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Snow How Much Fell In Toronto {Jan} Read Stats Here!

The following research on Snow How Much Fell in Toronto will guide you on the climatic conditions of Toronto.

Winters are incomplete without snow. Do you feel the same? There are many regions in the world which experiences snowfall, and Canada is one of them. Every year, the country experiences heavy snowfall depending upon the temperature and climatic conditions.

Snow How Much Fell in Toronto? Do you know how much snow fell this year there? If not, then today’s article will assist you in knowing the temperature and how much snowfall the place experienced.

The geographic location of Toronto

Toronto is the capital of the well-known Canadian province, Ontario. It is the most populated place in Canada. It was established on August 27, 1793. This city covers an area of around 630 square kilometers. The city is located along Lake Ontario (in the south). The city is located in the southeastern region. It is believed that the erosion of Scarborough Bluffs forms them. 

Snow How Much Fell in Toronto?

The condition of Toronto is very harsh these days as it is believed that January is the coldest month with an average temperature of -2.3°C to -7°C. Like other years, this year also this city experienced a very heavy snowfall when people of the city woke up with a dump of snow all around at around 7:45 a.m. yesterday. Blizzard warnings were given to the regions like Halton, York, Peel, Toronto. Other regions of Ontario were under snowfall and winter storm warnings. Many trucks got stuck on Highway 401 of Toronto.

As per Snow How Much Fell in Toronto, we learned that the police in Toronto had shut down Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway. 

The climatic condition of Toronto every year

Since Toronto is located on the shores of Ontario Lake, the city experiences humid summers, but the place experiences very cold and child winters with heavy snowfall. Generally, the temperature lies below 0°C, and the temperature is mostly minus. Most of the time, the temperature lies below -10°C. The heavy snowfall and winter storms disrupt the work-life of the people living there. It makes the life of the people difficult. 

Now you can know more about Snow How Much Fell in Toronto. December and January are the coldest months in this region.

Breaking record

On January 17, 2022, Toronto experienced a heavy snowfall breaking all the records. The place has experienced 36 cm of snowfall by noon, 2:00 p.m. Meanwhile, Ottawa experienced a 45 cm snowfall. As per the reports, Toronto and Ottawa International Airpost have been listed in the Top 10 snowfall. In addition, it was found that Toronto has received more than 30 cm snowfall in 2008 and 25 cm in 2009. This year, all the records have been broken.


Based on Snow How Much Fell in Toronto, we mentioned every possible detail on Toronto’s climatic conditions and geographical location. Unfortunately, the place has experienced very heavy snowfall this year also. You can check more details on Snowfall in Toronto at this link.   

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