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Here is why you should use Snapchat to Promote Business

Snapchat to Promote Business: Set a timer, take a photo, and send it to whoever you choose. The system for using Snap, now known as “Snap,” is as simple as it is for users of the platform, which, according to Hootsuite, has more than 100 million daily users. The Snapchat app has evolved since its launch in 2011, offering new and exciting features – not just for users, but also for businesses. You may want to consider using Snapchat for business if snap chatters watch over 10 billion videos a day.

Here are reasons why you should use Snapchat for business:

Engage your audience with geo-filters. Anyone can choose from a wide range of geo-filters on Snapchat. Users of these geo-filters can use their own custom filter on their Snapchat photos. These filters work pretty simply: you take a picture, swipe left, and choose a filter from Snapchat’s gallery.

When you choose your own design, the filter will appear on your photo. When they reach your filter, they simply share their photo with friends, use it on their own stories, or save it to their phone to share it anywhere. Furthermore, these geo-filters are extremely affordable! A geo-filter could cost you as little as $20 depending on how big your geofence is and how long you want it to be active (and maybe even less). As you can see in the image below, we created a new year’s Eve geo-filter.

Moreover, these filters can be used as analytics, which means you can track how many people have viewed and used your filter!

Take advantage of social media to increase your following. Hootsuite claims Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users and it is the most popular platform for 12-24-year-olds. Snapchat for business can help you reach younger audiences if they are part of your target audience.

Raising awareness of the brand. You can connect with customers in your geographic area by creating a Snapchat account and regularly promoting your business. By being entertaining, you can gain a following on Snapchat simply by using it in an original way. Snap Ads – short video ads that appear between Snapchat stories – have been used by large businesses with lots of advertising budgets. Snapchat services provided by sites like Accfarm can help you reach Snapchat users and promote your business.

Sharing important content and updates is essential. With Snapchat, you can show your friends things they don’t have access to otherwise. Show them a new product or service, take them behind the scenes of an interesting process, or introduce them to the people behind the company.

Users will keep coming back for more if you give them an inside look they can’t get anywhere else. Snapchat has also been used by Taco Bell to share exclusive content, such as a lens that turned Snapchat users’ heads into giant tacos.

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