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Snow Joe Reviews [Dec 2020] Trustworthy or a Hoax

Snow Joe Reviews [Dec 2020] Trustworthy or a Hoax -> Do you like to play in the snow? Do you like snow gadgets? Then you must go through Snow Joe.

Upset with winters, having difficulty in working outdoors. Do you want a helping hand for your work? Then you must go through Snow Joe Reviews

You all know very well that snowfall occurs in the United States at a very high rate, which causes a large amount of trouble for people.

Today we are here to solve your winter issues of household and outdoor working.

What is snowjoe.com?

Snow Joe is specialized in making high creative, caliber, and affordable open-air equipment to keep your area looking lovely regardless of whether the snowfall is there or the sun is shining. 

Snowjoe.com is established in 2004, dispatched with one device in its product offering up: a simple to use, electric snow scoop and snow joe are available here at very cheaper rates. 

Today, their broad line of outside force gear, which incorporates wireless, and electronic gadgets, for example, cutters, turners, clippers, and snow blower, to align your day to day duties to make it quick and easy to complete your open-air tasks. Snow Joe Reviews will additionally assist you with thinking about snowjoe.com profoundly.


  • Url of the site: https://www.snowjoe.com/
  • Product displayed: Snow Joe- Snow Shovels, Ice Tools, Snowblowers and Sun Joe accessories also snow blowers
  • Email: help@Snowjoe.comToll Free Contact Number: 1-866-766-9563
  • Payment modes:  Shop pay, G pay, PayPal, etc.
  • Address: Snow Joe® + Sun Joe® Company Headquarters, 305 Veterans Boulevard, Carlstadt, NJ 07072 


  • The website is more than 16 years old.
  • Great holiday gifts up to 65% off.
  • Items available on the website are available at heavy discounts.
  • Diversified payment modes are there.
  • They give you 30 days money-back guarantee on your purchase.
  • They also provide free shipping on orders above 75$.
  • They offer 2-year warranty on your purchased product.


  • All the Snow Joe Reviews are positive on their site.
  • Customer support service is terrible.
  • Absence of refund and return policy.
  • Most of the chat replies are automated.
  • Delivery time is also not good.
  • Products shelf life is very less.

Is snowjoe.com is legit?

Snowjoe.com is a shopping platform for a wide variety of outdoor equipment like Snowblowers, snow shovels, etc. In winters, most of the people are in need of these products. To save time, they are very curious to shop for gadgets like these without knowing their quality and quantity availability. 

A lot of Snow Joe Reviews are there depicting that they don’t deliver the same quantity of product that was mentioned on their site. Sometimes they show a false statement in your registered account that your product has been shipped but actually, that particular product is out of stock. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your product tracking.

On the other hand, their tools are helpful in cleaning footpaths. Products are easy to use, and they consume very less battery. Their products got 3.9-star ratings that directly shows that the site is very popular, and customers love to purchase products from here. So we can surely say that this is a reliable site. 

What are Snow Joe Reviews?

We have gone thoroughly to each part of the site, the customer reviews, refund, and return policy, customer support service, etc.

Surfing the social media, we found mixed reviews of them; their product quality is normal, and the product is very popular on many genuine sites. They have a lot of positive reviews on their products.

 We also noticed on Trustpilot that customers are not satisfied with their delivery and customer service. A large number of United States people love to work with snow joe products. So, In short, we recommend you to purchase an item from this website keeping their delivery and customer service in mind.

Final verdict

If we sum up all the Snow Joe Reviews, we came to know that snowjoe.com is a trendy site. They have Snow Joe and Sun Joe products, which will help you in your outdoor works. They organize many festival deals to happy their old customers. 

So, at last, we conclude that their tools are fair, but not best.

Once you are ready and decided about your product that, you need to follow all these reviews in mind while shopping from snowjoe.com. 

Let us know about your thoughts and experience with these reviews below in the comment section.

0 thoughts on “Snow Joe Reviews [Dec 2020] Trustworthy or a Hoax

  1. I had a replacement sent in Dec 2020, that one also broke. Called for replacement on feb 8th shipping to be expedited and told I would receive tracking info later or the next day. Did not so I again called them. They upgraded my unit after expressing my concern of exact same part broken on two machines. This year snow has been lots in Connecticut so I need this snowblower. Each day I check for UPS tracking info, yesterday the 10th I was told by a supervisor that my unit had been shipped! I expressed the email shows unknown tracking number, he assured me that later it will update in UPS system.
    I check this morning for update, big surprise it shows it has not made it to the shipper! And that at 4:45 am today a label was “printed” I understand things take time to process and ship but I’m disappointed and angry that I was lied to and spent hours of my time on hold waiting to speak to numerous customer service people then a supervisor. I don’t feel my requests were important to them in the least!
    Not when I was told it “should” be shipped on the 8th or the 9th then tomorrow etc etc. I was also told by supervisor Clober that I should have it “tomorrow” (today) or Friday! Well it’s not with UPS so I don’t see that happening!!! My last review on snow Joe was praising them up n down, well clearly that was just a fluke because in a month boy have things changed.
    I will post everywhere I can!
    NJ to CT one day shipping with UPS
    shame on these liars. Hope they also get the shaft and broken promises when dealing with companies

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