United States owned and operated. The website has options for a different currency. Items like maxi dresses, laser comb, brightening oil, pocket shaver, Christmas tree, body shapers, smart robots, metal wallets, etc. are available on this place. Footwear items like sandals, sneakers, boots, etc. are available.

The website sells different makeup and jewellery items at a reasonable price. Even the hairstyle accessories, massaging equipment are available. Household items like garbage bags, containers, cleaning equipment, spatula, lunch box, etc. is available on this website. Now, let’s look at the specifications.

Specifications of the Smilefu com:

  • Website: It sells a lifestyle and household items at a justifiable price.
  • Currency options are USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and AUD.
  • Customer service is provided 24/7 at support@smilefu.com.
  • Business Address: RM 1902 Easey Comm., BLDG 253-261 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, HK 999077.
  • Phone number: 0755-84829715.
  • Processing time: 24 hours.
  • The return policy is valid until 30 days after delivery.
  • Modes of payment: PayPal, VISA, Union Pay, Master Card, JCB, Discover, and Maestro.

Is Smilefu com legit?

The website is well maintained, and it is running smooth. The website shows no signs of danger from suspicious activities and scams. The site is well protected, hence this website is legit. The website offers excellent discounts in the whole year; the pricing of products is just a grab deal. 

The products are of excellent quality, and the designs & styles of lifestyle products like clothing and footwear items are exquisite. If we compare the beauty and quality of the cost, then the pricing is very well justified. The website is expanding its range of products, which will give it a vast outlet.

Positive remarks of Smilefu com:

  • The site is running smoothly.
  • The products are top-notch, and pricing is justifiable.
  • There are different modes of online payment available.
  • Customer service is outstanding.
  • There are a wide variety of products at one destination.
  • The product description is well defined.
  • The website provides worldwide shipping.

Negative remarks of Smilefu com:

  • The website is new.
  • The delivery can delay in some regions.
  • Offline mode of payment is not available.

Customer’s review on Smilfu com:

The website, because of its diversity, has gained customers from all across the world. The idea of different currency options is very convenient for some customers. Easy returns and refunds have been helpful for people. The website has loved by customers because it priced products are justifiable.

The website shows the customer’s review on their website, which shows that the customers have mostly loved their products. The customer’s remarks have been helpful for many people while shopping as it gives the original idea about the product. Overall, the website has gained happy customers mostly.


According to the Smilefu Reviews, the site is free from any danger regarding the privacy or safety of the customers; hence it is legit. The discounts and offers are an ongoing thing for every occasion, which makes it budget-friendly. The items are of premium quality and also the very designer and stylish.

The website has very commendable customer service. The site has diversity for its products and customers, so there will be favourite items for everyone. In the end, we suggest you visit the website and make purchases for yourself and your loved ones.

0 thoughts on “Smilefu Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! – Read!

    1. I ordered your face mass is over a month ago and I have a receive them I’m trying to get in touch with someone but I’m not gonna touch with the right people I’m hoping someone can help me

    2. I made three orders last month and I can’t get an email back to see where my orders are

    3. Smilefu sucks. Ordered 3 masks 4/19 recd. an untrackable tracking number. Do not order from this site. The fu after smile says it all.

  1. company is US owned and operated why is it’s business address in Hong Kong? Posted in the article about site specifications. RM 1902 Easey Comm., BLDG 253-261 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, HK 999077

  2. The website says delivery within 5-7 business days and it’s been 10 days since I placed my order.

  3. Totally false advertising! They say product ships within 2 hours what a joke. It took over 2 weeks to get my product. They said it shipped in April and now its May they must send it via “slow boat from Hong Kong” I will never use this site and will tell others of the delay and false promise of shipment in 2 hours

  4. Ordered 5 masks they took my payment and said in 24hrs will ship. It has been several days now and no response. I hope it was not a scam.

  5. I’m thinking about ordering from this company. I would like to hear more reviews before that. So please share your experiences good or bad. I want to know if the experiences were resolved and how.

  6. i haven’t received my order yet!! it says it was shipped but i have NO tracking number to any site!!!
    I haven’t gotten a response either!!!

    This is my second notice!!!
    I ordered 6 masks

  7. Do not order from this company. They are somewhere out of the USA and they do not ship as advertised. My order is still somewhere in Asia more than 15 days after i order. Stay away from this company

  8. The website says it ships within 24 hours and almost 4 days have gone by and my purch
    ased product hasnt even been shipped out yet!

  9. It’s been about a month and I haven’t received my order yet I think this company is a scam

    1. I order 3 masks in March 10th to is May 16th no masks or email yet its a Scam do not order from this company

  10. Well Its total BS…Its been 10 days and although theypromised a 5-7 day delivery. It has not even shipped and they wont responded to emails…So angry with them..

  11. WHERE ARE MY MASKS!!! UGH! No contact number is the US. No responses via email. HORRIBLE SERVICE! DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!

  12. SMILEFU is a scam – take money, send no product. Waiting 3 weeks for masks that were to ship within 24 hours. spread the word about this SCAM Site!

  13. I ordered 4 masks on April 30th I just got an email saying my order was shipped on May 8th and it also says was delivered and it wasn’t. The tracking number they gave you click on it and it says no tracking information available. I think this company is a scam. Says it’s a U.S. company but its base is in China I think it’s a scam. I will be turning them in to the better business bureau for sure and to U.S. customs.

  14. Piece of crap company! SCAM!
    I placed order on April 18, 2020 supposedly orders are to ship within 2hrs of payment. Today is May 7, 2020 and I haven’t received my order yet. I checked on the status of my order and the tracking info said “Sorry no tracking info yet”. I contacted support via email with no response… TWICE.

  15. I ordered 3 mask on April 18 and still have not received them. I was given a fake tracking # with some fake delivery service that has no live tracking. This is a scam

  16. OK so, NOW WHAT?? I ordered 4 masks on April 10th. Its now May 11th. I haven’t received any conformation number, tracking number, email or phone call. They took my money on April 10th. This must be a SCAM. I want HELP, or 4 masks!!! i will contact BBB if i don’t hear (in some way) from Smile.fu this week.
    Anyone with any contact info should share it…. THANK YOU!

    1. I ordered 2 marks on April21 and I haven’t recieved them although they took my money right away. Like everyone else I tried to track it down to no available response. I’m so disappointed I think this company is a scam.Shame on them scamming people in times like this. But what goes around comes around. Karma.

  17. I order 3 mask from them on April 25,2020 i don;t have anything to show for it this place is a scam and i will report them do not order from them.

  18. order 1 mask almost a month ago still waiting i told judy if i don’t get my mask by the end of this week i want my refund
    i wish i had used paypal cause one thing about pay pal they will get your money back for you.
    don’t buy from these people period

  19. I don’t recommend using this site. Ordered mask early April and they promised shipping within 2 hours of payment. Payment processed immediately but it is now 6 weeks and no mask.

  20. I ordered from this outfit (my mistake) on April 25th 2020. My suspicions are confirmed it is a China company. As of today May 15, order has not arrived. I have emailed their support area and they have confirmed that the order was shipped via Global Delivery. As of May 9th their tacking site indicates arrival in Los Angeles through various cities in China. So, it has been in LA since May 9th, it is now May 15th still waiting. Do not order from this company, reasons. 1) unknown to me it was a China company need I say more, 2) their delivery system is way to slow.

  21. There website does not allow you to leave a comment which is why they have only positive reviews. I’m sure those are internal and false. The shipping claim is false because it’s been 2 weeks since my order was placed and the status still shows not shipped. Not only were the funds immediately debited from my account but I was charged a foreign transaction fee. I had no idea I was dealing with another country and all attempts to contact them have not been successful. I’ll be contacting my bank to dispute the charge.

  22. Same as Dave above. I ordered on 4/19 and I just now got tracking information that says it arrived in Los Angeles on May 9th. It is now May 15th. I will give it one more week. Then I will file a complaint with PayPal and get my money back if nothing comes. So much for 5 to 7 day delivery.

  23. Where is my order? I ordered 2 masks around April 21-22, received a message advising I should receive my order in 5-7 days. Order should have been here by 5-11-20, today is 5-18-20

  24. I ordered 3 masks on 4-30 and still haven’t received them. I think this site is a scam..


  26. Smilefu is a criminal organisation. They falsely sell online, take your money immediately and do not ship anything. They then never respond to emails asking about the order and its location. Stay away. The Hong Kong police are being notified.

  27. Total BS company. Waiting over a month for mask. I will never buy anything from this company and would advise you to do the same.

  28. Ordered masks with extra filters in May and as of today, still nothing and I can’t even track my order. Saying that web site is down with 404 error.

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